Tuesday, 1 March 2011


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Hey, what a long time!

I know!!

I’ve said that before. . !!!

I hope you are all well and had a great Christmas/New Year. Again, I’m a bit late.

So, today, I suddenly had a strong urge to blog again. I know that 2010 and my “mission” officially ended weeks ago but maybe I will pop up now and again, after all.

I think that when I started to blog, I started to think in a certain way and it is hard to shake this. There have been many occasions when I have wanted to share my thoughts on some wonderous or maybe not so amazing product, regime, or another. Sometimes, I have tried sharing such musings in the ‘real’ world and to be honest, my profound wisdom (or otherwise;)) might as well have been expressed to a brick wall. Everybody is very polite as their faces glaze over and their ears switch off but there is nobody like you Guys, with the same passion and enthuasism.

It would be ok if I could just pick up a product and slap it on but no, instead I have to examine the packaging in minute detail; give it all a shake, a sniff and so much more in-depth analysis before I can finally indulge myself and actually use it. Phew, what a rigmorole I go through every time I go to moisturise or touch up some lippie. It would be nice to be able to share all this again with people who really do care.

It would be fair to say that since I started blogging more then a year ago. It has been very much, lots or nothing. That is who I am, I am extreme and will put my all into something for so long and kerbang, that is it and I am on to something else and I guess, that explains the mission in the first place - one year to make more of myself- and the sporadic posting that followed last year.

However, this blogging marlarky, the products, the online community and the resulting experiences seem to have added up to one massive force and I’m finding it a lot harder to let my ‘Mission Pretty’ fad go. I’ve spent the last few weeks sculking around blogland, increasingly desperate to play again.

So here I am.

I’m not making any promises about posting such and such so many times a week blah, blah, blah but well, lets take it one post at a time and see what happens!


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