Sunday, 27 March 2011

Q and A with The Doctor Brand!

Sometimes, there are brands and products which really intrigue me. You may remember that last year, I suddenly started to struggle with my skin. In particular, some horrible blemishes on my neck and chin area. It was such a horrible time. There I was in the middle of a mission to make more of myself when all these ugly spots turned up and despite everything, I threw at them, they were not going anywhere. It sounds dramatic but I think what I'm going to say will resonate with many of you who has had skin troubles. I was at my wits end! The shops, chemists and internet were full of products that promised to give me perfect skin (or almost as good as). Yet even after spending many pounds, my skin was still blemished and as far from perfect as it had ever been.

Personally, 2010 was a year where I met so many different skincare regimes and products but the one regime and brand that still sticks in my mind was The Doctor Brand (see here and here ).
For whatever reason, it was The Doctor Brand range that also seemed to strike a chord with you, my readers. I got such a response on my wordpress blog.

The Doctor Brand regime was developed by doctors. Despite lacking the spot fighting ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, The Doctor Brand regime claims that 97% of people see an improvement in their skin within two weeks of using the regime.


I had high hopes for these products and they did to a degree work for me. The blemishes I had no longer looked as aggravated, they also irritated me less which probably meant I was more inclined to leave the area alone and less likely to spread infection.

So far, so good.

However, my spots did not disappear within two weeks and in fact, little bumps started materialising mainly under the skin after the first few days of treatment which led me to question the regime although I probably continued with the whole regime for a month if not, two.

My skin has now substantially cleared and I think The Doctor Brand products started this healing process although I did give up on the full regime after going through a couple of starter kits.

However, I continued to cleanse, tone and moisturise each evening (with other brands) and I also layered on lots of The Doctor Brand Spot Eliminator to the problematic areas each night.

I honestly think this blemish clearing step was so significant in clearing my skin. It may be that other spot gels work as effectively. I don't know but I do know that The Doctor Brand Spot Eliminator worked for me.

I have to say that the success of this gel has got me thinking about the entire Doctor Brand regime again and I think I would be inclined to give them another go at clearing my skin if I ever break out again (please, no).

Elle Swingler from The Doctor Brand kindly offered to answer some questions about the brand. Here is what she had to say.

- Firstly, please could you tell us a little about The Doctor Brand and its products?
The ‘science bit’ is that The DoctorBrand is a three step blemish relief system formulated with the help of a panel of Doctors; a Dermatologist, Nutritionist and an Endocrinologist (hormone Doctor). The products are formulated without Parabens, Sulphates or the drying chemical Benzoyl Peroxide (traditionally used in spot treatment products but now quite out dated).  The active ingredients are Salicylic and Glycolic Acid (an AHA and BHA, or in other words, natural fruit acids) which exfoliate blocked pores and Hydrogen Peroxide which acts as a topical antiseptic to zap any bacteria. 
There are also natural extracts, such as Pomegranate in the Purifying Cleanser which is an antioxidant, Liquorice Root in the Pore Clearing Gel, which is a calming anti-inflammatory, and Green Tea in the Spot Eliminator which is also antioxidant.  The Spot Eliminator also has sulphur to exfoliate deeper into the clogged pore and a little bit of cosmetic green to disguise redness.  The Oil-Free Soothing Lotion has calming Chamomile extract to sooth any redness or inflammation. 

 - The skincare shelves are full of products that promise to help to clear your skin. Why could The Doctor Brand products prove the most effective?
Because when used correctly they don’t cause the extreme dryness seen with Benzoyl Peroxide products yet they’re highly effective at clearing blemishes. The combination of ingredients mentioned in the previous answer mean that they’re very effective yet gentle and soothing at the same time.

 - The products in your blemish relief starter kit are free of Benzoyl Peroxide, sulfates, parabens and contain antioxidants. Please can you explain why these factors might be beneficial when we are trying to clear our skin?
The panel of doctors that helped to formulate the range decided that Benzoyl Peroxide is quite out-dated in spot treatment, having been first used in the 1930’s and having the strength to even bleach clothing. Some people find it extremely drying and it can even cause scabbing and inflammation. There are other active ingredients that can be just as effective but not as harsh on the skin. Parabens and Sulphates have been previously sited as a cancer risk, and whilst this isn’t 100% proven at this time, we didn’t want our customers to have to take that risk!
Antioxidants are good for your skin in general as they neutralise ‘free radicals’. Basically put, this means that aggressive molecules, which are missing an electron and seeking to grab that electron from something else in order to neutralise themselves, take the electron from the antioxidant ingredient rather than from your skin cells.

- Is it necessary to use all four steps in the system to see an improvement in your skin?
It really depends how bad your skin is in the first place – as with all skincare everything depends on the individual case. To get the full effects we would advise that you use all the steps but the most important product to treat the skin is the Pore Clearing Gel which has the highest levels of the active ingredients. However, it is still very important to use a cleanser to get rid of all of the dirt on the skin and a moisturiser to rehydrate the skin and all of our products are formulated to work well together. If you just had the occasional individual blemish you could use just the Spot Eliminator on those rather than the Pore Clearing Gel but again you definitely still need to cleanse and moisturise for healthy skin!

- Once the skin has cleared, is it necessary to keep using the system to maintain the improvement?
It’s dependent very much on the individual but once the skin has cleared we advise that you discontinue use of the Pore Clearing Gel as there’s no blocked pores or infection left to treat. You should continue to use the Clarifying Cleanser and Oil Free Soothing Lotion and use the Spot Eliminator on individual spots. If your blemishes reoccur at any point in future start using the Pore Clearing Gel as needed.

 - Obviously we all have different skin. For example, my skin tends to be quite dry and I'm in my late twenties but some people are older/younger with oily or sensitive skin. You do not have different products for different skin types, is the Doctor Brand suitable for all skin types?
Yes, The DoctorBrand is for all skin types that are affected with blemishes and acne, whatever the underlying skin type. The products should be tailored to the skin type in how you use them though, for example people with dry skin should use the Oil Free Soothing Lotion more liberally and more often than people with oily skin. Those with sensitive skin could use the Pore Clearing Gel more sparingly or less often to begin with to give their skin a chance to get used to the active ingredients. Recognising how your skin needs treating is important as your needs can change due to many factors such as climate and your hormones. How and when you use a product is as important as which product you use, so we advise people to be their own expert and use their initiative.

 - You claim that 97% of people see an improvement in their skin within two weeks. Can you account for why 3% of people may not have experienced the same success?
As you mentioned, everyone has different skin and as a result in a very small percentage of people it takes longer to work. One reason for this could be that it takes longer for some peoples skin cells to renew themselves and therefore show a difference on the surface of the skin. Also previously mentioned correct usage is essential too. We’re really pleased with the outcome of the study being 97%!

 - A couple of people have commented that their skin appeared to get worse when they started to use the Doctor Brand products. Two particular problems come to mind.
I, myself, experienced little bumps under my skin a few days after I started using the products. These bumps were actually new to me and were not part of my original skincare problem. Do you know what these could have been and is it ok to continue to use the system in such a case?
Whenever you begin using a new skincare line, your skin goes through what is called a purging process. This occurs because the product is actively cleansing and bringing all the trapped oil and impurities to the surface of your skin, which can cause you to break out more. Even though you may be purging, in order to see results you should continue using the products as directed twice a day.

 - Also, some people have said that they do find the products drying (especially to begin with). I notice that you claim your products do not contain Benzoyl Peroxide which can dry out the skin. Why would some people find the products drying and is there any reason to be concerned about this?
The products are designed to dry up blemishes as excess sebum (oil) in the skin provides a breeding ground for acne bacteria but they aren’t as drying or irritating as Benzoyl Peroxide products. Excess dryness may also be a result of overuse of the products. If you’re experiencing excessive dryness or oiliness you should reduce the usage of Gel to once every other day or even less if your skin becomes at all sore to give your skin a chance to get used to the active ingredients. Also, make sure that you are only using the Spot Treatment on affected areas and not rubbing it in all over your face as healthy skin doesn’t need treating. There’s no need to be concerned and if in any doubt give our customer services team a quick call and they’ll be able to advise you.

- I ,myself, think that The Doctor Brand products may have helped my skin eventually but I'm not sure that there was any noticeable improvement within two weeks. If we do not see an improvement in our skin condition within two weeks, should we continue to use the system? Could it still work in such a case?
As mentioned before, some people’s skin does take longer to see the benefits of the products but perseverance is important to see the full benefit in all cases. We would advise all users to maintain use for a minimum of thirty days (as provided in The Starter Kit) to see the best results. It can definitely still work even if you don’t see immediate results although we have seen that in most cases users do see a very quick improvement in the texture and appearance of their skin.

 - Is there anything that we can do when we are using The Doctor Brand products to increase the chances of success?
Yes definitely! It’s best to use lukewarm water when washing your face as hot water can further irritate and dry the skin. Don’t rub too hard when using the products as sore and delicate skin can be made worse that way. Keep drinking lots of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside and eat a healthy balanced diet to provide your cells with all of the right vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain healthy skin.

- Is there anything that you would like to add?
We just want everyone to know that we do really care about how people feel about their skin. Almost everyone in our team at DoctorBrand HQ has been affected with acne and blemishes at some point, including myself, and we really understand how miserable it can be and want to help people overcome their skin issues. The DoctorBrand products when used correctly can change people’s lives, which might sound bit dramatic, but we have the proof of how much confidence people have gained after using the products to clear their skin.
We’re always looking for more case studies with great before and after photos, to help us spread the word, so if you’d be interested in sharing your story get in touch with us!

 - Where is The Doctor Brand available?
It’s available in Boots stores, website, and now Superdrug stores as well.

 - Who should we contact if we have any further queries or comments about the brand and its products?
You can call customer services with any questions about usage or problems and they’ll be able to answer your questions 0844 472 7059 (Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm).

Thank you, Elle!

So there we go, that is The Doctor Brand.
Have you tried their products? Is their regime something that would be of interest to you?


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Palette play (again!) + Snob sorrow.

So today I have messed around a little with my make up purchase of the year (so far), my Naked Palette.

I'm not even sure exactly what I used (and where) to recreate this. I know that I started with a look posted by Lollipop26. As she did, I used Half baked in the inner corner and Creep to contour the outer v, Toasted on the lid and then I saw of freefalled and stuck a few other random shades from the palette around the outer edge and crease until I felt the eye looked complete and blended it all.

I like the very slight smokiness of the final look but bet that I'll never be able to recreate it exactly the same.

I was going to team it with a pink lip and wanted Snob to work but it really doesn't. No matter how hard I work, it does not merge in to my natural lip colour easily. I actually find Impassioned, almost neon, much easier to wear.

It is such a shame (in make up terms).

As many of you know, I have a slight infatuation with Snob but lately it has gone no further then me looking longingly at the colour in the tube. Such a pretty, pretty pink but too light for me on the lips. I get the St Germain tell tell lines. When I first brought Snob, I wore rose tinted specs (I swear the colour blended more easily) and thought we'd be able to overcome this little hurdle (which seemed much smaller back then).

The colour Snob gives off looks so gorgeous when my lips are stationary and closed but as soon as I open my mouth, there is that edge that does not blend and suddenly Snob looks so try hard and a fail.

I still love the colour though and think you all should go to MAC and see if you've been blessed with lips that can carry this beauty.

And if you can, I'm jealous!

What do you think of Impassioned and Snob? Do you struggle to carry off certain colours?


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Naked Palette (and a little bit of Rimmel)!

Yay, my Naked palette arrived and I am very pleased that, so far, it lives up to the hype.

This is what resulted from my play hour!

Sin for the inner corner

Toasted all over the lid

Hustle (absolutely gorgeous) for the outer corner, crease and under the upper lashes

With a concoction of Hustle and Smog to line the lower lash line

I actually surprised myself with the shadows that I chose here. I like the look of all the shadows in the palette but I was expecting different ones to scream out at me. I thought that my first Naked eye look would be more of a bronzy one or a dark smoky one with Creep and Gunmetal.

Virgin,Sin,Naked,Sidecar,Buck,Half Baked, Smog,Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

However when the palette actually arrived, I fell for the warmness of Toasted and Hustle.

I know for my green eyes, red is meant to be quite complimentary. Unfortunatly this can be a diffcult colour to adorn without looking very tired or slightly alien. Neither Toasted or Hustle are red but I felt they were a lot warmer then I was expecting. For me, at the moment they are the stars of the palette.

I am also wearing two mascaras. The first is L'Oreal Volume Million. I used this product on the top lashes and still love it. However, for the bottom lashes, I used Rimmel Sexy Curves and the reason I used this one here is because I don't want to chuck it but for me, this mascara doesn't seem to work at all.

I have just read a review on Temptalia and she finds that 'It just looks like I'm wearing mascara, but it doesn't like I'm wearing a very good one!'

I'm personally inclined to agree with her. It is true, I have only used this mascara a couple of times but have had it for about three months. I probably haven't tested it fairly because I really do not like it so just don't reach for it all. In my experience, it does nothing to define, lengthen, volumise or curl my upper lashes and I have been left with little choice but to try and find another use for it.

As I find that a lot of (very good) mascaras look a bit much on the bottom lashes, I thought that if anything could work my bottom lashes subtly it would be the Rimmel one because it seems to me, not a mascara, that could ever look too much in any way.

Indeed, this seems to be the case. The Rimmel mascara just about coloured my bottom lashes without the usual extravagance and occasional mess that some mascaras create but for me, somebody who does not do a lot with her bottom lashes day to day, I'm not sure that this alone justifies buying this mascara again.

I feel a bit bad about dissing this. Maybe I'll play around with it a little and see if I can make it work my lashes. If I change my mind on it, I will let you know.

What do you think, does Rimmel Sexy Curves work for you? Do you think it makes a difference that I have the waterproof formula? Are you still loving the Naked palette? Don't forget, comments and shadow combinations are always welcome.


MAC: Rocker Chick

Image found here

I really want this new offering from MAC ( a look in a box to be sold in dutyfree and travel outlets this summer). £30.50 for six MAC products. That is great value and very hard to resist especially if there is any chance that this kit will make me look like Ruth from You Tube who just did a great video on the kit!

I must admit that I already have a bit of a penchant for eye shadow palettes and similar little novelties (see picture evidence above). I have a few. There is the Pop palette, the Sleek palettes and the Big Beautiful Eyes from Benefit. Oh and the Urban Decay has just arrived(oh yes!).

I think I find such palettes so hard to resist because they indulge the lazy me. I don't have to think so much about what colours to combine and/or products I'm going to wear, somebody has made it all a little easier for me. Most palettes contain shadows which supposedly work as well together as they do alone if not better. With some kits like Big Beautiful Eyes, all I have to do is slap the products on as instructed and I will look like that beautiful model in the promo or on QVC.


Funnily enough though, it always seems that after the once or twice I try and inevitably fail to recreate the specific "look" (or even to create anything that could be worn outside the house) with the multiude of shadows/products provided. I never try again and the palette, with the exception of maybe one shadow/part (For Big Beautiful Eyes, it is the gorgeous contour shade -below- which I keep returning to), pretty much becomes forgotten.

The mid-brown shadow from the Big Beautiful Eyes Palette (middle) still gets some use but I can't remember the last time I touched the dark chocolate (similar to Embark) or the highlighter pink shade.

Hmm, maybe not such good value, after all.

I should have learnt this lesson by now but you see, this 'Rocker Chick' kit from MAC goes a step further then my eyeshadow palettes as it includes the lip products and this, Girls, is what breaks me as not only are we talking MAC lipsticks but the lipstick in question for the 'Rocker Chick' look is only the beautiful Hue!

I love Hue, it was my very first MAC lipstick. Initially I was not so impressed to be matched with such a peachy colour -I had imagined a pretty, feminine pink to be my perfect MAC match- but Hue soon grew on me especially when I realised that it looks a lot pinker on the lips then in the tube especially when paired with the right gloss.

Hue with Underage

Hue is such a gorgeous lipstick and so easy to wear. I don't think you can go wrong with it. The peachiness means that it is not going to wash you out and it also means it blends in more discreetly then some other nudes. Yes, Gosh Darling, I'm looking at you!

I am desperate for another Hue. . .


My poor Hue has being in a bit of a state for some time and I'm trying to save the last bit for special occasions.

Therefore maybe it makes sense for me to invest in Rocker Chick as not only do I get Hue but Oyster Girl lipglass, Electra eyeshadow, Blacktied eyeshadow, Smolder eye kohl and Black Dazzle dazzle lash. All for thirty pounds fifty.

So very tempting.

What do you think of these kits and kits, in general? Are you tempted by this one or either of the others, Girl Next Door or A Very Stylish Girl? Do you love Hue?


Sunday, 6 March 2011


Tomorrow is the day I go back to work after having nine days off.

I like my job but I think we all get that back to school feeling. . ! Anyway I'm sure I'll be over it by this time tomorrow, it will be like I had never had any time off in the first place.

And at least my bank balance can start to recover. . , there have been a few little purchases this week that were possibly not quite so urgent. To be honest, I have been stocking up and shopping a bit like my Mum used to every September before we all went back to school. Except I have not been buying school blouses, frilly socks and new lunchboxes.

I have been buying haircare products, creams, make up and suchlike.


Honestly I've been stocking up like now I'm going to back to my 'normal' working life, I will never be able to get to the shops again.

I suppose that they may be slightly unnecessary purchases (I still have almost full bottles of Aussie shampoo and conditioners in the bathroom and a drawer full of eyeshadow) but at least they were 'educated' ones.

The Urban Decay Naked palette (on order) is a palette that everybody loves and seems to make use of. The phenomenal hype means that it is also the one thing that if I hadn't bagged it immediately then I might have missed out on it. Again!

Another quite hyped product is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. Every review I've read for this treatment seems positive and although I think a couple of people are sceptical about any additional growth achieved, I think everybody has claimed that it has added to the condition of their barnet. One other reason that I purchased this one is because I'm thinking of giving the Hair Sublime tablets a break. Lately I have been a bit slack about taking them. My hair has got longer since I started taking them back in the summer. However, since my hair has also not had a haircut since that time, I'm not sure how much of a difference the tablets are actually making. I'm pretty sure they were making a difference a few months ago but I may now have a break, save some pennies and see what happens!

I am actually really enjoying the haircare products on the high street at the moment (although I can not get the Revlon range out of my head since watching some Tanya Burr earlier in the week). I have used Botanic colours, John Frieda colours, the John Frieda Three Day Straight and Smooth styling spray and even a couple of products from Naked's (a brand I have questioned in the past) hydrating range lately and they have all exceeded my slightly cynical expectations.

In fact, my Moroccan Oil has almost ran out and although I still think it is absolutely wonderful, I'm not sure that I will rush out to replace it. My hair seems a little healthier and the high street products also seem to do enough for my daily hair requirements. I still think that Moroccan Oil is your best bet for natural "Hollywood" hair but I don't really require Hollywood locks.

After using my new Banana products from The Body Shop in conjunction with the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment, my hair felt so clean and soft after washing. Even when it was still damp, my hair felt silky. Normally at that point, it feels quite coarse. So if the way my hair feels is any indication of how content my hair is with these new products then I have very smily, happy hair.

Now after raving about the high street hair products, I'm going to contradict myself slightly and own up to buying this Phyto product to treat my hair after washing and when dry each morning. This is intended for very dry hair. Mine probably falls between dry and very dry. This treatment is a bit more expensive then most of the hair products you find in your average chemist but it is not up there in the price range of Moroccan Oil and Fekkai. I am sure there are similar products at a lower price. In fact, I have got a couple from Umberto Gianni (one pretty good and one not as much so) but Phyto is a brand I'm fond of. Along with the Moroccan Oil, I think that it was the Phytorhum shampoo and the Citrus conditioner which brought my hair back to life when it hit quite possibly its lowest point last year and this is why I could not resist and had to pick something up when I walked past a Phyto shelf in John Lewis earlier this week.

I've also got a Ren face mask (again purchased after watching Tanya) as I have really got in to my face masks later particularly Dr Organic and the whole mask thing is something that I would like to expand on in my beauty routine.

Oh and the Oilatrim, that was a Pixiwoo recommendation and these are great value emoillent products that seem to be of multiuse. The bath oil can be used in the bath and on the skin. I've also found that it makes a great scrub mixed with a little sugar. The lotion can be used as moisturiser. So far I've used it for my body and as a handcream. I've also read that it may help your lashes to grow so maybe I will not be replacing my Rapidlash at all.

I've only had Oilatrim a couple of days and did find the medicinal fragrance overwhelming at first but I have very quickly got used to it and think I may well get great value from these products especially over the next couple of weeks. I'm starting to feel a bit pale and am ready for a bit of fake tan. However, I'm determined not to get obsessed this year so am trying to hold off until the sun really does hit town. In the mean time, I will use these products to try and get my skin in good, glowy healthy condition.

Back to work preparations don't stop at the shopping, I have started to use the OPI matte nail envy stregthner in the bid for perfect nails.

I have also painted my toenails in the Barry M Pale Purple in case springtime arrives this week!

Ha, think I'm trying to look on the bright side. . . going back to work must mean that the spring will arrive soon!

Am I the only one that does this strange hoarding thing? What products do you have high hopes for at the moment? What will be in your spring collection?


Friday, 4 March 2011

Patisserie and Gleam

Patisserie is a lustre lipstick that I love when I see it photographed.

However. . .

Sometimes when I apply it. I am a little bit disappointed. It is so close to my own lip colour that when I look in the mirror in certain lights, it is almost like I've applied nothing. I guess like most of us, somewhere deep down I still hold on to the ridicoulous notion that some make up product/combination will transform the way I look. So Patisserie, a lipstick which sits so close to my natural lip colour, is not a lipstick I get excited about. In fact, it has pretty much been relegated to my work draw. I very rarely pull it out for any other reason.

Until today.

And then I only pulled Patisserie out because it was the only lippie in reach and I thought well, since Patisserie is for me so non-descript. I can always go over it later with something more interesting.

Yep, I've got a whole drawer of lipsticks at home and four or five in my handbag. All of which I could easily have used to paint over Patisserie.

Except I never did.

Today, I tolerated Patisserie. In fact, dare I say it, I actually think that I quite liked Patisserie. I think this has a lot to do with the eyeshadow that I teamed it with. Gleam from MAC, a lustre colour that is almost the skintone of my eyelid but better.

Gleam is a shadow that I am very fond of. A slightly lighter and pinker All That Glitters.

Gleam also has a sparkle to it. Maybe it is this sparkle that balances out the mundane, safe nature of Patisserie and pulls the pretty combo together.

Now here I need to apologise as I was going to put a nice face of the day in here and I took tens of pictures on my new camera (ooh), only to find that when I got the pictures up on the computer that the camera had picked up something and that was the fact that one of my make up brushes had shredded all over my face and ruined my pictures so I got handy with the cropping tool to give you an idea of how Patisserie and Gleam worked for me.

What do you think? Do you have seperate lipsticks for work? Have you met Gleam?


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ideas: The Naked Palette!


I'm one very happy girl tonight as there is finally a Naked palette from Urban Decay on its way to me from Debenhams, thanks to Charlotte's heads up on Twitter and post here.

Now, why don't I have one already?!

Well, this is what I have spent the last few months asking myself? When it was first released, I put it off to see if the reviews lived up to the anticipation. Of course, apparently the palette did live up to the anticipation and the amazing palette quickly became almost impossible to procure at a reasonable or fair price.

So I studied all of those excited posts and new eye looks that popped up all over the place for the next month or so with very sad and regretful eyes. I really felt like I'd missed a trick!

Of course, the Naked Palette is now old news to most of you and there are less posts and looks popping up. Although, I have noticed that it is still mentioned frequently in holy grail and favourite product type discussions. I think it is more the case that the palette is not old news but it is just that for most of you, this gorgeous palette is now a staple and something that you can not imagine life without.

So on a sidenote if you want a back up, you may want to check out Charlottes link and see if there are any palettes left as I  got mine for £25.92 including delivery. The palette has a full price of £32.

The colours are mainly neutral, just my cup of tea and very wearable. I think that I'm going to get my moneys worth. Sidecar looks like my kind of colour and I look forward to getting Creep and Gunmetal because I'm lacking some blues in my collection and Sin just looks so soo pretty.

Awwwwwh, I can not wait for this palette to arrive.

So, please, if you have blogged Naked Palette posts or looks before, link me to them in the comments below. In fact, any suggestions or Naked Palette chit chat is more then welcome below. Did the palette live up to the hype for you? Do certain lip products/shades work with certain colours in this palette? What should I concentrate on given the fact that I have green eyes with goldish specks and dark hair?

I think for me the next week, is going to be a Naked Palette fest. I'm gonna immerse myself in it all and enjoy it!

Of course, it is just a coincidence that my eyebrows are going to be shaped (and therefore dressed appropiately for the worthy shadows) tomorrow. It would be too sad to get my brows tweezed and tidied just for a few eye shadows, no matter how special they are.

Or is it?! ;)


Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I have been using this moisturiser at least once a day since Christmas after hearing the Pixiwoo girls raving about it. Apparently this cream is a must have for many professional make up artists and dermatologists for years. It was developed by a doctor in a Parisian hospital over sixty years ago and Embryolisse claims that it moisturises,soothes, smoothes and repairs skin.

And yes, I think it really does tick each of these boxes. According to the tube, the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre formula is composed from ‘Emoillient oil and combination of natural active ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera and soy proteins. Symdiol 68T paraben-free preservative complex’.

It is quite a thick cream that can be used as a moisturiser, primer, night cream, face mask, cleanser and probably for any skincare function. I’ve used it mostly as a moisturiser once a day. Sometimes at night and sometimes in the day.

When I put it on my skin, I am careful not to use too much as it quite a thick cream (but mixes in easily with foundation to create a tinted moisturiser), I feel no irritation at all. It is very gentle and the only thing I really feel is the weight of it occasionally when I have been a little more heavy handed but after two or three minutes, it quickly sinks in to the skin and ten minutes later, all I’m left with is very soft, smooth skin. The Coco Beau website says that Embroyolisse products can leave your skin like silk. That is a good way to describe the work this lovely cream does.

When I use this at night, I do layer it on more thickly but I’m left with hydrated and soft skin the next morning. There is also more of a glow and a healthy look about my skin as of late. I’m not sure if this is down to the Embryolisse (I have tried a lot of new skincare over the last few months) but if my skin hadn’t took to the moisturiser then I’m sure it would have quickly lost the glow!

Please note, I’m not sure how to explain this. The Embryolisse does always sink in to my skin and leave the satin finish. However, over the last week or so, I have noticed that it takes just a little longer to sink in properly on my forehead. I think my skin is actually balancing out a little and losing some of its dryness. It maybe that by repurchase time I no longer need the concentrated classic and am better suited to the lighter lotion. Some of you with more oily skin may want to consider this as an alternative from the very beginning.

The packaging for this product is not particularly exciting, a squeezable tube (very hygenic and dispenses easily) and a cardboard box. In fact, there really is a very functional, medicinal feel about this product maybe because it works and it comes with a great advice leaflet but that is as far as the indulgence goes.

However when you are paying so little for a product that actually works, then there may well be a few pennies left over for an additional ‘treat’. Like my thinking?!

Ooh and also, I have purchased both my Embryolisse tubes from Coco Beau here and honestly I can not recomend this site enough. Personally I have never had such great service from a website. Delivery was very quick even at Christmas within 24 to 48 hours. The products were wrapped beautifully in tissue with a little note thanking me for my custom. I was so touched by the extra thought that Coco Beau appear to give their customers.

Have you used Embryolisse or brought anything exciting from Coco Beau? Oh and has anybody used Oilatrium, another recommendation from Pixiwoo?


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gucci, Guilty!

So what with Christmas and one fabulous birthday, my perfume collection has blossomed over the last couple of months.


I absolutely adore perfume and there seems to be so many beautiful and unique fragrances out there at the moment.

I know I’ve written about some of my lovely perfumes before but today, I thought I would tell you what lovely fragrances I have gained recently. There was Tom Ford, White Orchid; Jennifer Anniston Jennifer Anniston; Givenchy, Play; Playboy, Lovely; Playboy, Sexy; Ghost, Ghost and Gucci, Guilty. I think that is all of them. . , what a lucky girl I am!

I have to say that I have two favourites and they are the Jennifer Anniston and Gucci Guilty. They are both very unique perfumes. Today, I’ve just got to write about the Gucci one as to me it seems kind of a parody within itself.

Picture from here

Many of you may know that I’m a sucker for Gucci scents particularly the Rush line. So as soon as I found out, there was a new Gucci scent coming out late last year, guess where I headed. Yep, straight to the perfume counter to take the obligatory sniff.

Gucci Guilty is an absolutely gorgeous scent, very different to Flora (see my review of that here) and to be honest, I think I prefer Guilty.

Guilty is a peachy mandarin scent with top notes of pink pepper, a heart note of lilac and base notes of patcholi and amber.

Now, be warned, despite my love for this perfume. It is by no means perfect or even an easy one to wear. This perfume has been described as a Sex in the Bottle perfume by reviewers on Make Up Alley.

I have heard this phrase before in relation to White Orchid from Tom Ford yet the two scents are very different. White Orchid is deep but Guilty is very obviously fruity and the peachiness is so intoxicating (reviewers on Make Up Alley have described Guilty as overipe, I get that). For the first hour or so after the initial spray, I keep finding myself looking down almost feeling as if I’ve got too much flesh on show or something. It is almost uncomfortable in that way and certainly not a scent, Mum will be getting on Mothers Day. However once the scent settles, it becomes warmer and easier to wear, settling in to a nice clean powdery scent that I could happily wear all day.

Except I can’t because this scent does not seem to last all day,three or four hours at the most but that second phase, while it lasts, is so pretty and a little more remniscent of Lady Million (another great recent release).

I have found that the body lotion lives up to the scent and in fact, is beautiful. Like most body lotions, it is gentlier then the perfume and therefore, a little less intoxicating to wear but it lasts just as long as the perfume so for the day, this may be a favourable alternative to the somewhat raunchier perfume.

I’ve also found that spraying the scent on to my clothes or hair instead of my skin seems to mute the scent just enough to make me able to go about my day to day business more comfortably yet smelling lovely.

Rereading this post, I feel it sounds as if I’m almost warning you off this perfume. I’m not, I love it but yeah, I guess I did feel a bit “guilty” wearing it yet you don’t expect fruity notes such as peach to make you feel so guilty yet it does and still comes across as the 'bad boy' of perfumes which I just can't resist.

Hmm, I think this is quite a clever perfume and really do think it is one perfume that every woman (except my mother, gran or younger sister!) should try once. Maybe, take a look at some reviews (I suggest Make Up Alley and here) too. I have found that not everybody gets the intoxicating rawness of the scent and these are the people who actually find the perfume more long lasting. I’m not sure how to explain that. Maybe it comes down to all those extra factors, different body chemistries, noses and temperatures etc but please find a sample, get a sniff and decide for yourself. I, for one, think this is one perfume that is not easily forgotten.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of Gucci Guilty and what other perfumes you are liking at the moment? I could talk perfume forever!



Picture from here

Hey, what a long time!

I know!!

I’ve said that before. . !!!

I hope you are all well and had a great Christmas/New Year. Again, I’m a bit late.

So, today, I suddenly had a strong urge to blog again. I know that 2010 and my “mission” officially ended weeks ago but maybe I will pop up now and again, after all.

I think that when I started to blog, I started to think in a certain way and it is hard to shake this. There have been many occasions when I have wanted to share my thoughts on some wonderous or maybe not so amazing product, regime, or another. Sometimes, I have tried sharing such musings in the ‘real’ world and to be honest, my profound wisdom (or otherwise;)) might as well have been expressed to a brick wall. Everybody is very polite as their faces glaze over and their ears switch off but there is nobody like you Guys, with the same passion and enthuasism.

It would be ok if I could just pick up a product and slap it on but no, instead I have to examine the packaging in minute detail; give it all a shake, a sniff and so much more in-depth analysis before I can finally indulge myself and actually use it. Phew, what a rigmorole I go through every time I go to moisturise or touch up some lippie. It would be nice to be able to share all this again with people who really do care.

It would be fair to say that since I started blogging more then a year ago. It has been very much, lots or nothing. That is who I am, I am extreme and will put my all into something for so long and kerbang, that is it and I am on to something else and I guess, that explains the mission in the first place - one year to make more of myself- and the sporadic posting that followed last year.

However, this blogging marlarky, the products, the online community and the resulting experiences seem to have added up to one massive force and I’m finding it a lot harder to let my ‘Mission Pretty’ fad go. I’ve spent the last few weeks sculking around blogland, increasingly desperate to play again.

So here I am.

I’m not making any promises about posting such and such so many times a week blah, blah, blah but well, lets take it one post at a time and see what happens!



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