Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A pretty perfume!

As I mentioned recently, I'm trying to shop the perfume collection that I already have and I have almost finished another bottle.

Intimately by Beckham

This scent has more or less been a constant in my collection for the last three years. Where as I said here that Romance is a scent that I normally get given as a gift, Intimately is the one that I go out and buy for myself.

Intimately is the original women's scent from the Beckham line and three or four bottles later, I still quite like it.

It seems to get a lot of mixed reviews and the negative ones kind of surprise me a little (I do wonder if the Beckham tag has something to do with this) as like the bottle, the fragrance is very classic and safe. I can't imagine it offending anybody.

I find Intimately to be a very pretty, powdery, feminine scent. Indeed, it is a Coty scent and is quite typical of how I see their line. This fragrance is very similar to how I imagined perfume to be when I was a little girl, all pretty and girly.

Some people say Intimately reminds them of the Britney scents. Yes, there is some vanilla in both. However, in the Beckhams, the vanilla is not as obvious (I'm thinking of Britney, Fantasy, here) and is much more concealed in among a lot of other fluttering floral notes.

Oh yes, Intimately flutters!

I love perfumes that flutter and I know this going to sound strange but it is almost like this scent has a rhythm. The notes are not particularly sweet or offensive. There are some floral notes but everything is quite muted and I think it is this rhythm, or flutter, that adds such a pretty air to a scent that could otherwise be slightly too safe and bland.

So does it last, you ask?

Well, again there is mixed reviews on this point but for me, the scent lasts all day without reapplying or going off. This is one scent that I know I can rely on for longetivity and is probably the longest lasting scent that I have ever worn.

For those of you interested, this is the spiel from the Beckham brand:
'Opens with pure fresh flowers, bergamot, rose petals and orange blossom. An exquisite heart of casablanca lily and sublime tuberose, leading to a seductive base of voluptuous vanilla, rich sandalwood and and elegant, sensual musk'

Hmm as much as I love this fragrance, I think this makes Intimately sound slightly more daring, evocative and blatant then it actually is. I read here that this fragrance is 'sophisticated and charming' and I think that this is bang on.

Intimately is just so easy to wear and could be worked for any occasion. I think it is a scent that people notice but it compliments the wearer rather then defining them. Basically it is just a very pretty perfume (that lasts!) and little more then that but then, what else do you want a perfume to be?!

I hope to add another bottle of Intimately to my perfume collection very soon.

Have you tried any of the Beckham fragrances? What do you think of celebrity scents?


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