Monday, 26 September 2011


Sometimes, I forget the little details in life.
When it comes to outfits, I tend to focus on one key piece and then finish the look off with whatever else is to hand. It would be safe to say there is not much chance of me ever looking too overdone.

However, I'm trying to change a little and I'm starting with jewellery. I have quite a bit of chunky and dressy jewellery but not much to wear on a daily basis. Sometimes I'll wear the dressy stuff in the day but to be honest, it is not always practical. Cuff style bracelets can be heavy. Long dangly pendants can catch (not great for a girl so fond of floating silk vest tops) and so it goes.

Recently, I've been on the lookout for some pieces that are both cheap and delicate, a couple of little pieces to break me in. I saw quite a bit of the High Street during my recent days off but really, there was very little out there to fit the bill. A lot of the cheaper stuff is actually massive and either quite dressy or quite beady or quite blingy. In the end, it was Accessorize that came up trumps and even then, it was two or three branches later.
Hidden away towards the back of a store, I found a silver necklace and a silver bracelet, both ready add a little twinkle to my days.

Cute, simple and exactly what I was looking for. Just a crystal on a fine chain. It is very pretty, the stone also has a purple hue to it in certain lights and then looks clear, in others. This time, I know it is not my poor eye sight. The purple is unmistakable and according to the website, my new delicate necklace goes by the name of the Purple Bling Bling necklace. Bling bling, I tell ya!

Although I wouldn't say that it is a statement piece, I think that it could be dressed up for the evenings if it was adorned with a couple of other longer necklaces.

As for the bracelet, it is just a very fine silver chain with a heart tag hanging down. I do have a little soft spot for heart charms and suchlike, especially ones that are a little more subtle, like this one.

I think alongside the necklace, this little pairing will do just enough to drag whatever I'm wearing that day up a notch. I expect I will wear the bracelet alone for the day (or alongside a manky hairband, bad habit I have there) but at night, it could easily be layered up with as many bracelets, cuffs and bangles as the arm can hold.

Now the silver has been gained, I'm left with just one jewellery wish and that is, a fine gold bracelet to adorn on gold days probably alongside my Sideways Cross necklace. Any ideas?

Purchased any nice little treats lately? If so, I'd love to hear about them. Right, I'm off to stick a face mask (Lush, Brazen Honey) on ready for a bit of the old X Factor later.

Hope your week begins well.
PS I'm back to work this week but am going to try and keep the regular posting up ( some may be scheduled) as I've really enjoyed  the blogging this last week.


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