Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hair update&gorgeous TopShop vest!

You might remember (see this post) that I'm on a mission to grow my hair long as in January, I intend to ditch the hair extensions permanently. : 0

In a bid to reach 'Destination Dream Length (aka, the bra strap), I have . . .

- been using my Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner with a Lee Stafford treatment every two/three days to wash my hair.

- cut down on heat a little (twists and braids are my saviour!).

- I have tried to follow my Superfood regime with a focus on the green beans and yogurt. It is all about the protein, people!

- I have been taking two Phytophanere tablets every morning.

So I've been working at it and now I hope you're seated because I'm about to tell you that, indeed, I have been out and about sans hair extensions!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is true.

My hair has finally reached a length where, after a deep breath or two, I'm just about comfortable to go hair natural. Just about. Some times.

So this is where I am now.

This is where I was almost a month ago.

Now, obviously, there isn't inches and inches of extra length but there is some growth there. However, what strikes me the most, is how much healthier my hair now looks. I mean look at the scraggly ends in the old pic. The hair looks so brittle, as if it could break at any time but now, though still damaged, it does look a little stronger and thicker and, although the before picture is a bit grainy, you can see my hair was drier a month ago. I think you'll agree that my hair looks better now.

I have to say that although I'm still on a mission to get a headful of hair to bra strap length, the adjective, 'headful', is key as I'm also yearning for big, voluminous locks even if it takes a little longer to reach my dream length. So, yes, a scary haircut could be on the cards. To be honest, if this hair natural thing becomes a more frequent occurence then the layers and the front are going to need some shaping. Argh!
Note: My hair is also a shade or two lighter, I think this is a mix of old colour fading a little naturally and the actions of Mane 'n Tail.

Before I go, I thought I would just show you what I wore while in hair natural mode. In such a mode, clothes seem a little more important and I wanted to wear something that made me feel good.

This is a typical casual outfit for me, a 3/4 length cropped cardi in black (The closest I have to a signature garment, I have three or four of these in my wardrobe at any time), a couple of longline vests and skinny jeans. This type of outfit that makes me feel comfortable and depending on the vests you use to layer (and shoes you choose) can be dressed up a little or right down.

Today, over a standard Tesco white vest top, I layered this little TopShop number. I'm really enjoying some of the polyester vests coming from TopShop recently. They're almost more then vests and can really make an outfit.

This pink petite one is possibly my favourite. It speaks for itself with its bright, vibrant colour (I'm not big on colour but this shade almost makes me smile when I look at it and it looks great with denim!) and the chunky zip running all the way down the back.
I love pairing that 'edgy' detail with my sensible little black cardi. It also works well with the focco and its gold studs.

I'm also thinking that this gorgeous top would look amazing if the zip was paired with a high centred ponytail, highlighting that whole line down the back.

You can view or buy this vest here. Also check out the vest section at Topshop, they have some similar styles in, in different colours and sizes. Isn't mustard the colour for autumn?!
My other TopShop vest is light green with a little button at the back.
Yep, I know it doesn't sound as interesting or promising but I have worked it by going up a size and adding to the fabric swing factor. That extra movement really seems to make a difference especially under the black cardi which encourages it to flare out. It works, honest, but I am worried that the extra length will make my hair look shorter so have not worn it in hair natural mode. Yet!

I hope you are all ok. Has anybody else used Mane n Tail or do you have any other hair recommendations to share with me? How would you style the pink vest? Please share!! :)



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@minnja Thank you!! Your Tom Tailor jacket is cute:)


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