Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The H&M cropped blazer!

Now going back a post or so to that new blazer I mentioned.

The grey one!

I'm not even sure why I took it in to the changing room. Grey is a colour I find hard to carry off. It is a shade that often seems to draw any colour (inc. make up) from my face and makes me look tired.

Not great.

However, call it fate or what you will but for some reason, this little number ended up in my hands and to the changing room we went.

And thank goodness, we did.

Here she is in all her glory.

To be honest, the jacket didn't even look great on the hanger but once on, it came in to its own.

This beauty is cropped so instead of falling at my knees like most regular sized blazers, it falls perfectly just below my hips. The cut is lovely. There is lots of movement and then the front waterfall folds lends quite a 'masculine' item, a softer modern finish.

As for the colour, again, as with the Miu Miu faux, I would say that there is almost a hint of blue in the grey (although maybe I just need an eye test!). This shade, I percieve, reminds me of the the snow and winter mornings. I've also got to say, I think it makes my eyes look a little brighter.

At £19.99, I think this jacket looks a little more expensive then it actually was. You can view/buy the jacket here. They do it in black too. ; )

Underneath the jacket, I'm wearing another H&M item, a sequined vest. The sparkle reminds me a little of the amazing dress that my sister wore for her beautiful wedding. Sorry I can't find a link for this £7.99 H&M vest : (


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