Saturday, 26 June 2010

Merle O’Grady Jewellery.

My obsession with jewllery and all things bling-like continues. . !

I’m liking the work of Merle O’Grady at the moment. I think I am the last person to hear of her. Her work has been featured in In Style, Grazia, The Telegraph, Vogue and Elle among others this year.

Her necklaces are Statement with a capital S. Usually bib like, eye catching and very beautiful.

I especially like this Cosmos Bib necklace (£380). It is glamorous and elegant yet there is something distinctly tribal and summery about it. The rock beads seem to give it some edge.

I also like this small pendant which at £80.50 is slightly closer -but not close enough:(- to my price range.

All of the ear rings seem big and dangly. Ooh and some of the ear rings seem a little more affordable. This pair are £28.

Hmm and if I got them, I would be in very good company because allegedly Beyonce has purchased a pair of earrings designed by O’Grady. Apparently they are big and Beyonce was impressed by how lightweight they were.

Meanwhile Cheryl Cole has this bracelet which I love, the Bombshell bracelet (£215).

I think that this bracelet embodies what the Merle O’Grady designs are all about. Feminine jewellery with a contrasting often industrial type edge. Her style seems to fit in with all the skull-like bracelets I see floating around at the moment and yes indeed, my beautiful scarf. It is strange, I used to think that jewellery had to be delicate and pretty pretty. Now I realise that some of the pretty things are actually pretty because they incorporate this in some way and then go and do the opposite with the rest of the piece.

There is a great interview with Merle in the August Issue of Make Jewellery and you can see or purchase (lucky you if you do!) her current pieces here .

Feed my new jewellery addiction, what other pieces should I be swooning over? Is there one particular brand or designer that I should know about? What do you think of Cheryl’s bracelet, would you wear it?

All images from the Merle O’Grady website except the Cheryl Cole one which came from InStyle online.


Colour Me In (No 2)

Look, what I got in Boots last week for £3.75. Some places sell it for £25.

Make Believe Gradual Self Tan And Tan Extender. Bargain!

Apparently, I saved so much just because the box is damaged. I hope that is correct, I do not want to end up green or something because the lotion is out of date. However, presuming that this is not the case and that my product is A-ok, I am thrilled. I have treated myself with products (very occasionally) from the Make Believe range before and I adore them.

I know that I should probably wait until I’ve used this product before I start raving about the brand but I can’t help myself. I use this brand once or twice each year when I am feeling a bit richer and it has never failed to wow me. So today I am going to tell you a little about that and the brand and I PROMISE that if for some horrible reason, my experience is not the same this time then I will let you know.

The Make Believe product range seems quite extensive with self-tanner, night time products, face tanning products (although I admit I have used the body product on my face), bronzing products, airbrush tans, gradual tans, kits.

I remember been so pleased once when I watched one of the Gok Wan programmes and the testers chose Make Believe as their best tan because I’d never really heard anybody else rave about this brand before and I still don’t. I’m not sure if that is a reflection of the price (I understand that) or what?! I can see no other reason why people would not be singing about this brand but then everybody’s experience may be different.

Make Believe seem to create products that are about more then a good tan, it is about making you believe (and therefore feel) beautiful. Make Believe actually say that their brand ‘allows you to gradually build a natural looking tan by combining leading edge skincare with just a hint of active ingredients, whilst moisturising and conditioning your skin to help promote a longer lasting healhty glow’. It is not unusual for a tanning brand to come out with something like this but all of the Make Believe products I have used do feel quite creamy and silky with quite a pretty fragrance as far as fake tan goes. Apparently the ingredients include Rainforest(!), Jojoba, Hempseed Oils and Shea Butter blended as well as a Lipo Care Complex to tone, moisturise and smooth, antioxidants and fruit extracts. I think the Make Believe tanners, the gradual and the full on one, are the best that I have ever tried. They make me feel (and hopefully look) radiant! Everything is very pretty about the brand, the box, the branding, the smell (very pleasant esp. compared to the Nivea gradual and St Moritz), the colour (not orange, a creamy shimmery brown on my skin), the finish (not streaky), the consistenancy (moisturising). So needless to say I am very excited about using this product again.

The product that I have just brought is the Gradual Self Tanner (and Tan Extender).I have used this mositurising gradual tanning lotion before and find that I just need maybe two coats in one day and I end up with the same results as I do with the Make Believe Self-tan lotion, the tanner. I then top up the next day and after that maybe every other. I remember this tan seems to be quite long lasting. I have had qualms with St Moritz because as soon as I clinique (I know, I probably should not be using St Moritz on my face in the first place), the colour seems to wash away. I also find that the colour quickly wears on my body. I would say that St Moritz is nice and easy to do but for me, I have to keep repeating the routine.

I remember Make Believe as been a little easier but it could just be a memory. However, when I break in to this little bottle, I will let you know what happens and then you can make your own mind up as to whether it is worth the normal price tag of £25. This is quite an expensive product so please do not buy it solely because of my shopping channel style rave here. It has worked for me in the past but I have not used it in the last few months and you need to think about your own body etc. What works for me may not work for you but I guess, at least, you now know Make Believe is out there.

Do you fake tan? What do you use? Have any of you tried Make Believe?


Friday, 25 June 2010

Colour Me In (No 1)

I was looking through what I have been ‘hauling’ recently and it suddenly struck me as I considered the new gems that most of the products were about colour in one way or another. I guess that is not surprising really. Isn’t make up all about colour? If a product is not changing the colour of our lips or other features then it is there to enhance the colour we already have. Foundation just makes our colour look a bit more smoothed and refreshed. Even beauty products are all about enhancing our beauty through colour. Exfoliators scrubs away the baddies and gives us the glow while cleansers are meant to keep those nasty red blemishes at bay.

Anyway enough of the babbling. The next couple of posts will concentrate on two different types of products that I use to colour (me!) in. My next post will be about a couple of fake tan products but this one is all about hair dye.

Yes, those of you who follow me on Twitter may already be aware that I dyed my hair last weekend. It was very brave of me, I don’t colour my hair at home very often and there is a very good reason for this which is that on the odd occasion where I have dyed my hair at home, disaster has struck.

First when I was about 17, I dyed my hair jet black and much of my skin too. It was a permanent colour as well. Ouch, there were a few lessons that I should have learnt there but I think that I only learnt one and that is, that there is a world of difference in the colour between Jet Black, the blackest of black hair and dark brunette. Oops. It looked so wrong. My Granny used to shake her head everytime that she saw me.

The second time I used permanent dye again, duh! It was one of those highlighting kits where you dye your hair and add your highlights. The permanent hair colour was fine, the highlight one not quite so. They were a red, red, red disaster and why did I have to highlight so much around my face? Again it made me look ill and seemed to bring out a very uneven skin tone. Needless to say I was at the hairdressers within a week!

Not this time, I am very impressed with my new colour this time. The delightful colour is NATURAL MEDIUM GOLDEN BROWN 117, a semi-permanent from Clariol Nice n Easy. I heeded what I’ve learnt in the past. Stay away from red, home highlights and permanent dye.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the word Golden as when I’ve previously gone ‘golden’ at the hairdressers, the colour quickly became straw-like but I was reassured by the fact that this was predominantly a medium dye.

I was right, there was no need to panic. This dye worked for me!

My barnet was quite dark when I first dyed it but the ‘golden’bits which are more shimmer then golden broke it up just enough to keep the colour soft and flattering. My eyes seemed to look quite bright and more awake.

Since the initial dying session last weekend, I have washed my hair twice and the colour has lightened a little but I still like it. Now it is more or less a glossier and more lively version of my natural hair colour. I doubt you can see the difference in photos hence the lack of. I just look more groomed and that is ok since that is a major part of what my mission is all about!



I also just need to say how impressed I was with the conditioner included in the box with the dye. My hair felt so soft once it was applied, while it was left in and after it was washed out of my hair. It really felt like my hair had enjoyed a good going over and pampering. A softness I did not really expect when I had just dyed my hair. I left the dye on my hair for about 20 minutes at the most and although the colour change is there subtly, the vibrancy of my colour has increased immensely. There was also plenty of dye in the box. I purchased two boxes (It was 2 boxes for £8 in Boots) because it said you might need to if your hair is longer then shoulder length but one was enough for me. I did panic because I caught my skin a little (again!) but within 24 hours and a couple of scrubs, any staining seemed to disappear. You can never use too much vaseline when dying your hair though!

So do you feel the need to change your hair colour or even just liven it up a little once the summer comes? What hair colours do you recommend?


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Barry M 53

Back in February Barry M 53 was never a sensible purchase, it just looked so enticing sat on the shelf that it had to come to the till with me.

I know that the orange coral is fated for sunny girls that bear a nice golden glow but I couldn’t help myself. This lipstick is so vibrant, alive and oh so eye catching among the usual pinks and reds. Striking maybe but not really a match for me yet I went and brought it, didn’t I?!

Now it is June and in theory, this lipstick still should not suit me. I am so pale!

Ok, I have been tanning a little with St Moriz (Make Believe next, yay) but it really is only a little and sometimes even with moisturiser so there is little evidence on my pasty skin of my penchant for tanning. A hint of a glow at the very most.

Yet, I think that I can wear 53. There is no mistaking the fact that it is a bright and vibrant orange yet there is a slight shimmer to it which is almost peach and in certain lights, this seems to tone the lippie down a little which is good news for me as this seems to make the electric colour almost wearable.

I have to be careful in application. A full on lipstick application with a harsh outline is never going to work but with soft application and a little gentle rubbing here and there to smooth out the more pigmented areas. I also used a little Erase paste around the lip line area to blur the lip line and merge the two seamlessly (not an easy technique to master, it looked a bit smudgy first like I’d been eating some raspberries_ and ta dah, I have a hint of sunshine about my lips but still look beach ready, pale skin and all.

Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturiser mixed with Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect in Apricot

Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin


Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

Barry M No53

I would have gone with All That Glitters on the eyes but like I said this lippie has a little shimmer and I want to keep the look simple so I opted for my old favourite, Modellette (very apt because it reminds me of wet sand). I don’t mind shimmer but if I’m going to be outside then I find it can add to that sticky, sweaty look too quickly. Nice!!

I think it is also important if this lipstick is not your perfect match to keep everything else about your look simple. I used just one eyeshadow and a natural mascara. I wore simple, block colours. My outfit had no frills or anything complicated about it. Nothing was too obvious or confusing because if it had been then in a look with Barry M 53, everything could have looked too chaotic and then people would hone in on my look and that lip colour that should not really work for me.

At the end of the day, I like this colour. Surely all that matters is that I am comfortable and happy wearing it. I’m not going to be wearing it to any important formal events but this lippie just gives me that little bit more of a sunny feeling on a day destined for lazing in the garden.

Oh but next time when I dab I may add some vaseline in to the equation as my lips are feeling a little dry. Barry M occasionally seem to produce dry lipsticks. I don’t think that this is too bad. Nor was Barry M 100 and that was drier then this one but then I’m out in the sun with 53 so yeah, vaseline or something might be a good idea!

What lippie do you like to greet the sun with?


PS If you get a chance, check out my Share the Love videos on You Tube. There is one for You Tube channels and one for blogs!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Blush: Coralista

Coralista is a blush from Benefit. I actually have several blushes from Benefit (all of which will be reviewed at some point) but this is my most recent purchase.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this blush when it was first released. Many You Tubers and Bloggers were raving about it. Many citing it as a dupe for the infamous Deep Throat from Nars.

I find most Benefit products (apart from the Creaseless shadows) very strong. There is no doubt that this blush immediatly impacts on your look as soon as the powder meets your skin for the very first time. Although the colour appears a lot brighter and so much more vibrant in the box then it does on my skin, I still advise using a light hand to apply this product and then building up gradually. If you do so then a you can create a very pretty peach flush to flatter your skintone, no matter what it is.

However if you apply this product quickly and heavily then like all blushes, it will look just a bit odd and clownlike. In addition to this, I would say that with Coralista, you could also end up looking “Cullenfied” because like Photoready, there is some shimmer in Coralista.

I would say Coralista is a very pretty blush and compliments my skin tone (and in fact, flicking through reviews, most people say it suits their skintone whatever that maybe). However, I don’t think it is a particularly natural shade for me and it could come across as product rather then a natural glow but applied in the right way, this does not necessarily make it any less flattering. Make up can be attractive. Sometimes!

I would say the colour of the product sat in the box was an accurate indicator of the peachy pink shade which materalised on my cheeks but maybe the one on my cheeks was more subtle and teasing.

Coralista certainly stands out in my blush collection. I have a peach cream blush from Maybelline and there is no doubt that the cream product is peach. Meanwhile my other blushs such as Dandelion and Throb are obviously more pink. Even BlushBaby is different more of a matte (mature) product but Coralista is a very vibrant shade combining pink, peach and a shimmer which almost talks to you. I find it quite teasing and tantilising which maybe is why I think it is the blush to use for more casual fun occasions. The shimmer helps to awaken the skin (as I read in a review on Make Up Alley and thought ‘oh yeah, so true’) and keep the years at bay. I would say Coralista is a great blush for looking younger and well, more alive.

As is standard with Benefit blushes, this product comes in a beautiful little box with the standard brush (which I never use, I use my Sigma skunk). A lot of people find this cardboard box thing very annoying. I have mixed feelings, the box is very pretty and summery but if I wanted to take Coralista out with me, it would be very diffcult to do so without damaging the box and possibly the product. Maybe Benefit should design travel back ups in more pratical packaging. Some people say that Coralista is scented, when I think about it and sniff, I think I can smell something pleasant but I wear so much perfume that it might be better for you to test the product out for yourself (and have a sniff) next time you are at the Benefit counter.

The price of Benefit blushes are quite expensive, £23.50. I think that I would happily forego the smell and box if the blush was £5 cheaper. Like all Benefit blushes, this product seems to last. You need so little for it to do its job that even if you use it everyday, one box may well last almost a year.

Although Coralista is not strictly a straight peach, I count it as so and have worn it a lot lately with my friend, Frenched. Tanya Burr suggested in her wearable red lip tutorial that you wear peach blush whenever you wear a red lip. I must say that I have started to take to Coralista. When I first brought it, I was slightly disappointed because I struggled to apply it well. However now that I have got used to the product, I’m liking Coralista again. I think it is quite an original blush which can only mean a thumbs up for me and then of course, it quite a fruity peach, tropical and summery. Double thumbs up, I’m liking all things summery at the moment. Actually Benefit’s promo spill for this product is quite apt, ‘Our warm coral-pink cheek powder is your “coral blush for a tropical flush”! This shade cheers up every skin tone in seconds.’

Oh and I have just noticed that Benefit suggest that you sweep this across your cheeks starting from the hairline and working in. I always work out from inner side of the apple and slightly up to give those cheekbones a little tug and lift. What do you do with your blush? Do Benefit suggest this because there is more colour in the brush to start with and there should be more colour on the outer apple then the in? Argh, now I am confusing myself . . ?

What do you think of Coralista? What Benefit blush would you like me to review next? And also moving away from Benefit, what blushes do you recommend? I’d love to know :)

Girls, I do have a better picture of Coralista on my cheek but uploading seems too mammouth for my connection. I will try to edit it in soon!


Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Dancing Ring!

Hey Girls

I thought I would share with you a little something that I brought this week. I was so excited when I found this on my doormat.

A beautiful Tallulah Tu Gold ring that I purchased from Tanya Burr jewellery. I had seen the ring a couple of times in Tanya’s videos and when I heard that there was only one left to buy. Well, I had no choice but to purchase, did I?

Very eye catching so it is no wonder that this little trinket has already earnt itself a few compliments. The camera really does not do this ring justice. It shimmers and dances when it catches the light. It looks gorgeous in motion, I think this ring was born to move!

Aah, I love this little purchase (well, not so little for my fingers. It is quite heavy but well, my fingers can put up) and I have a feeling that I may be showing off a few more rings soon. I think I may be becoming a little ring obsessed!

My ring cost me £32 and was here within 48 hours. So if you spot a nice piece of jewellery in Tanya’s videos, I would check out her website to see if she is selling it.

Investments in happiness and all that ;)


A Benefit FOTD!

For me at the moment, it is all about Benefit! I think the Glamour promotion got me digging out my Benefit products again. As you all know I am currently besotted with Benefit Frenched so I decided to give the other Benefit products a chance to shine and do a Benefit FOTD.

So here we are


Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation faker

Erase Paste

It Stick


(Touch of Mac Mineralise SkinFinish in Light to Medium)


Erase paste

Birthday Suit Creme Shadow

Skinny Jeans Creme Shadow

Eye Bright

Bad Gal liner

Get Bent Mascara


Skinny Dip

I like this look. It is perfect for everyday. Boring maybe but quite tidy and groomed. I feel comfortable wearing it.

I’m not too worried about the lipstick wearing away and leaving patches. Skinny Dip is an ideal nude for me (and one that seems to last a few hours), it is like a mauvy peach. Not as peach as Hue but not as pink as Angel. I have just made a You Tube video about Frenched and Skinny Dip and when I was swatching I found that the Benefit lipsticks seemed more pigmented then MAC.

For the eye make up, there is also little to fret about. I’m not thinking is this eye make up too much or too bright! It does just enough to highlight my eyes. It is very rare that I wear the creme shadows as the eye look. Normally I use them as a base in the same way that I would use my MAC paint tube or Erase paste. It is slightly more subtle then powder shadows but there is certainly colour there. Birthday Suit is a lovely light brown shade remniscent of Satin Taupe from MAC. While Skinny Jeans is probably the equilivent to Carbon. However, it is not quite as black more a dark grey and does need building up for impact. These Benefit shadows are meant to be creaseless. Um, not on me but my shadows are old and my application amateurish so I would imagine that most of you could get a better finish and to be honest, even my creases wouldn’t stop me from picking up these shadows for an everyday look again. I do like the added sheen, the subtle gloss, that you seem to get with these creme shadows but I find the shadows have a very subtle impact on the ovarall look. Somehow the color impact from the pot seems to disappear when applied to my skin, as if my skin sucks it up or something. I know that Lisa Eldridge has done a tutorial for a Smoky eye using only Cream Shadows but I would be surprised if a cream look could ever have as much impact on my eyes as powder. Personally I would use cream shadows to support a powdered eye or alone to complete a look which needed light eye make up.

I have used the Get Bent mascara to slowly wean myself off the Max Factor Lash Extension Effect and it is working a little. The consistenancy of the mascara is similar to the Max Factor one and creates defined lashes with very few, if any, clumps. However, the innotative brush means the lashes are pulled up a little and slightly curls. Sometimes make up seems to close my eyes especially eye liner and mascara, the curl that this product gives lashes creates more of a wide eyed look. Yay!

Oh and going back to the cream shadows, I tried to apply them with a brush but I found that the product seems to get lost in a eye shadow brush and it was just easier to use my fingers THEN a brush to define the edges once the colour was on my lid.

I haven’t really used the Foundation Faker for a long time. I used to use it a lot but the shade is a little dark for me. As with many Benefit face products, I think there are only limited shades available (in this case,2?) and even though I have the lighter one. I find I either need to be tanned or I need to work to ensure good application down my neck and decollatage area. I do love the product concept though because the foundation faker is in a little compact and almost like a cream shadow until it hits your skin and seems to matify. It does work well with the Erase Paste which as you all know is a much loved everyday staple for me. When I did this look, I was also very impressed with some of my Glamour freebies. The Eye Bright does brighten the eye but I’m not sure if you would see a big difference in the final look as to a time when you haven’t used it so I am not sure if i would actually buy this product again. However, the IT stick is magnificent just like my Erase Paste really but in pencil form even the shade for the IT stick suits me. I can see how my skin appears younger and more awake when I have used it. Very, very impressed. So much so that if my worse nightmare happened and when I run of Erase Paste, I can not get a replacement then I would not be so worried if the IT stick was available instead.

As for Coralista, well, it is with this product that I am going to leave you hanging as it is the next in my blush series so expect a review very, very soon.

I hope you are all well. Please let me know what you think of Benefit, I’d love to know! Don’t forget you can follow and comment at ; ; and


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Three things!

Here are three things that I’m liking at the moment.


This Benefit lipstick has defined the last week. Ever since the PixiWoo Christina Agrilia trutorial and Pixi2Woo wearable red lip one, I have being heading towards pan with this beauty. I am going to do a post/vlog very, very soon (I am wearing it in my new perfume collection videos ) but this is a true, true red. No compromise or safe bet like the pretty but nowhere near as daring as Viva Glam Cyndi. Frenched is a berry red, a real red and I can wear it! Yay! And what is more, no gloss is required, a beautiful pigmented creamy finish is delivered by Frenched all by itself.


I’ve always liked this one. It is so verstaile and can be used just for the lid or it can be the lid in a smoky eye or the contour in an everyday look. I’m favouring the mono look in the day and then smoking it up with carbon and sable (or one of the browns from my Sleek palettes) at night. I knew I liked this one but didn’t realise how much I wore it until I was flicking through some photos earlier. I love Sable but I think sometimes that is a little bit red for me. Satin Taupe is more of a greyer brown akin to Barry M Mushroom rather then chocolater colours.


It must be the green tea because I am a ‘Sleek’ freak and almost always wear my hair straight on a day to day basis but I would say I have curled, flicked or waved in some way at least three times over the last month and I think I act differently with curled/waved hair. I’m more relaxed, more ‘blonde’, I guess. Maybe I think that I’ll get away with more as curly hair is so not me. It does take some heavy conical work to curl/wave my hair so that it wearable. My hair is not straight so I presumed (pre-curling action this month) that it was wavy or curly but no, curls actually fall out in a quicker time duration then the transformation from my straightened hair to frizz. I have come to the conclusion that my hair is just one great big puff ball. Although the Garnier Fructis Bamboo Finish and Hold Extreme (obviously) hairspray seems to help a lot!

What are you liking at the moment?


Monday, 14 June 2010

Daisy, daisy . . !

They are so pretty and yet, they seem a little bit edgier then traditional charm bracelets or their more contemporary offsprings.

What am I talking about?

Image from Google Image Search

Daisy Stack rings, of course!

Basically you buy a ring from the collection and then another one and another one. Then you stack them altogether on your finger and flaunt.

Image from Google Image Search

A charm bracelet but in ring form.

Image from Google Image Search

Troll bracelets and Pandora ones have always been there on my wishlist but they have never made it to the top and now I’m glad that this is the case because just maybe, I was born to stack.

Stacking is ‘cool’ and a bit easier for somebody like me ie. somebody without a built in style radar, as I believe that all the rings in the collection are designed to be mixed and matched within any stack. Yay, I’ve always been envious of those people who can throw outfits, accessories and even different necklaces together without a thought and look so stylicious. Well now if I choose to create a little Daisy Stack, it could be my turn to become a fashionista.

Of course, money means I would not be able to start with a stack. I would only be able to start with one ring but then every stack has to start somewhere. I might have to do it slowly but stack, I may well do.

You can check out the Daisy Ring website here

UPDATE: Since writing this, I have had a look around and I think this ring idea may not be as unique to Daisy as I thought. I think Pandora and other businesses are offering similar products. Let me know if you have heard of anything like this or indeed, if you are so lucky enough to have already begun stacking.

Also check out my latest You Tube video here

This one is a bit of babble (with a tiny bit of share the love) about future plans and me. I have also recorded two more today which I enjoyed loads as I got to play with possibly my favourite things in the world, Perfume. So watch out for these later this week!


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Blush: Blushbaby

Ok Girls, do you remember Blushbaby?

I think I have written about it before. Blushbaby was my first and is my only MAC product that I use for Blush.

As the pictures above show, the colour is hard to define. It does not look particularly exciting in the pan. It looks sort of old and functional. It kind of falls inbetween peach and pink. I personally see it as neither/or. I'm not that familar with MAC blushes yet but I have read reviews that suggest it is a darker version of Tenderling. Somebody said it was a rose blush and I thought yes, it is but then I looked at the pan and thought it too peachy to be a rose. I think Blushbaby is often referred to as a beigy pink.

Beige? Eurgh, that doesnsn't sound very inspiring. I don't want Beige on my lips so why would I want it on my cheeks?!

This was not even on my list when I walked in to MAC unlike Well Dressed, Pink Swoon, Style and Dollymix but this was what the MUA strongly suggested. I wasn't very excited by it but he made it seem like the wise choice and yeah, when he swatched it on my cheek, it looked okay.

When I got home, I kept comparing this to Coralista. Coralista seemed a bit more obvious on me and needed less building up but you know what, I actually think for a day to day blush that I prefer Blushbaby.

One good point is that it seems to glide on to the cheeks and give an evenly distruibuted finish. However, you may need to build this finish up slightly so you can see it.

Blushbaby is a sheertone so designed to go on gently and be built up. On the first swipe, Blushbaby is certainly very subtle and more is needed. On the second, you can see a hint of blush and it does look pretty (I think this is where the rose connotations may be coming from, I guess it kind of give the cheeks a subtle rosy flush). So pretty that you think I'll add a bit more but be careful once you can see it, the colour does seem to build quite quickly.

I hope you can see where I have swiped it on my (strange) hand in the picture above. It is a nice colour on the cheeks. A very natural blush. To somebody not in the know, it may not even look made up just like a healthy flush or glow. Maybe more flush then glow as this product has a matt finish and no shimmer.

So Blushbaby which seems to last pretty much as long as the day decrees is the perfect compliment to neutral looks and has earnt my love in a similar way that Ambre Rose did.

I am quite pale and did I mention, I like this blush a lot on my cheeks but after a little research, it seems that Blushbaby is reported to suit skintones from Nw15 to NC40.

I purchased this product in February. It costs £16.50 but this seems to go a long way. I use this blush four or five times a week and can not see a dent in the pan yet. I just ran my fingers across the top (incidentally it feels very soft, I like the idea of soft powder grains coating my cheeks) and I can feel a very slight hollow but I would imagine this blush will last me almost a year, if not more.

You can read a little more about Blushbaby here

Most people seem to have a MAC blush, what is yours? What do you think of Blushbaby? Have you heard of it before?


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Action time!

So I have been doing a lot of talking on my mission lately and maybe not enough applying. I think because my make up collection is now almost adequate (ahem, I do really want to try some more of the Famous range though), I have being less inspired to try things out.

So over the last couple of days, I have been trying to mix it up and try out some different looks. Some of them wearable, some of them not so.

Now my photos are still not great but I am going to show two looks that I created. Both of them are based on tutorials from Pixiwoo.

The first is Sam’s Festival look

See the tutorial here

Benefit Hollywood Glo (instead of foundation)
Maybelline Peach cream blush

Sigma Indian Girl Powder shadow (This was a free sample, I can’t decide if it is a grey or brown shadow)
A Rimmel liquid eyeliner
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect mascara

Collection 2000 Baby crystal

I had to impromise a little with products. I don’t think that I had any of Sam’s suggested products to hand. Her version seems to appear more bohemium and festival-like then mine but with a proper base, I’m actually quite liking this one for a daytime look. Saying that I will probably keep Hollywood Glo in the mix somewhere. I had forgotten that I had this product and I’m liking it. For a festival, I’d imagine it would be able to hold its own without a base. Also the Sigma eyeshadow was a bit of a revelation, I have heard Sigma make up been slated more then once but this shadow was a pleasant surprise although I can not decide what colour it is. Grey or brown?!

The second look is Nikki’s Christina Aguilera look.

See the tutorial here

Revlon Photoready Vanilla
MAC Harmony (to contour, no blush)

RSVP from Benefit (as base and eye highlight)
Rimmel Glitzed eyeshodow (for the lid)
Maybelline Fudge( for the inner socket and then outwards to contour all the way to outer corner and brows)
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara
A little liquid eyeliner (applied to the roots of upper eyelashes)

Rimmel red lip liner (until it broke)
Barry M Cherry Red Lip Laquor Crayon (to line and fill)
Benefit Frenched lipstick

My look ended up as a bit more of a Pin up vintage look rather then a Christina one. Maybe because I had no glitter (for the lips) or false lashes. Nic said that the lashes needed to look spiky so ideally next time I would use my double tubes (messy) mascara but this time I just tried to apply the mascara in very short, jerky movements covering bits of each lash at a time rather then brushing the mascara all the way through. Does that make sense?!

I felt a bit let down by Rimmel when I did this look. Firstly the red crayon type pencil from them snapped when I tried to use it to line my lips and secondly, I just feel that Glitzed (which I have posted about before was struggling to speak for itself. The pigmentation seemed weak and the colour difficult to build.

So what about you? Do you use tutorials on You Tube to try and develop your make up pisazz? What teachers do you recommend?


Friday, 11 June 2010

Styling In The Heat!

So who in the summer wants to spend hours in the heat trying to style their hair?!

Not me!

However, rotten luck means that styling my barnet normally equals straighteners which in the summer equals a very ‘hot and bothered’ me by the time I get out the door.

So normally around this time of the year, I’m ready for anything that helps me cut down the heat and despite the Moroccan miracle, this year is no exception. ONE day I WILL use NO heat on my hair.

Over the last two or three summers, I have used this to move a step closer to my dream.

Boots Expert Straighten

It is kind of like a home perm but in reverse, it relaxes my hair. The product was designed to give you straight hair for £14.99. Whenever I use this product, I’m not left with poker straight hair but it certainly takes the fluffiness away. What is more kinks and fluff are banished from the treated hair forever as the bonds in your hair have been manipulated. In theory, you should only ever need to use this product once on each individual hair. Repeated treatments are needed but Boots say that the product should only be applied on Virgin hair, the regrowth at the roots. When I used this product, I found it very impressive and had good managable hair for about four months and then I normally reapply to roots etc. I probably use the product two or three times a year because in the winter, I don’t worry quite so much about kinks and things. I can just iron them out, not so much of an effort when the weather is cold and the nights are darker with less to do.

However a few days ago, I was stupidly misled and thought that summer had arrived so took my annual pilgrimage to Boots but oh no, I can not find my little friend in my local Boots and I can not find it online either.:(

What was I to do?

Well, I have turned to good old fashioned rollers instead as suggested by Gemma in a recent You Tube video She said that they are a great way to style your hair WITHOUT heat.

As I watched Gemma’s video, I thought well I have tried rollers before and I remember a lot of flaffing around but Gemma made it all sound so good and like she said, it is quite cheap.

I got my rollers in Superdrug. One packet of extra large rollers(6) was only two pounds something. Bargain! And then on top of that, I brought two packets (along with a humoungous brush) as part of a 3 for 2 offer.

If you want a go at this, you might want some some hair grips too. Most rollers say that they are self gripping but nothing seems to self grip in my hair. Also your hair will be a lot smoother, the tighter the hair is wrapped around the rollers.

So I got myself organised. Rollers set out next to Moroccan Oil and Leave in Conditioner with comb and big brush in front of my mirror with hair grips and then I washed my hair as usual. Combed it through. Again, it may not be ideal to comb or brush wet hair but that is what I do. The products were then applied to my barnet and then distributed through. Then, I put the rollers in. I usually use four or six and leave them in for a couple of hours or so (although I left them in overnight once but there is little difference in the results).

Then when it comes to removal, I spray my head lightly with heat protector before carefully taking the rollers out and blowdrying any residue moisture away using the humoungous brush mentioned earlier. Literally, I only use about five minutes of heat on my whole head of hair.


I am left with very soft hair that falls in to a natural, relaxed style. Even my extensions seem to fall in a very natural, blended manner. Yay.

So Girls, rollers are in!

How is your summer hair? What do you do to keep your barnet managable?


Thursday, 10 June 2010

That pretty bag!

I got this little beauty in Monsoon for £45 and I love it!

Firstly it is not black (like 99% of my bag collection) but a very dark denim, blue. It is quite a simple, classic shoulder bag that is so prettified with the girly ruffles on the front.

It is actually quite big for a short person like me but I think the ruffles make it appear slightly more delicate and it doesn’t seem to look too overpowering on my shoulder which is good because I just had to have this bag as soon as I saw it!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Some little things and . . ?!

Sometimes I change my mind or discover something new about the products that I have been using and may have mentioned so today, I just wanted to keep you people updated with a couple of things.

MUA Nail Varnish

I posted about one of these recently. It was shade 10. I know I said in my May favourites video on You Tube that it was not really the colour that you would wear out. Well actually, I wore it out on Saturday and I loved it. In some lights it looks quite metallic. A nude with a subtle, tantinglising twist.

In conclusion, I think you can wear this varnish both day and night and that it is great value for £1. I doubt it is a contender for Chanel et al varnishes but neither do I apply it and immediatly think ‘Bargain bucket’. I’m also very impressed by the drying time, it is mega quick!

Creme de la Femme.

I love this. I know that I have compared it to to Snob and I would still say there is a resemblance between them but the two shades are actually quite different color-wise. You can see this in the photos below.


Creme de la Femme

I am actually finding Creme de la Femme, easier to wear. Again, it is darker and a tinge closer to red then the pinky Snob. I think Creme de la Femme is closer to my natural lip shade and needs less maintenance as the colour wears away. Patching is less evident and it just seems ever so slightly more classy and mature over the course of a day or night.

I have also said that I would wear Creme de Femme when I want the lips to do the talking but actually I have since found that Creme de la Femme is more versatile then that. I have since used it to accompany smoky eyes and this lippie merges in to such a look and plays a meagre supporting role just fine. It lends the lips just enough polish to keep them looking in synch with the rest of the ‘made up’ face without overdoing it. Yep, I admit that my flirtation with Creme de Femme is growing deeper and deeper each day. Really like!

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

This is still a great product and does exactly what it claims but the tube seems to have dried out quite quickly. Then again I have been using it quite frequently.

Anyhow, nevertheless I think that ‘m getting just a little bit bored of using this mascara every single day.

The mascara is ok for an everyday look but if I’m going out or want a little extra pisazz, I find myself mixing it with a couple of layers of the beauty tubes mascara. Sometimes I use the primer, sometimes I don’t.

For the first time in my life, I’m actually craving clumps. They can give my look an extra dimension and lend a bit of a ‘cool’ factor!

Green tea

I feel much better in myself and more energetic since I have been drinking tea. However, I have noticed that if I drink the tea on an empty stomach, I do get awfully nauseous within about ten minutes of consumption and a couple of times have been physically sick. I have felt this with a couple of different brands of green tea and regardless of the brand, it seems if I ever green tea on an empty stomach, it really does make me feel sick. It is a horrible travel type nausea too. That horrible that I will not be having green tea on an empty stomach anymore and am keeping a close eye on the situation. I’ve never heard others say of this before. Have you?

And finally there was going to be a pretty bag but uploading issues again so expect a post very soon.

So Girlies, have you got any purchases or products that you want to rave about, diss or update on? Remember I’m on a mission so keep me informed.


PS Don’t forget that when I get 50 followers I will have a giveaway or competition. The 50 followers can be from any combo of BlogLovin (link in wordpress sidebar), WordPress subscription(link in sidebar of wordpress blog, Blogspot followers (link in blogspot sidebar, Twitter (xessjay23x), You Tube (essjay23x) so get following!!! ;)

Monday, 7 June 2010

POST REWIND: My Lipstick Valentine!

This is a post which was published on wordpress for Valentines.
The undeniable magical connection between Creme de la Femme and I has left me feeling a bit for my all time lipstick love, Snob so I thought I would post rewind to show the absolutely fabilicious Snob a little love x

So can anybody guess which MAC lipstick is my Lipstick Valentine?

I thought when I walked in to MAC the other day, that my destiny laid with St Germain. I have seen a few swatches and read a few very complimentary comments on St Germain and was sure this would be my next MAC lipstick. When I saw it in MAC, St Germain was just as gorgeous as I imagined it to be. The only problem was I thought it was very similar to my Barry M 100 and I just could not justify getting one so similar especially as I kept picking out another lipstick again and again to swatch . . . Snob!

I love Snob x x x

This is it. This is for real. I absolutely adore this lipstick. I was so lucky to pick it up the other day. Snob and I weren’t even meant to meet properly. I was aware of Snob but thought it was just another light pink lipstick and of late, I have collected a few of those.

It is a beautiful colour on the lips and strikes the right balance between bright and subtle. Colour-wise, it should sit on the light/nude side barely noticeable but yet there is something about its energy, the vibrancy in the colour or something and I think it really draws the eye especially when it catches the light. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems to go on effortlessly and it lasts. Now I know what a perfect lipstick looks and feels like. My Lipstick Valentine!

What do you think of Snob? Have you got a Lipstick Valentine? Is it an old love or a new lust? I tag Muhsine (Bubblegarm), Laura (Lollipop26), Laura (Emerald Green), Jemma (BamboozleBeauty), Jess (Star Violet), Milly (Pearls and Poodles) and any of you who want to do a post about your one true love (well, for Valentine 2010), your Lipstick Valentine.


POST REWIND: Adding Coralista and removing brows!

So, what else can I tell you about my little spree on Monday?!

As you know I went to buy Coralista.

There are such amazing reviews about it. Many say they think it will be a favourite blush forever. It is a bit of a transition for me. I am used to Benefit blushes. However, I normally use Throb or Dandelion which are much pinker. Coralista is more of a peach and it looks quite tropical and summery. I was interested to try this because with my green eyes, I have read in Amy’s make up artist series (Dazzledust25 ) that peachy type colours are complimentary around my eye area and I’ve heard this before. A lady at Estee Lauder once said the same and gave me the most beauty peach and grey eye look. So why not on my cheeks? Coralista is not a bright, bright bronzing peach and so I think it will be ok with my skintone but I will let you know when I have worn it a little more. I have to admit the change from pink to peach is taking some getting used to but just look at the packaging, it is so summery.

Now obviously as usual at a make-up counter, the friendly Benefit assistant seemed keen to add on sales and when she asked me if there was anything else I was interested in, the brow bar sign seemed to be flashing at me. I have not noticed one of these at Benefit before and after just seeing all the random hairs in the mirror when we tested Coralista, I decided to ask about it. The assistant explained that Benefit were now offering a brow service at their brow bars and funnily enough, I could have an appointment in twenty minutes if I wanted one.

I decided to go for it. I am awful with my brows. I overpluck and use hair removal creams and I always get the wrong hairs and then I try to correct it and well, it got to a point about six months ago where I had to vow to leave my brows alone, they were thin, stringy, gappy and totally asymmetrical. On Monday, you could see they had grown back enough to have a little shape and there were certainly some random hairs to get rid of. Here is a picture before Benefit worked their magic!

Excuse the random hair in the middle, that is barnet hair! My brow hair didn’t grow that long. . !

The assistants explained what they were going to do and went through all the safety information. I explained to them that I have been to salons before and they normally give me a little wax and maybe a tiny tweeze and then I’m out in less then ten minutes, disappointed because there is no big difference to my shape. Then I’ll get home and try to rectify it myself and we have the whole over-plucking/shaping thing again.

Well, this time I was not disappointed with my eyebrow shape. The benefit assistant waxed, tweezed and trimmed to get a much more defined shape in my brow as you can see here.

The photos are not great but you get the general impression!

I also had a tint and my upper lip waxed. I would say if you go to a Benefit bar and just want a shape, be careful as it is very easy to add services on as they are suggested to you. The assistant also made another appointment for me even though I said there was no need. She said that, I could cancel nearer the time and pencilled it in.

All of this cost (£27 approx) about the same as I would normally pay in the salon and I was a lot happier with the result. The asssistants even used Benefit products to make up my brows and my lips (I chose the lovely Jing-a-ling lipstick) and to conceal redness before I left. The only downside is that I was sat on a stool in the middle of Boots (albeit in a corner) being waxed and I’m a bit of a wimp!

Ovarall, I would like to go back and have my brows maintained at this Benefit Bar and hope that I can fulfil the follow-up appointment that was made for me. I was given a loyalty card so that on my eighth appointment, I get a discount or free gift.

So, have you used the new Benefit brow bars? How do you shape your brows? What shape do you desire?


The Gorgeous Blogger Award!

Thank you, Laura She has awarded me the Gorgeous blogger award.

The Gorgeous Blogger Rules are:

- Accept and thank the person who gave it to you.

- List 10 things about yourself.

- List 5 additional things you DON’T like.

- Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to.

Ten things about moi!

1. I like to go travelling and usually, on my own. I have been to Japan, Singapore, Italy, Ibiza, Australia, New Zealand and North America (Vegas, LA , NYC and San Fransisco) all on my own.

2. One of most amazing things I have ever done is skydive over Sydney. It is mindblowing as you float over the world and see life going about as normal below you.

3. I am really in to my tops and occasionally dresses. I love the detailing you can get on a simple vest type top which can turn it from a top in to a outfit. I think I’m quite good at finding a nice top but I am absolutely rubbish at buying jeans and trousers. At 5 2″, it is hard to get anything the right length and fit.

4. I love pretty shoes but find shoe shopping really hard work. You always have to fight to get to the nice shoes and then I find they never fit my feet perfectly enough, some toe has to be squeezed in or if I go a size up, they are too big and then I feel guilty if I buy because I know they don’t fit right and not a wise purchase but on the other hand if I don’t buy then I resent the plain boring but sensible shoes that I have to wear instead.

5. Sometimes I say little and it can be because I’m shy but sometimes it is because I just don’t see the point in saying something just so it has been said if the words mean nothing at all.

6. Although I can be quite quiet. If you catch me in a good conversation and I find what you say interesting, I’ll probably never shut up and if I’m talking back to you at length, the chances are I am letting you in.

7. I am the eldest sister but right now, I feel like the youngest and what’s more, I’m kind of liking that. Grown up stuff freaks me out sometimes. In my early twenties, I tried to be beyond my years and it just didn’t work for me.

8. I have a Law degree which I have never really used.

9. I had braces for years and my jaw realigned to straighten my teeth but I have never had a filling.

10. I absolutley adore my little nephew and feel sorry for any other child (here or to be) cos I’m not sure they could compare to my favourite thing in the whole wide world. I’m actually less fussed about being a Mum since he came along because I don’t see how any child could compare!

Five dislikes about moi!

1. I may not always be the loudest one at the party or the feistiest one in the relationship but when you finally do upset me then I don’t forgive or forget so easily.

2. I always think of the best things to say, answers and comebacks a little too late.

3. I get impatient. If I want something then I want it now and if I can not have it now then I don’t want it at all.

4. Sometimes I waste too much time on the computer mainly because technology and I do not seem to get on.

5. I love to walk things out, it really calms me down being out in the air yet I feel self-concious when I’m just walking for the sake of it with no destination in mind. One part of me knows that it calms me down but the other part thinks it is all just a bit pointless.

I hope this is ok but I would just like to tag any of you who would like to do this. Leave us a link to your post.


Friday, 4 June 2010

Scarf delight!


Hi Girlies *waves gorgeous scarf at you*
So today I have done an ickle bit of shopping. Quite a boring but wise haul really, mouthwash, antihistmines, rollers and the most humongous brush.
Of course, as useful as they all will be. It would not be the done thing to return home without something a bit more treat-like.
So I just had to find something that little more special. . .
Ching ching!!!
 Yay, my own McQueen scarf. Sort of.
Obviously this is not a genuine Alexander McQueen scarf, like the treasure that Milly from Pearls and Poodles and Clare  (and now Jess from Star Violet beauty) adorns but there are some similarities and I expect it was designed as a much cheaper alternative at Miss Selfridge.
I have had a quick peek again at Milly's blog and my scarf, as special as it is, is by no means the same as her absolute beauty. Obviously the two, with mine at £12, are not going to compare. The teeth in the skulls are different, the border of the scarf is different, the skulls are proportioned and placed differently, the McQueen scarf looks bigger and much whiter and as Jess said, their scarfs are silk and so, so, so soft. Mine just feels like a scratchy hanky and already has a loose thread but I love it and my scarf has a little bit of appeal in a kind of poor 'orphan scarf' way!
I'm glad I found my scarf lovely because after seeing Milly and now Jess (Star Violet ) so proudly flauting theirs, I was almost about to part with £145 for one just like theirs and I can't really justify it at the moment.
I think I will evantually because their scarves look so divine. I hope they keep making regular guest appearences in the girls's posts and videos. However, now that I have my £12 darling, I can wait a little before I purchase the Queenie. I'm going to use my scarf lovely to roadtest the whole notion of scarves while I save a little more. That way when I finally purchase a McQueen beauty of my own, I will know that I really want it for what it is and that it suits me. Until now, I have never really worn a scarf. I'm not even sure how to and £145 seems a lot to spend on my very first one but one day . . !
Right, that is enough dreaming, my scarf and I are off for a dance around the living room! Let me know if you have picked up anything nice lately.
Until next time *gives a little jump and waves scarf madly* *And again* *And again* *And again and . . . skips off*


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Leaping in to Blush!


It came to my attention when the Top Shop make up range came out that people thought a lot of the Top Shop blushes. From what I have read, the blush products seem to be the strength of the brand.
Now I have yet to investigate the Top Shop make up range properly yet but I am determined to get a blush from the range.
The main reason for this, aside from the rave reviews, is that blush seems to be the one make up, pretty thing that I don't get that excited about.
I have blushes and I wear them but to be honest, my eye sight can be shoddy and I can't always see the difference it is making to my complexion and the chances are when I am thinking 'ooh, this blush does make me look radiant', it does not necessarily mean that the product is great or that I look fantaboulous to others. It is more likely the case that if I can see the difference a blush is making to my look then I have applied too much and in fact, look like a clown to everybody else.
So I guess that the relationship between Blush and I is difficult and I need to make a little more effort to try and embrace blush so this post is a bit of an introduction to an occasional series of Blush posts where I am going to celebrate all things blush. I will consider how I can make blush work and I will share the blushes I already have with you.
And hopefully this series will include at least one Top Shop blush so girls, please let me know, which one I should get!
I think Neon Rose and Flush look very pretty. What do you think?

Flush at the top and the brighter Neon Rose below.
Of course, they are quite different. I think I read once on Make Up and Beauty,Ie (Dazzledust25) that blushes are either coral or pink based and each individual is either suited to one or the other. So how do I find out which one suits me the best? I'm thinking it is probably whatever brings out your eyes etc best. That seems to be the bog standard make up test and using that I usually buy a lot of pink toned blushes but I do like Coralista and peachy eyeshadows so am I just sticking to the pink because that is more conventional for us English roses?
The blushes at Top Shop cost £6 which is maybe middle of the price range for a blush. It is probably one of Top Shop's better value products. I just happened to notice (it wasn't as if I intentionally clicked on to the lippie page and reviews or anything . . , aherm) that the lippies are £8.
Also as you will find out soon, most of the blushes I have are from Benefit. However, the ones I have are powder products and I'm very interested in getting a liquid blush for the summer.
Could Benetint or PosieTint be what I'm looking for? The rosy Benetint is the cult product but would pale old me get more use out of it's little sister, Posietint?
I'm also struggling to find other liquid blushes. I think MEMEME have a dupe for the Benefit tints but I don't really know how they compare. I have tried some of the Maybelline mousses but I'm not sure if that is what I'm looking for now.
And Elf and Nars, are their blush products worth investigating? I know that you hear a lot about Laguna and Casino.
So girls, I know that this is a very rambly post but I'm just leaping in to the world of blush full heartedly for the first time and there seems to be so much to discover so I'd love to hear your thoughts blush style?!
Images from The Top Shop website and Google Image Search



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