Saturday, 10 September 2011

What's in my Focco?

So, lets take a look at what's in my Focco!

*An old sunglasses case full of black pens (essential for work) and a few hair clips

*My mint green Topshop purse (and a bag of loose change).
I brought this purse over a year ago (you can read about it here) and it was such a good buy. Unfortunately the beautiful colour is starting to fade and look a bit grimy now compared to how it once looked . . .

* Some stray pens

* The lid from the Playboy, Play It Lovely perfume.
The actual bottle was in my bag at some point. I have two Playboy perfumes Play It Lovely and Play It Sexy. I prefer Lovely, it is a very warm perfume and makes me feel safe. I was expecting a Playboy perfume to be all sugary and young like some body sprays but this perfume has a little more class then that. It also lasts on the skin a very long time. I think it is an absolute bargain at twelve pounds something. I recommend trying it out next time you are in Boots et al. The only quip I have with Play It Lovely is that the Playboy fragrance bottles do not seem to carry names and it took me a long time to figure out which one it was that I preferred. Just so you know, I find Play It Sexy a lot lighter. There just doesn't seem to be very much about it in comparison with Lovely. You can read more about the Playboy perfumes here.

* A pile of receipts, stray papers etc.

* Boots promo voucher.
I used a different Boots voucher today, the No 7 one, to purchase the No 7 hot cloth cleanser.

* Charlie Red Body Spray.
I'm not a massive fan of body sprays but sometimes when the workday seems long. They can be quite refreshing. The original Charlie Red is probably my favourite body spray. Rereading this, I 've got to say my absolute fave body spray type thing is a Soap and Glory Mist. The scent of that is as good as perfume!

* A generic black umbrella.
What can I say? I live in England. Therefore, it is no surprise that I go through so many of these. My umbrellas never seem to last -yes, I am the girl walking around with the umbrella with the spokes hanging out- so I don't see any point in forking out for one with a fancy print etc.

* My camera case.
When this is inside my bag, it normally holds my camera but obviously I was using my camera, a Panasonic Lumix TZ10, to take the photo! This camera is quite a recent purchase and I can see a difference in the quality of my photos since purchase although I really need to learn more about all the settings. I actually really enjoy taking photos, especially of the sea, and am yearning for a DSLR. I have found Gemma's latest photography posts very helpful and I also want to catch up with the camera school posts here.

*The Truth About Melody Browne by Lisa Jewell.

I used to be a big reader. I was always the one in the family sloping off upstairs to burrow my head in the book and I miss it. It is something I'm trying so hard to get back in to. I have purchased so many books from the charity shops in recent weeks and signed up for the Love Film Amazon offer to try and get me on track. I WILL read 30 books before my birthday in January.
Anyway back to Melody Browne. I have only read three or four chapters so far but I've already had a tear in my eye. I would be very surprised if I don't enjoy this book as one of the main things I remember about a stay in Venice is that Vince and Joy (another of Lisa Jewell's books) accompanied me and kept me up reading all night. I also read Ralph's Party ten years ago with a broken jaw. That and liquidised swiss roll allowed me to forget the horrible swelling for a while.

Ooh just while we are on books, there is one book that I can not recommend highly enough.

Image from Google Search
It is Beautiful by Katie Piper. Many of you may have read the book and seen some of her tv shows but briefly, Katie Piper is a British model who had a very promising career ahead of her before she was raped by a boyfriend and then attacked with acid. She was not only left terrified, as anybody would be, by such happenings, but after fighting for her life, she had to face a reflection she did not recognise, a fight for justice and so much more. I am certain anybody who reads her story will be left both deeply inspired and in awe of Katie's immense bravery and courage. In my posts, I suggest seeking out many things but honestly, I can not recommend this book enough!

*Sunglasses case with make up in.

I carry three lipsticks. At the moment, it is No 17 Beehive (until I invest in Hue again), L'Oreal Cashmere 232 (a maroony red which I use in the same way as I use Ghost, the perfume, for a little confidence when I want to act all grown up) and Maybelline Kiss Pearl 832. The Maybelline is quite a new purchase but I really like this colour. It just gives the pretty neutral lip look. It is a bit softer then the MAC alternatives but looks beautiful under the Rimmel Shock Gloss in Clearly Clear that I also carry around with me. This is my favourite lip look at the moment and it can be worn with any eyes. I also like the Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection. You can  see that I carry the Max Factor Fusion mascara around with me and no, I have not changed my mind about this mascara (see my thoughts here).
However, I carry it in my bag because I'm thinking that out and about, I will already have some mascara on and I can just use the Fusion to layer and refresh as the day goes on. Of course, I have to have something to tame my hair so have the Body Shop Coconut Shine. I'm still working with finding a balance for this though. One day I put way too much on and the next, I try to restrain myself and it looks as if I have not bothered. This is why I now seem to reserve it for on the go emergencies. Also, note that I tend to use it for taming rather then shine.

*Gucci Rush 2
I have worn this fragrance for about eight years. I'm not sure if any scent has being such a constant in my collection. I know that this fragrance is often slated in comparison to the original Gucci Rush but it has to be in my top three perfumes of all time.

Like the hard, square, pink bottle, this perfume is very unique. It doesn't really smell like a conventional perfume and I have never smelt anything like it. It is a Rose floral but it also has more unusual notes such as Blackcurrent. The Perfume Shop describe it as, 'A bouquet of fresh flowers with sensual musky undercurrents'.

If I'm in the mood to wear this scent then nothing else will do. I have yet to find anything similar or any fragrance that makes me as content or happy in the way that Gucci Rush 2 does. It is also the fragrance that can win me around. As long as I have this to spray, I'm not disappointed that I've left Gucci Guilty or Givenchy Irresistable at home. I think this scent is as close to a signature scent as I have ever had which is why it is a handy one to carry around in my bag as I'm happy to adorn it for any occasion at all.
Sidenote: This also seems to be the scent that the males compliment.

*A comb
Not much to say about this one.

I'm not sure if you can see but there are two notebooks (and a work diary) in the main picture. I find it difficult when I fill a notebook to know when it can come out of my bag, what if I need something from my old notes?! Therefore, I have spent the last month lugging the two around with me.

The aqua/black one is actually quite pretty and was only about three or four pounds from Tesco.

Have you done a What's In My Bag? Do you have any book recommendations for me? Let me know.


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