Friday, 9 September 2011

The Focco!

So I thought I would be original and do a 'What's in my bag?' like Tanya, Laura and many others. I think we all have to do one of these at some point.

And don't think that my originality stops there because my bag of choice, oh yes, it is a Focco, the faux Alexander Rocco. Laura gave it a thumbs up and now, it seems the bloggers handbag of choice.

My Focco is a bag that I like, a lot. In fact, I like it a whole lot more then I probably should considering it cost me less then thirty pounds.

I started to draft my 'What's in my bag' post and became a bit overwhelmed by my like for the Focco and couldn't stop typing about it. So today, even though I expect you've heard it all before and probably have one of your own, I'm gonna take a post to show respect for and more then a little indulgence in the Focco. Then I will follow up very soon with a 'What's in my bag?'.

I ordered mine from here and it cost £29.99 Standard delivery was free (although it seems they are charging now) and very quick. I ordered on a Thursday afternoon and by Saturday morning, it was on my shoulder.

The bag is absolutely beautiful but really came alive after a few days. Once I had loaded it up with all my day to day rubbish, it seemed to soften up, find its own shape and come in to its own. It also lost the faux leather smell.

The Focco has two small handles. Now I'm not really one to rest my bag on my crook and glide down the street like this.

Image from Google search.

Lets be honest, I lack the elegance and can't seem to hold my arm right. I get very self-concious of it and feel very try hard. Sidenote: I love Kristen's look here.

Yet I don't fancy holding it like this either.

Marie Claire have identified this Hug A Bag trend on the catwalk. I think it looks a little lazy.

Image from Google search.

Sometimes I'll carry it like this but again the weight . . ! And it is so much more useful to have two hands free.

Luckily I can just fit the bag over my shoulder and so this is what I tend to do on a daily basis. The handles have yet to show any signs of strain.

In fact, the bag itself arrived in a fabulous condition and remains so (amazing because as you will soon see, I do load it up). I have had it about a month now and used it every single day and - apart from one tiny loose thread- there are no other signs of wear and tear. The inner pockets and lining all remains beautifully in place too.

I do like this bag a lot. It has opened a whole new world up to me, I have never really considered 'dupes' before but now I can see Ebay becoming my best friend and if it wasn't for the fact, that I now have a faux Miu Miu on order then I would almost certainly be ordering the very coverted grey. In fact, who am I kidding, give me a week or two and I probably will.

Do you have a Focco or indeed a Rocco? What do you think?


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