Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ralph Lauren: Romance

I'm about to finish yet another bottle of Ralph Lauren, Romance. For the last five or six years, it has been a staple in my perfume collection yet I don't think I've ever brought a bottle of it for myself!

A few years back, this ad gave me major hair envy. I love the girl's hair. It looks so healthy. Er, obviously I was going to yearn for the scent, that was going to give me the beautiful barnet and then of course, there was the leading man . . ! Both points, valid reasons for Romance to land on my Christmas list.

Consequently now, despite edits to my list, Romance is the fragrance that I always get as a present and it is one, that gets me quite a few compliments. Yet, ironically, for a fragrance called Romance -like Ghost- it seems to be one that gleans favour from other females! I have noticed, in fact, that some males actually start to sneeze or itch when I'm adorning Romance in their company. Ha, there are times when it could be fun to explore this a little further . . !

As far as my own thoughts go, the fact that some others seem to like Romance goes a little way in redeeming the scent.

The name, Romance, suggests a very special fragrance that could magically create a happily ever after for you but to be honest, I don't find this fragrance very magical or intense. Ralph Lauren say to 'spray on lavishly for a distinctly feminine sensuality'. Yet this perfume doesn't make me feel particularly girly. It just gives me a nice, clean air.

I like a perfume that flutters and occasionally sends something pretty up in to the air. I don't sense too much movement within the floral or woody notes of this perfume. Romance seems to steadily provide a clean, powder like baseline scent which lingers for hours. Occasionally in the first hour or two, there does seem to be a very occasional sharp puff of something but to be honest, it is almost peppery (could explain the sneezing) and not particularly pretty. However, thankfully, this perfume does not offend in any other way unlike some other more intense and deep fragrances that after a few hours, almost seem to rot on you. I'm sure that I can smell bacon after wearing one very famous, gorgeous ( up until that point) perfume for a few hours.

One way I have upped the flutter factor with Romance is by layering it with Soap and Glory, The Daily Smooth Body Butter. I really like the scent of the pink Soap and Glory products and this just seems to give Romance a flattering little flutter of feminity.
Sidenote:I do this SG layering thing with a few fragrances that I feel need something a little more. In fact, at the moment, to be honest, I don't see much point in wearing Very Hollywood without layering SG!

I know, that "nice" is often thought of as a cop out adjective but in fact, I think it is apt to say here, that Romance is a nice, safe scent (as long as you are not allergic to it). It is spot on for work and casual wear (Note: I find this perfume very long lasting) but for evening, seduction and romance, I don't think Romance would be my first choice.

I like this fragrance but it doesn't excite me. It is one that I will always use up but usually more when I'm trying to save a little money and shop the fragrances that I already have. I'm reluctant to say that I would never buy this perfume for myself because basically using up all the Romance gifts of yesteryear has, inevitably, meant that this fragrance has played quite a part in my life.

I think Romance is a perfume I will miss (and love) but only when it is gone. Truthfully, I can not imagine not having it there in my collection. I think, if ever, there is a Romance sized gap then the moment I smell it on somebody else, I would be like 'Hey, thats my scent' and have to rush out to buy a bottle.
I guess even now, I do like Romance but I'm just not sure why, when it comes across as a scent that does not really do anything at all. Maybe it is not so much, that familarity creates contempt but that flattery and shared memories really do glean favour!

Have you tried Romance? Any thoughts?

PS In a sidenote, does anybody know why blogger does not let me comment on any blogs, including my own, anymore?! Argh!!


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