Saturday, 30 July 2011

The ok and the lashtastic!

I do like a good mascara and this is something I now expect from Max Factor even though (until recently), I've only tried two of their mascaras, the Lash Extension Effect (my review here) and the False Lash Effect (review here). However, both of these worked so well that in my head Max Factor now equals mighty fine mascaras!

Therefore, I was very excited when the False Lash Effect Fusion mascara came out. Max Factor boasted of its volumising brush and lengthening formula which together would create incredible lash glamour.

Yay, it was all quite remniscent of Bambi!

However, I landed with a bit of a bump when I tried the Fusion. It is ok (and indeed, my sister has been looking lashtastic of late, this being her mascara of choice. Side thought, does it work better for blondes?!) but for me,  Fusion does not fall in the premier league with its predecessors.

Fusion gave me some extra length and some extra volume but on both counts, not to a degree, that I would consider incredible. I felt as if I really needed to work with it to catch all of my lashes including the little tiny ones and then once, I'd caught them all. It was hard to resist putting on just another layer. No number of layers really seemed enough for me. I currently (I go through phases with how I want my lashes to look) like very dark, glossy lashes all the way to the roots. However, I found this formula quite dry (granted, I think I have a waterproof version), occasionally flaky and not particularly, black.

This mascara did something for me but not as much as either Lash Extension effect or False Lash Effect and this was disappointing as Max Factor's suggestion that I could create my most impactful look yet led me to expect something more.

On the other side of the coin, we have My Blackest Lashes from Prestige (purchased after reading this rave from Sandra ) which indeed I likey.

A lot!

And maybe you can see why in the pics below. We have the Max Factor Fusion on the left eye and the Prestige on the right.

After one layer:

After two layers:

After building the layers as much as I can for wearable made up lashes:

Hmm, quite a difference. The Prestige makes a great impact but is also quite high maintanance, it smudged and clumped easily but once combed through, the lashes had a fantastic very glossy finish with some lift. However, the Fusion look was not particularly inky and it didn't matter how many layers I added, the ends of my lashes looked whispy.
My Blackest Lashes reminds me of Volume Million Lashes from L'Oreal (see my review here). Blackest Lashes is also very inky and can even be quite messy to apply and once on, it does seem to smudge easily. Although, those with a bit more grace then me will probably get a neater finish. However, MBL does deliver more smudges then most other mascaras with my clumsy mitts. Think ten instead of two or three!

Yet, all this I can forgive as My Blackest Lashes gives me lashes with a capital L.  This mascara delivers lashes that can not be missed which is why you either have to try and ignore the smudges it can create around the eyes or find a way around that mess.

I opt for the latter and have found one way to keep the eye area smudge free is to use the Prestige carefully to lengthen, volumise and Bambise. This takes maybe two coats at the most and then I use the Fusion over the top to waterproof and dry out the inky Prestige. This is what I did in the picture above and it seems to move me closer to my most impactful look yet (I think Volume Million  still posesses that crown but this combo, a notch or two down, is more wearable every day). You know, the one that the Fusion promo suggests!

At the moment, I would say without a doubt that I would happily buy My Blackest Lashes again. It is better value for money then the similar L'Oreal Volume Million which I think lingers around the the £11 something mark compared to a £6/7 mark for Prestige. Both tubes, I believe showed signs of drying out in about a month to six weeks.

In the day, I'd still want another safety blanket mascara layered on top of My Blackest Lashes. However at night, I'll throw my lashanoia to the wind and whack another layer of MBL on instead and then smoke it out. I think this Prestige mascara is a winner for such a look. Smudges and all!

I don't think I would buy Fusion (especially at the £11+ mark) again unless of course, my sister is going to share her secret! I think instead I would opt for Lash Extension or False Lash Effect depending on the look that I'm going for. Then again, there are a few Max Factor and L'Oreal mascaras that I haven't tried yet.

Hmm, could this be a 'To be continued. . .'?! ;)

Have you tried any of these mascaras? Any thoughts or other lashtastic recipes?


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