Saturday, 12 March 2011

Palette play (again!) + Snob sorrow.

So today I have messed around a little with my make up purchase of the year (so far), my Naked Palette.

I'm not even sure exactly what I used (and where) to recreate this. I know that I started with a look posted by Lollipop26. As she did, I used Half baked in the inner corner and Creep to contour the outer v, Toasted on the lid and then I saw of freefalled and stuck a few other random shades from the palette around the outer edge and crease until I felt the eye looked complete and blended it all.

I like the very slight smokiness of the final look but bet that I'll never be able to recreate it exactly the same.

I was going to team it with a pink lip and wanted Snob to work but it really doesn't. No matter how hard I work, it does not merge in to my natural lip colour easily. I actually find Impassioned, almost neon, much easier to wear.

It is such a shame (in make up terms).

As many of you know, I have a slight infatuation with Snob but lately it has gone no further then me looking longingly at the colour in the tube. Such a pretty, pretty pink but too light for me on the lips. I get the St Germain tell tell lines. When I first brought Snob, I wore rose tinted specs (I swear the colour blended more easily) and thought we'd be able to overcome this little hurdle (which seemed much smaller back then).

The colour Snob gives off looks so gorgeous when my lips are stationary and closed but as soon as I open my mouth, there is that edge that does not blend and suddenly Snob looks so try hard and a fail.

I still love the colour though and think you all should go to MAC and see if you've been blessed with lips that can carry this beauty.

And if you can, I'm jealous!

What do you think of Impassioned and Snob? Do you struggle to carry off certain colours?


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