Monday, 12 September 2011

Coat dreaming!

Wow, it is quite windy today.

I guess, there is no hope of a summer (2011 style) in England. Surprisingly I'm quite looking forward to the cooler months and the inevitable new purchases the cold weather will demand. Oh yes, a new season, what a great excuse to shop!

I've already got my beady eyes peeled for a new winter coat. Or two.

I'm usually inspired by something that I've seen on the celebrities when it comes to winter coats. However, quite often, these celebrities are of a very different build to myself and what looks good on Mrs Beckham et al won't necessarily work on me. More often then not, coats often end up looking a bit boxy or swamping me.

One celebrity I do like to keep an eye on is Kylie Minogue because like me, she is quite short!

Here are some of my favourite jackets and coats as worn by Kylie:

Image from Google search

I have never found a full length coat that works for me. Instead something like this that is mid length or shorter and swings with a bit of movement seems quite flattering. I love the fact that this coat is quite 'conventional' in shape and fabric but then there is the animal print detailing on the collar and the buttons to give it that edge.

 Image from Google search
 I love this cropped hoodie coat as it fits so well. There seems to be nil swamping action and the tomboy style coat seems to pull in, in all the right places to give quite a feminine silhoutte. It actually looks like it would be quite warm too. Fur (fake) on the hood is just so seasonal.

Image from Google Search

This one is a bit more dressy (and not exactly a coat) but again it is the length and the fabric that makes all the difference. I really want to find a jacket like this, for Christmas parties etc.

Image from Google Search
I do find leather a little heavy so tend to prefer a more cropped version. My favourite buy of the last twelve months was a cropped Oasis leather jacket, one which I just adore.

Image from Marie Claire

This is the coat that Kylie has recently been spotted in. This design is getting a lot of hype (Pippa Middleton was spotted in one too) and it is expected to be copied widely on the high street but to be honest, I'm not sure if it is one, I'd buy just like that.

I like the "romance" of a proper winter coat. I just don't get trench coats. To me, they equal drizzle and function. Yes, they're perfect for the weather that us Ukers are so familar with but I usually find the material and shape of trenches unforgiving and not particularly feminine plus whenever I've had a coat with a tie waist, I've been very consious of my 'derriere'!

Of course, if I spot a copy of this particular trench then I will have to try it. After all, Kylie looks great and one of my favourite colour combos is black and gold/metallic type shades.

At the very least, I'm thinking this year I may try to pull off a longer length of coat, it just looks so sophisticated and I've got to say I like the look of this mac from ASOS.

It is longer but has cropped sleeves which could counteract any swamping. It has no belt or anything to mock my figure. Also, the whole striped thing is kind of Parisian and adds some interest. What do you think?

What is your coat style? Are you lusting after a particularly gorgeous one yet? If so, link me.


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