Friday, 30 September 2011


So today I had a post all planned about my beloved leather jacket but no way! I'm not going to be the one to jinx this amazin' weather so instead I thought, I'll just babble on a little bit about the things I'm liking or looking forward to right now etc.

And the first one is wearing this top.

I brought this TopShop tasseled top earlier in the year and was looking forward to adorning it in the summer sun. Well, sadly, due to the wind and cloud we got instead, this top has resided in the back of my wardrobe since purchase. Hopefully, I will finally have a chance to flaunt it this weekend.

I don't think it will be the easiest of tops to wear. Those tassels are hardly practical and even from bag to wardrobe, tangles have appeared. However, this is one of those tops where the extra care required is outweighed by the number of things I really like.

1/ I love the tassels. They make me happy and sort of makes me want to dance. I love the fact that people will be taken back to see me wearing such an interesting top. Normally, I'm block colours and simple shapes all the way. This is almost 'out there' for me.

2/ I love the contrast. This top really seems to balance itself out. There is the tassels contrasted with the sweet bow detail on the straps. And then there is also the whole colour versus the tassels factor. I think this lovely colour is a great choice to tone down the tassels and along with the choice of the fabric stops the top from being 'cheap'.

3/ I love the colour in itself. The photos don't do it justice. It is just a beautiful warm pink which seems to liven up my green eyes a little.

4/ I love the fabric. Although the tassels seem to lend the top a summery and slightly, Hawaiian feel. The fabric (polyester and viscose mix) gives the top a bit more substance and makes it more then beachwear (to be honest, this top wouldn't last two minutes on a beach with me. Shingles, tassels and me wouldn't mix) and possibly an item that could be styled to be worn all year round.

5/ I love the fact that this top ain't gonna need an iron. Ironing is the bane of my life!

In other news...

- Make-up wise, this week has been all about Maybelline's Ambre Rose. I absolutely love this lipstick at the moment and that Lash Adapt (also pictured above), is on Ambre Rose's tail as make up item of the week.

- Now the sun is here, I've stepped up on my body care routine a bit. The combo of Ocean Salt and the Dream wash (both from Lush) is doing wonders for smoothing out and softening my skin. They leave me smelling pretty good too.

- I have finally finished When God Was A Rabbit and I've got to say, by the time I had finished (it took me about two weeks, a very long time for me), this novel had won me over. The style of narration actually makes a bit more sense as the plot finally reveals itself. I eventually enjoyed this book (quite a lot). I would recommend it but I think you have to enjoy reading to have the patience for this novel. I'm not sure it is one to buy if reading is a bit of a fad for you and you're looking for your one book to read this year.

For me, that is another book down.

I'm now a chapter or so in to Maggie O'Farrells, After You'd Gone. Published in the year 2000 and with rave reviews, I've had my eye on this book for a long time. The blurb suggests it about a lady, Alice, in a coma and how she uses the conversations she hears while she is in a coma to find out about her life and how she ended up there. I'm really looking forward to this one.

So I've got to work, read and wear that top this weekend but I'm also hoping to put together a current perfume collection post so look out for that. Until then, I hope are all well. Enjoy the sunshine and tell me in the comments, what are you enjoying or looking forward to at the moment?


Ps The fastening on my Accessorise bracelet has already broken :(

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The one about the red lips!

Everywhere I go at the moment, I seem to walk slap bang in to the promo for Kate Moss's new Rimmel lipstick line.

Picture from Google Image Search.

Yes, the ad with the red lip that is so striking (that eye make up is something else too).

Now I have just about summoned up the self-restraint not to buy it. I mean really, no lipstick is going to look that good on me and honestly, when do I wear a red lip?!

However, my restraint has resulted in a bit of a frenzy to find my own perfect red lip using the few red lip products that I already own.

Here are my thoughts:

*Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon No 1

This creates what I think of as a typical red lip, a solid, bright, cherry red. I was surprised at what a strong red colour this pencil lent the lip. It does feel quite drying but is quick to apply. A good one to keep in the handbag for those quick, spur of the moment red lip moments.

* MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

I might be repeating myself but I feel that Viva Glam Cyndi is one MAC's best products. Cyndi is no cherry or Hollywood red, it is too muted and is more of a raspberry red. It looks very natural for a red lip. I always say that Cyndi is the one lip, I feel comfortable leaving the house with. It is testament to this red lipstick that I actually do use it. It is such a pretty colour all on its own. I find it very flattering and I think most people would find the same as Viva is a huge campaign for MAC and I think they design the lipsticks to compliment most lips and colouring.

* Benefit Frenched

I brought Frenched on a whim after seeing it in a Benefit look two or three years ago. It is an absolutely gorgeous red but there is nothing discreet about it. If you wear this, you are telling the world that yes, you have painted your lips red and indeed, have made quite an effort.
When I put this one on, I was reminded of just how creamy this lipstick is. It leaves a very shiny, rich, almost postbox red finish and there really is no need for a gloss.
I've always liked the way this looks on my lips and now as time passes, I think that I'm also more comfortable wearing it. This is a lipstick, I've grown in to, I used to look at it longingly dreaming of a time when I would feel comfortable enough to flaunt it but now I feel a bit more ready to take the bite and wear this one a little more.

*Benefit Next Question Please

Finally, it is the gloss which falls between the red and pink and like Cyndi, there is something very raspberry about it. It gives a lovely natural looking lip when worn alone. I wouldn't say it is a gloss that is particularly striking or defines a look but it very pretty and could easily compliment or give a lift to an otherwise neutral look.

I've got to say my favourite remains Cyndi, it is just a very special wearable red but on the whole, as I get older, I do feel a bit more confident with red lips and hope to make more of Frenched and Next Question Please. In fact, this is a must do before I can allow myself to buy 01 from the Rimmel Kate Collection.
What do you think of red lipsticks? What is your favourite? Do you often venture further then Viva Cyndi and muted raspberry hues? Have you tried any of Kate Moss's new lipsticks?


Monday, 26 September 2011


Sometimes, I forget the little details in life.
When it comes to outfits, I tend to focus on one key piece and then finish the look off with whatever else is to hand. It would be safe to say there is not much chance of me ever looking too overdone.

However, I'm trying to change a little and I'm starting with jewellery. I have quite a bit of chunky and dressy jewellery but not much to wear on a daily basis. Sometimes I'll wear the dressy stuff in the day but to be honest, it is not always practical. Cuff style bracelets can be heavy. Long dangly pendants can catch (not great for a girl so fond of floating silk vest tops) and so it goes.

Recently, I've been on the lookout for some pieces that are both cheap and delicate, a couple of little pieces to break me in. I saw quite a bit of the High Street during my recent days off but really, there was very little out there to fit the bill. A lot of the cheaper stuff is actually massive and either quite dressy or quite beady or quite blingy. In the end, it was Accessorize that came up trumps and even then, it was two or three branches later.
Hidden away towards the back of a store, I found a silver necklace and a silver bracelet, both ready add a little twinkle to my days.

Cute, simple and exactly what I was looking for. Just a crystal on a fine chain. It is very pretty, the stone also has a purple hue to it in certain lights and then looks clear, in others. This time, I know it is not my poor eye sight. The purple is unmistakable and according to the website, my new delicate necklace goes by the name of the Purple Bling Bling necklace. Bling bling, I tell ya!

Although I wouldn't say that it is a statement piece, I think that it could be dressed up for the evenings if it was adorned with a couple of other longer necklaces.

As for the bracelet, it is just a very fine silver chain with a heart tag hanging down. I do have a little soft spot for heart charms and suchlike, especially ones that are a little more subtle, like this one.

I think alongside the necklace, this little pairing will do just enough to drag whatever I'm wearing that day up a notch. I expect I will wear the bracelet alone for the day (or alongside a manky hairband, bad habit I have there) but at night, it could easily be layered up with as many bracelets, cuffs and bangles as the arm can hold.

Now the silver has been gained, I'm left with just one jewellery wish and that is, a fine gold bracelet to adorn on gold days probably alongside my Sideways Cross necklace. Any ideas?

Purchased any nice little treats lately? If so, I'd love to hear about them. Right, I'm off to stick a face mask (Lush, Brazen Honey) on ready for a bit of the old X Factor later.

Hope your week begins well.
PS I'm back to work this week but am going to try and keep the regular posting up ( some may be scheduled) as I've really enjoyed  the blogging this last week.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Lash Adapt Mascara and the Smoky Rose Quad!

Just a quick post really. You see, I need to confess . . !

The thing is earlier this week, I purchased the new No 7 Lash Adapt Mascara just to get this free 'Smoky Rose' quad.

I know!

And it is not, as if I need any more eyeshadows but look, even excusing the bad shot, what pretty colours!

I would like to try and do a proper eye of the day in the future with these- am I clutching at straws or would that make the purchase just a tad more justifiable?!- however, for now, here are some quick swatches on my arm of the four colours.

No 7 say that they are, 'Beautiful, wearable smoky warm metallic tones to take your look easily from day to night'.

Well firstly, I was surprised when swatching how soft and smooth these shadows felt and that last colour, a metallic light brown with hints of pink is standout for me. The picture doesn't do it justice. Like the first pinky peach colour, it swatches very vibrant and there is a definite twinkling shimmer adding to the whole pretty factor. Disappointingly though vibrant, the dark purple colour came across a lot closer to black then I expected and that is a shame as I feel that I'm lacking a real vibrant true purple in my collection.

Now to the Lash Adapt mascara.

Well, I did need a new mascara but to be honest, Lash Adapt was not at the top of my list (the new L'Oreal Illuminator was but it was out of stock, boo). I just was not convinced by that whole six layers promotional stuff. To be honest, I thought how bad must the mascara be if you need to layer it six times?!

However, I think I got it all wrong and basically should have took No 7 to be suggesting that Lash Adapt is a buildable mascara and therefore the one mascara to give you all the lash looks you might want. The description on the mascara actually says 'A smooth, glide-on mascara that builds layers to create multiple lash looks'. So, it seems, it is all in the layering!

Now, again, I can't give you a proper review as I just brushed Lash Adapt on very quickly this morning but straight away, the roots looked a little bulkier and volumised but what really struck me was the extra length and lift this mascara gave (despite my very careless application) AND it hasn't budged or disappeared in 8 hours.

So for now, I think, it is a tentative thumbs up for Lash Adapt!

I can't give a full or definite review of these products yet because I have not had a proper play but I wanted to get this post up in case you weren't aware of the offer, as I'm not sure how long it will last. The mascara costs £12.50. I think in store you can use those No 7 £5 off vouchers too, which would make the price much more reasonable, At the time of writing, this Smoky Rose offer is available online but I don't think you can use your vouchers there.

Have you used Lash Adapt (or the quad) and what about the new L'oreal Illuminator? I've got to say that one sounds amazing. Very tempting! A bit like the 212 VIP perfume I smelt today, it smells just like the lady I want to be. Dead cert for the Christmas list this year!! ;)

Have a great day! I'm off to play with hangers, just how inspiring was Muhsine's post?!


Friday, 23 September 2011

A 70's vibe!

For me, it was all about the 70s vibe today!

There are a lot of gorgeous long maxi skirts floating around blogosphere at the moment and I'm jealous. I wish I could wear them but I just feel my legs are too short to carry them off. So in a bid to feel a bit more feminine and floaty, I summoned my bell sleeved number from the back of my wardrobe.

I brought this gem from Miss Selfridge last year (the two pics above are from that post) and thought it was quite kittenish. I imagined wearing it as a short dress with glossy lips. Yeah . . , I guess, I thought this number would transform me into a modern day Charlie Angel with its plunging neckline, frilly sleeves and flattering tie waist.

Er, not quite!

More often then not, I pair this ultra feminine number with jeans just as I did in the changing rooms when I tried them on that day. Yep, I'm so adventurous!
Note: I have yet to find the perfect bra. Any suggestions? At the moment, I often layer with general bra and a little vest . Layering again! What can I say but I'm a creature of habit!

Jeans etc.

Today I paired it with Matalan flared ones. Now I do skinny and I do Matalan but I rarely do flared. However, I've got to say Matalan have done me proud. 

I really like Matalan jeans. These were only £14 and fit like a dream. Previous Matalan jeans have gone patchy on the knees quite quickly. To be fair, casual me lives in such jeans and at that price, quick wear doesn't really matter quite as much and I've always been able to go straight back in to store and find some more that fit just like that!

Note: I think the jeans I have linked to are the ones I brought but there is some very bright blue stitching around the pockets on mine. I'm not that keen on this but since I normally wear quite long line tops, it has not stopped me buying them but I think, this might bother some people.

I have real problems getting jeans to fit. It takes me a lot longer in New Look and TopShop to find a pair that fit as well as Matalan's. I've heard good things about the H&M skinnies but they were too long and the assistant said they only did standard length in store. Boo! I need to follow up on Charlotte's rave for Dorothy Perkins skinnies.

Of course, since it is all about the 70's today, I threw a bit of Beehive lipstick and some old platforms (New Look) in to the mix.

By pure coincidence, I actually saw something similar to my little number in Peacocks  today. They seem be working the 70s vibe!

Now for the ramble . . .

I've really enjoyed having a few days off work this week and I've even been quite lucky with the weather.

I love Weymouth!

I'm managing to get in to my reading and hope to have that little book review tab up and running soon. I've recently read three of Dorothy Koomson's novels (page turners!), The Radleys and The Truth About Melody Browne.

I'm now reading, 'When God Was A Rabbit' and I've got to say, it is not what I was expecting.
I thought I was going to love this book straight away. It is billed as 'a book about love in all its forms.' Well, I'm a sucker for such tag lines and the cover is gorgeous so I had high expectations!
However, the narrative is quite episodic and split in to snapshots (some in the seventies!). I found this hard at first. I felt like I was missing bits and this distance made it difficult to get attached to the characters but about one hundred pages later and I'm finally getting used to it and am increasingly fond of the characters so I think, I will persevere.

Finally to the Chanel budget style!

This image of a Chanel bag is from a Google Image Search. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of my own to photograph?!
Oh and finally for anybody looking for a Chanel-like bag, GMTV (don't I make good use of my days off?!) highlighted this Firetrap one (click the link to see, I couldn't copy the image of the dupe) from Isme today.

What do you think? I am liking my inspired bags at the moment but I haven't caved yet! What are you reading at the moment? I hope you all have a good start to the weekend.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hair update&gorgeous TopShop vest!

You might remember (see this post) that I'm on a mission to grow my hair long as in January, I intend to ditch the hair extensions permanently. : 0

In a bid to reach 'Destination Dream Length (aka, the bra strap), I have . . .

- been using my Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner with a Lee Stafford treatment every two/three days to wash my hair.

- cut down on heat a little (twists and braids are my saviour!).

- I have tried to follow my Superfood regime with a focus on the green beans and yogurt. It is all about the protein, people!

- I have been taking two Phytophanere tablets every morning.

So I've been working at it and now I hope you're seated because I'm about to tell you that, indeed, I have been out and about sans hair extensions!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is true.

My hair has finally reached a length where, after a deep breath or two, I'm just about comfortable to go hair natural. Just about. Some times.

So this is where I am now.

This is where I was almost a month ago.

Now, obviously, there isn't inches and inches of extra length but there is some growth there. However, what strikes me the most, is how much healthier my hair now looks. I mean look at the scraggly ends in the old pic. The hair looks so brittle, as if it could break at any time but now, though still damaged, it does look a little stronger and thicker and, although the before picture is a bit grainy, you can see my hair was drier a month ago. I think you'll agree that my hair looks better now.

I have to say that although I'm still on a mission to get a headful of hair to bra strap length, the adjective, 'headful', is key as I'm also yearning for big, voluminous locks even if it takes a little longer to reach my dream length. So, yes, a scary haircut could be on the cards. To be honest, if this hair natural thing becomes a more frequent occurence then the layers and the front are going to need some shaping. Argh!
Note: My hair is also a shade or two lighter, I think this is a mix of old colour fading a little naturally and the actions of Mane 'n Tail.

Before I go, I thought I would just show you what I wore while in hair natural mode. In such a mode, clothes seem a little more important and I wanted to wear something that made me feel good.

This is a typical casual outfit for me, a 3/4 length cropped cardi in black (The closest I have to a signature garment, I have three or four of these in my wardrobe at any time), a couple of longline vests and skinny jeans. This type of outfit that makes me feel comfortable and depending on the vests you use to layer (and shoes you choose) can be dressed up a little or right down.

Today, over a standard Tesco white vest top, I layered this little TopShop number. I'm really enjoying some of the polyester vests coming from TopShop recently. They're almost more then vests and can really make an outfit.

This pink petite one is possibly my favourite. It speaks for itself with its bright, vibrant colour (I'm not big on colour but this shade almost makes me smile when I look at it and it looks great with denim!) and the chunky zip running all the way down the back.
I love pairing that 'edgy' detail with my sensible little black cardi. It also works well with the focco and its gold studs.

I'm also thinking that this gorgeous top would look amazing if the zip was paired with a high centred ponytail, highlighting that whole line down the back.

You can view or buy this vest here. Also check out the vest section at Topshop, they have some similar styles in, in different colours and sizes. Isn't mustard the colour for autumn?!
My other TopShop vest is light green with a little button at the back.
Yep, I know it doesn't sound as interesting or promising but I have worked it by going up a size and adding to the fabric swing factor. That extra movement really seems to make a difference especially under the black cardi which encourages it to flare out. It works, honest, but I am worried that the extra length will make my hair look shorter so have not worn it in hair natural mode. Yet!

I hope you are all ok. Has anybody else used Mane n Tail or do you have any other hair recommendations to share with me? How would you style the pink vest? Please share!! :)


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The H&M cropped blazer!

Now going back a post or so to that new blazer I mentioned.

The grey one!

I'm not even sure why I took it in to the changing room. Grey is a colour I find hard to carry off. It is a shade that often seems to draw any colour (inc. make up) from my face and makes me look tired.

Not great.

However, call it fate or what you will but for some reason, this little number ended up in my hands and to the changing room we went.

And thank goodness, we did.

Here she is in all her glory.

To be honest, the jacket didn't even look great on the hanger but once on, it came in to its own.

This beauty is cropped so instead of falling at my knees like most regular sized blazers, it falls perfectly just below my hips. The cut is lovely. There is lots of movement and then the front waterfall folds lends quite a 'masculine' item, a softer modern finish.

As for the colour, again, as with the Miu Miu faux, I would say that there is almost a hint of blue in the grey (although maybe I just need an eye test!). This shade, I percieve, reminds me of the the snow and winter mornings. I've also got to say, I think it makes my eyes look a little brighter.

At £19.99, I think this jacket looks a little more expensive then it actually was. You can view/buy the jacket here. They do it in black too. ; )

Underneath the jacket, I'm wearing another H&M item, a sequined vest. The sparkle reminds me a little of the amazing dress that my sister wore for her beautiful wedding. Sorry I can't find a link for this £7.99 H&M vest : (


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A pretty perfume!

As I mentioned recently, I'm trying to shop the perfume collection that I already have and I have almost finished another bottle.

Intimately by Beckham

This scent has more or less been a constant in my collection for the last three years. Where as I said here that Romance is a scent that I normally get given as a gift, Intimately is the one that I go out and buy for myself.

Intimately is the original women's scent from the Beckham line and three or four bottles later, I still quite like it.

It seems to get a lot of mixed reviews and the negative ones kind of surprise me a little (I do wonder if the Beckham tag has something to do with this) as like the bottle, the fragrance is very classic and safe. I can't imagine it offending anybody.

I find Intimately to be a very pretty, powdery, feminine scent. Indeed, it is a Coty scent and is quite typical of how I see their line. This fragrance is very similar to how I imagined perfume to be when I was a little girl, all pretty and girly.

Some people say Intimately reminds them of the Britney scents. Yes, there is some vanilla in both. However, in the Beckhams, the vanilla is not as obvious (I'm thinking of Britney, Fantasy, here) and is much more concealed in among a lot of other fluttering floral notes.

Oh yes, Intimately flutters!

I love perfumes that flutter and I know this going to sound strange but it is almost like this scent has a rhythm. The notes are not particularly sweet or offensive. There are some floral notes but everything is quite muted and I think it is this rhythm, or flutter, that adds such a pretty air to a scent that could otherwise be slightly too safe and bland.

So does it last, you ask?

Well, again there is mixed reviews on this point but for me, the scent lasts all day without reapplying or going off. This is one scent that I know I can rely on for longetivity and is probably the longest lasting scent that I have ever worn.

For those of you interested, this is the spiel from the Beckham brand:
'Opens with pure fresh flowers, bergamot, rose petals and orange blossom. An exquisite heart of casablanca lily and sublime tuberose, leading to a seductive base of voluptuous vanilla, rich sandalwood and and elegant, sensual musk'

Hmm as much as I love this fragrance, I think this makes Intimately sound slightly more daring, evocative and blatant then it actually is. I read here that this fragrance is 'sophisticated and charming' and I think that this is bang on.

Intimately is just so easy to wear and could be worked for any occasion. I think it is a scent that people notice but it compliments the wearer rather then defining them. Basically it is just a very pretty perfume (that lasts!) and little more then that but then, what else do you want a perfume to be?!

I hope to add another bottle of Intimately to my perfume collection very soon.

Have you tried any of the Beckham fragrances? What do you think of celebrity scents?


Monday, 19 September 2011

The faux Miu Miu!

So the faux Miu Miu is here!

I've had it almost a week now and I have got to say, what great value for money! This beauty cost me only £21.87 compared to the hundreds that I would have to spend on a genuine bow bag.

I brought the bag here after seeing posts from Leanne Marie and Victoria. I opted for the grey. However, to be honest, this bag does not always appear a solid grey. In some lights, there does seem to be a soft blue tinge in the mix too.

Although I had difficulty in tracking my order, the bag arrived in perfect condition very quickly, approx 10 days. The seller also replied to my email (re.tracking) within hours.

I've got to say I would happily buy from this seller again and yes, I do keep going back to the site to consider the other colour options available. Although at the moment, for me, bluey grey is where it is at. Hence the blazer sharing a dalliance with my faux bag in a couple of these pics.

But that little number, I'll save for, another post . . !

What have you purchased lately?



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