Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The one about the red lips!

Everywhere I go at the moment, I seem to walk slap bang in to the promo for Kate Moss's new Rimmel lipstick line.

Picture from Google Image Search.

Yes, the ad with the red lip that is so striking (that eye make up is something else too).

Now I have just about summoned up the self-restraint not to buy it. I mean really, no lipstick is going to look that good on me and honestly, when do I wear a red lip?!

However, my restraint has resulted in a bit of a frenzy to find my own perfect red lip using the few red lip products that I already own.

Here are my thoughts:

*Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon No 1

This creates what I think of as a typical red lip, a solid, bright, cherry red. I was surprised at what a strong red colour this pencil lent the lip. It does feel quite drying but is quick to apply. A good one to keep in the handbag for those quick, spur of the moment red lip moments.

* MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

I might be repeating myself but I feel that Viva Glam Cyndi is one MAC's best products. Cyndi is no cherry or Hollywood red, it is too muted and is more of a raspberry red. It looks very natural for a red lip. I always say that Cyndi is the one lip, I feel comfortable leaving the house with. It is testament to this red lipstick that I actually do use it. It is such a pretty colour all on its own. I find it very flattering and I think most people would find the same as Viva is a huge campaign for MAC and I think they design the lipsticks to compliment most lips and colouring.

* Benefit Frenched

I brought Frenched on a whim after seeing it in a Benefit look two or three years ago. It is an absolutely gorgeous red but there is nothing discreet about it. If you wear this, you are telling the world that yes, you have painted your lips red and indeed, have made quite an effort.
When I put this one on, I was reminded of just how creamy this lipstick is. It leaves a very shiny, rich, almost postbox red finish and there really is no need for a gloss.
I've always liked the way this looks on my lips and now as time passes, I think that I'm also more comfortable wearing it. This is a lipstick, I've grown in to, I used to look at it longingly dreaming of a time when I would feel comfortable enough to flaunt it but now I feel a bit more ready to take the bite and wear this one a little more.

*Benefit Next Question Please

Finally, it is the gloss which falls between the red and pink and like Cyndi, there is something very raspberry about it. It gives a lovely natural looking lip when worn alone. I wouldn't say it is a gloss that is particularly striking or defines a look but it very pretty and could easily compliment or give a lift to an otherwise neutral look.

I've got to say my favourite remains Cyndi, it is just a very special wearable red but on the whole, as I get older, I do feel a bit more confident with red lips and hope to make more of Frenched and Next Question Please. In fact, this is a must do before I can allow myself to buy 01 from the Rimmel Kate Collection.
What do you think of red lipsticks? What is your favourite? Do you often venture further then Viva Cyndi and muted raspberry hues? Have you tried any of Kate Moss's new lipsticks?


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