Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rave: Crest Whitening Strips

Over the last year or two, one of the things I have got a little obsessed about is WHITE teeth.

I spent a significant part of my teenage years in braces and even had my jaw realigned to straighten my teeth (yet amazingly I've never had a filling, touch wood). After all that, I kind of feel a duty to do my best by my teeth so enter several whitening missions using Blanx, Pearl Drops and RapidWhite among others but I can honestly say, I feel a bit stupid given that I've invested all that time and energy in to these products when the Crest Whitening Strips did the job so quickly and successfully.

I started wearing the strips in about May, twice a day for about half an hour to an hour each time. There were 42 pouches in the pack and I still have a handful left so I'd say I wore the strips probably for about three weeks cutting it down to once a day or every other day in the last week. I can't remember exactly but I just remember that I used them more or less as detailed in the instructions.

My teeth very quickly got whiter and got to a point where I felt I didn't need to wear the strips any more (and to be fair, the teeth didn't seem to be getting any whiter at this point but alas, they were already now white ) but kept some by just in case, my new bright, white teeth quickly faded.

Like I said all this occurred in the spring when I wasn't really blogging but now three months later, I'm still really struck by how white my teeth look in photos.

I honestly have to say that I can not recommend these strips enough, they did the job very well and with very little fuss. I have not had to result to my spare strips yet. To me, my teeth still look pretty white.

I'm aware that there there are horror stories out there about these type of products. So please do not purchase just on my say so, do your own research. I can not be sure how these will work for you or if you would go through the Crest whitening so effortlessly or with as little sensitivity or with so much success but I can honestly say I just wish I had used the Crest Whitening Strips from the very start. It would have saved me a whole lot of fuss and money on other products that never quite made the (white) mark and even with those products that almost did reach it, I have never had results that have lasted this long.

I used the Supreme Professional Whitening Crest Whitestrips and I purchased mine from here.
These particular strips are not recommended for under 18s.

What teeth whitening tips do you have? Do you swear by a particular system?


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Anonymous said...

I’m happy you liked Crest, for me it gave too much teeth sensitivity to use, so I switched to Stella white strips. They are just as good as Crest but better and less damaging to your teeth.


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