Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ideas: The Naked Palette!


I'm one very happy girl tonight as there is finally a Naked palette from Urban Decay on its way to me from Debenhams, thanks to Charlotte's heads up on Twitter and post here.

Now, why don't I have one already?!

Well, this is what I have spent the last few months asking myself? When it was first released, I put it off to see if the reviews lived up to the anticipation. Of course, apparently the palette did live up to the anticipation and the amazing palette quickly became almost impossible to procure at a reasonable or fair price.

So I studied all of those excited posts and new eye looks that popped up all over the place for the next month or so with very sad and regretful eyes. I really felt like I'd missed a trick!

Of course, the Naked Palette is now old news to most of you and there are less posts and looks popping up. Although, I have noticed that it is still mentioned frequently in holy grail and favourite product type discussions. I think it is more the case that the palette is not old news but it is just that for most of you, this gorgeous palette is now a staple and something that you can not imagine life without.

So on a sidenote if you want a back up, you may want to check out Charlottes link and see if there are any palettes left as I  got mine for £25.92 including delivery. The palette has a full price of £32.

The colours are mainly neutral, just my cup of tea and very wearable. I think that I'm going to get my moneys worth. Sidecar looks like my kind of colour and I look forward to getting Creep and Gunmetal because I'm lacking some blues in my collection and Sin just looks so soo pretty.

Awwwwwh, I can not wait for this palette to arrive.

So, please, if you have blogged Naked Palette posts or looks before, link me to them in the comments below. In fact, any suggestions or Naked Palette chit chat is more then welcome below. Did the palette live up to the hype for you? Do certain lip products/shades work with certain colours in this palette? What should I concentrate on given the fact that I have green eyes with goldish specks and dark hair?

I think for me the next week, is going to be a Naked Palette fest. I'm gonna immerse myself in it all and enjoy it!

Of course, it is just a coincidence that my eyebrows are going to be shaped (and therefore dressed appropiately for the worthy shadows) tomorrow. It would be too sad to get my brows tweezed and tidied just for a few eye shadows, no matter how special they are.

Or is it?! ;)


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