Friday, 28 October 2011

LBD's and High Street Versace!

It's one of those things drummed in to us girls from a very young age and Victoria Beckham sums it up very well in her style book (That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, heels and Everything in Between. By the way, this is the best modern STYLE book, I have ever read. I have read it many times over. Often with a highlighter),

 'A little black dress is an essential every woman should have in her wardrobe.'

Well to be honest, as of late, my wardrobe has being slightly slack in the classic black dress department. It is all down to a little wardrobe meltdown I had, a couple of years ago, when Trinny and Susannah berated the females of the UK for having no colour in their wardrobes (remember?!). Of course, since my wardrobe was nearly all black, I felt a tad guilty and responsible for the great UK fashion crisis. So to make amends, I gave away about a third of my clothing collection (to be replaced with hideuous brights of all hues, which are now hidden in a dark corner somewhere, tags still intact) including a little black dress that I had from Topshop and absolutely adored.

Nostalgia alert!
With shoulder straps, it was classic and tight fitting. It showed not too much but just enough. It was the typical little black dress, fuss free. The only detail of significance was the low cut square neck line which puffed out just a little in a very flattering, slightly teasing (but decent!) manner.
I wish I had a picture to show you because in my mind, that dress was not only the definition of the classic little black dress - and maybe the first dress to make me feel like a lady- but also to be honest, just the perfect dress for somebody of my build and colouring.
Why, did I throw it out?!
Argh, I'm still not sure. Yeah, it was black but Trinny and Susannah, where are you now? To be honest, so many women of the UK wore and still do wear black for a simple reason or two ie. Black pieces are often flattering and look good. They also mask your insecurities and make you feel better maybe even good in your own skin. Looking good and feeling better, a winning combination in my opinion!

Argh, I have struggled to find a classic little black dress ever since the regretful meltdown. I guess at the moment, there are three contenders in my wardrobe.

Firstly, we have the lace dress which I'm not going to talk about much (after all, it has its own little post here) but suffice to say, as far as I'm concerned, this piece does not fall within the definition of the classic black dress. For me, the first thing you have to notice about a little black dress is that it is black. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I see this dress is that it is firstly and foremost, a lace dress.

Secondly, we have a little number that I brought from TopShop (again!) last Christmas. This dress is certainly black and the body certainly looks more or less exactly like my idea of a little black dress.

However, the long cape attached to it really takes away anything classic about this dress.

Instead it makes it a very unique number which gleams a lot of attention when worn. I feel very powerful strutting around with my cape swishing around me.

However, this number is also a little bit impratical and almost a little bit too showy for a typical Saturday night at the local bar. A classic little black dress never really comes across quite as stage school-like.

Thirdly, we have the H&M dress, the one that I have earmarked for the upcoming festive season (just need some invites now, hint hint). I brought this dress recently (along with the lace one) and have held off from posting, hoping that H&M will put it online but as of yet, I still can't find it. : (

However, I'm still going to post it now because I feel that this is the closest thing I have in my wardrobe at the moment to the little black dress. It ticks most of the boxes.

- Falling above the knee, it is short but not provactively so.

-It has (classic) thin, black shoulder straps.

- It shows some flesh but not too much. It also has a little lacing detail around the decolletage which can be tightened or loosened depending on the look you want to achieve. I'm not sure if you're meant to let the lacing show but I hide it down said decolletage in an attempt to maintain some of the nochalence required by a little black dress.

- It seems to pull in at the waist slightly meaning you can radiate that tight black dress flattering silhouette vibe but at the same time, the skirt part is loser and swishes beautifully as you strut balancing it all out. The ovarall effect highlights everything good about the feminine vibe.

Now, I know that I said that the classic little black dress should be fuss free so a question mark has to lie over the ruffles but for me, the little black dress status is still a given here. The ruffles do make this dress quite distinctive and it may well fail the Victoria Beckham, 'Nobody will know you are wearing the same thing' test to a degree but you could wear this dress in different ways with a bit of denim, leather or what about tanned legs, tights or leggings (Amelia has almost converted me!). The dress would be identifiable but the look would be different.

Importantly, although distinct in thier own right, the ruffles do not completely define the dress. If anything, again, they just make the piece a little more feminine and could potentially balance out any cleavage or lace tie (if you did want to show much of either).

I am adamanent that this dress is a classic little black dress. After all, the top half of this dress is beautiful and you could sit at dinner and look equally as alluring in it as you would, swishing the skirt, as you shake your thang in the latest hotspot in town. Surely, nothing more can be asked of a classic LBD!

Talking of H&M . . .

I see the promo is online of the Versace collabaration. Please can anybody tell me why, the lover of black I am, am I now lusting, as we venture in to the depths of a deep dark winter, for this?!

Typical! Although, even in this collection, there are some black pieces pulling me in.

In particular, this dress, which looks a little long for me but maybe not, if I paired it with these boots!

What do you think of the H&M collaboration with Versace? Will you be buying anything? Do you have a little black dress? What will you be wearing this Christmas?
Oh and can I just say, thank you for the comments lately. Some of you know I've being blogging for almost a couple of years now and your comments (+follows) really do make me smile and make it all so worthwhile. Thank you and happy weekend! :))


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Taped hair revamp!

It seems that Truth of The World, Numero uno states that growing hair can take a long, long time!
Truth of The World, Number two states that it can be so frigging boring!!

This is where we're currently at with the hair growth marathon. Sigh!!!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've lost my motivation to grow my hair a little. I want long hair but I don't want to sit around with conditioners on my head and I certainly don't want to wait another eighteen months.
I'm in danger of letting all the hard work fall to the hairdressers floor, snip snip style.

Noooo, that can't happen.

So last weekend, I set about finding my hair mojo again by mixing the extensions up a bit. About this time last year, I stopped having my extensions sewn in. Instead, I have being alternating between clip ins and taped extensions. Swapping it up between the two is what I have being doing instead of the regular hair trim (yes, naughty to skip, I know . . .).

On Saturday, I swapped back from clips to tape. You can buy pretaped extensions (and I have) but I seem to find it as easy to make my own.
I took a weft of hair and some tape.

I cut the weft up in to pieces, attached the tape  to the weft.

Then, I heated the tape a little to warm up the adhesive before attaching the extension to my head.

Five days later and I have not lost any extensions. I used the whole weft and have 10-12 pieces in my hair.

Some of the pre-taped extensions are skin wefts and the edge of the weft is more  or less invisible unlike mine.
A lot of people use smaller pieces of weft and more of them (Given: this is probably kinder to the natural hair as the weight pulling on the hair would be more dispersed). I have done this but for three reasons, I'm not quite so keen. . .
1/ I'm lazy and this method means that more taping and active action is required. It can get quite time consuming and again, I'm lazy.
2/ I'm used to wearing larger extension pieces. Most of the clips in and sewns in I have used before have fitted almost around the head.
3/ I feel more secure with the larger pieces. It seems to me that as they are attached to so much of your head, they are less likely to fall out.
I would say that maybe smaller pieces can be blended better to give you a very natural, individual style. Larger pieces probably do give a more obvious fake look but a good hairdresser should be able to cut in to these and make them more natural. It's all a matter of personal choice.

At the moment, I keep swishing my hair. It feels very light after a couple of months wearing clip ins especially since with those last clips in, I had doubled, tripled some of the pieces up to give me voluminous rows. It all got quite thick and heavy.
I haven't done that this time. Instead, I've gone for a slightly sleeker look (although I have taped the bottom two or three rows quite close together to try and avoid wispy extension ends). Like my previous extensions, these extensions are 18 inches but I think because I've done less multiplying up with the wefts, the length may show itself off more.

Colour-wise, I'm trying not to colour my hair again at the moment as lately it has appeared so dark and also feels  a bit dry. Normally I would colour my extensions and hair before applying taped extensions or making clip ins but as I don't want to colour my hair at the moment, I've try to use extensions of my natural colour so that they will blend better in a few weeks time. I feel my natural hair colour is going to get lighter with the dye fade and the increasing number of lighter roots starting to grow through but until all this comes together a bit more, I suspect my hair will look a bit Ombre in some lights. I'm interested to see how I will take to this.

This is the great thing about extensions, you can make a real difference to the look of your hair with just a weft or two and yes, extensions do cause damage but nearly everything you put on your hair can damage it. At the end of the day, extensions mean long hair now rather then in x amount of long time!

Anyway, I'm not sure how long they are going to last (In the past, I have stuck liquid gold on to the ends of the hair pieces for added security but it can all get a bit sticky and messy so I'm trying to avoid doing that for now.) but small changes like this make such a big difference to hair mojo when you're in the midst of hair growth monotony. So maybe I'll start eating the green beans again and finishing off my Phyto tablets. . .!

Extra hair information

- My new hair is by a brand I've never used before so I will see how it lasts before recommending them to you. However, my last lot of Beauty Works hair (worn more or less 24 hours a day every single day for about five months) lasted really well and I was very impressed with the quality but then I should have been. It is the most expensive hair I've ever brought and even today when I found the link, I felt a bit guilty about the price but I guess, it was less then 75p a day. The only other downer was that I remember, waiting a while for the delivery. Hence, why they weren't invited to the hair revamp this time.
- I get my hair tape from here.

Extra, extra

In other news, I need to backtrack. I have spent the best part of two years rolling my eyes when I catch sight of the gold bottle that still needs to be used up but this last week (see this review, I take it back), I have actually really enjoyed dowsing myself in Something About Sofia (Benefit). It no longer seems to smell as busy or as deep as it used to. I'm not sure if it is the scent that has changed or me but I do think that by Christmas, the bottle will be almost empty.

Also, I am still so in love with the table I brought in Homesense earlier in the year. It is gorgeous. The gold, the decoration . , I love everything about it. Oh and I guess, it fits in with the metallic trend. Talking of which I'm currently lusting after this Top Shop number.

Do you like it? Have you brought any metallics lately? Do you ever wear extensions? Do you have to make an effort to grow your hair? Any tips or perfume recommendations?

Have a good week!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Faking It!

Some of you may have realised that I'm naturally very, very pale and it is safe to say that I have spent quite a lot of time slathering myself with many different fake tan products over the years and er, I'm still pretty pathetic at it! I often end up with very obvious divides between my face and neck and between my wrists and hands and in general, my skin looks patch attacked.

My favourite fake tan product to date is the Make Believe Gradual Self Tan and Tan Extender. I have found so much to rave about when it comes the Make Believe products (see this post). All of the Make Believe products, that I've used, felt and smelt more like luxurious body moisturisers to apply and they delivered great results easily. Even with the gradual tanner, there is a definite change in skin colour with one application and one which is much more flattering then orange. The branding and vibe of Make Believe is amazing, and the images used on the packaging are so dreamy and inspirational.

Image from Google Image Search

Anyway, Laura was urging us to get a tan in one of her recent blog posts and she said,
'I know the nights are drawing in and the days getting colder in many places around the world but all the more reason why you should give yourself a little bronze boost :)'
This little sentence immediately brought to mind, the Make Believe image above. Suddenly, I had one of those moments where I just knew that I had(!) to be tanned as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I could not really justify forking out for Make Believe (the price being the brand's only weakness) on some whim.

So instead I looked to Soltan, the brand that Laura was so impressed with. Now Laura used the spray tan mist. I didn't because I am rubbish with spraying tan and really do prefer having more control (or at least feeling, as if I do) when I'm applying it.

So I opted for the Soltan, Beautiful Bronze gel instead and wow, make no mistake, this product gives you an instant colour which over two or three hours develops in to a semi-permanent tan that is lasting.

The instant colour really is instant (making application of the tan easy) and obvious. There is no doubt that as soon as this product met my skin, I looked tanned. The difference was so extreme that I would say even those of you blessed with a more naturally tanned complexion will instantly look more sun kissed. This product has given me one of the heaviest tans I have ever had and that is with one quite slap dash hasty application.

This is my skin naturally.

This is my skin one day after applying Soltan.

The tan does not need to be washed away after x amount of hours to get your true colour. However, I had been a bit worried about all the glitter evident during application, glitter does not really 'work' the natural tan I was seeking and I did find that after a shower, my tan was still almost as strong but it became less orange and a whole lot less sparkly. In other words, I still looked very tanned but the colour looked better (there is still something orange about this one though) and less artificial.

Ok so there was some glitter and a fake tan smell but all in all, this product is almost amazing. You see, the coverage was flawless. Yes people, I applied it all by myself and there ain't a patch to be seen. My skin looks very tanned and healthy. It also feels really soft and healthy. Even if people suspect I have faked it (which they might, because I'm never this tanned and also, those hints of orange), they would not be able to point to a patch and expose my fakery. Ha!

And what is more, is that I applied this tan four days ago and until yesterday, there was no fade at all. Today, the tan still looks even but I would say, I look sun-kissed tanned rather then bronzed or heavily, heavily tanned.

Yes, I've said a couple of times that there is something orange about this tan and there is. The tan that results after a couple of hours is not solidly orange but there is something orange about it in certain lights. Now this isn't necessarily a negative. This tan is not patchy and it gives such a smooth finish that I'm almost tempted to gloss over the whole orange thing because the tan still looks good and doesn't seem such a big deal when you think how cheap this tan is and you consider the fact that Make Believe is the only tan I have ever used that has not had an orange air about it to some degree. Rimmel, St Tropez, St Moriz, Nivea and Piz Buin (although with PB to a lesser degree) all included the orange factor to some degree.

For under £7, I think, this Soltan product is great value and have almost no doubt that even with the most beautiful packaging in the world, no product could have made me look any more tanned then I looked on Thursday, courtesy of Soltan.

How I used Soltan

Now most people have their own tanning routines but for those of you interested, I'll go through my little routine briefly.

*I exfoliated and moisturised the morning before tanning.

*I then exfoliated again with Ocean Salt from Lush (another product to rave about, see earlier post here) just before applying the gel directly on to my skin.

*I rubbed the gel in and then I donned the mitt to really buff it in to the skin.

*Prior to application, I layered Vaseline around my hairline, eyebrows, above my lip, lightly over my neck, behind my ears and on wrists and elbows.

Impassioned from MAC

You also might be interested to know that Soltanned, I have a completely different take on Impassioned from MAC. I often used Impassioned on a day off to brighten my look a little.

I would normally pair it with my pale complexion, some eyeliner and a very neutral eyeshadow (if I used one at all). My Impassioned lip typically looks like the one above. It is one of my favourite go to looks and is usually the one I would don on a 'happy' day. Impassioned just seems to me such a happy, carefree lipstick. However paired with Soltan, Impassioned looks so much brighter and for me, too much. I've always thought that Impassioned looks different in different lights and to be honest, I like the fact that it is so elusive and I think with the Soltan, it loses that and just becomes another red-pink something like in the photo here below. However, this photo flatters the combo a little (maybe because I have not shown you my whole face and the full force of the Soltan) I think in real life, the pairing looks brasher and cheaper.

Safe to say, this one is going back in the lipstick box until my tan whim has passed.
If you're interested in Impassioned, one of my faves when I'm doing the natural thing then I've posted about it here before.

Book update

So aside from the tanning this week, I have finished, After You'd Gone. This book was so powerful and bittersweet. The relationship between John and Alice was so perfect and endearing that it reminded you how simple and great life can be but then you would turn the page to a scene with Ann and suddenly, you remember how difficult some people can be and how life can too often then not be unfathomable and complicated. I'm not sure that, given the events leading to the finale, that the book could have ended in any other way.

After You'd Gone is a brilliant read and the pace like the content is varied. One page is lighthearted, the next has you in tears. While sometimes you really feel that you need to concentrate to read the writing right and then a chapter or so later, you feel as though you're not reading at all but watching the book unfold in front of you.

I think you can probably guess that I really enjoyed this one and wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to you and from what I remember, I also rate The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox (by the same author) which I read in Japan, a few years ago.

Have you used Make Believe or Soltan? What are currently reading? What bright lip flatters you? I hope you are all ok and enjoying your Sunday.


Friday, 21 October 2011


I've always thought that lace is a hard look to pull off. White lace can look great on a bride but on anybody else, lace can be easy to get wrong.
Still, occasionally, I have had a fling with lace.
Take this Top Shop lace dress in cream (Petite collection Christmas 2010).

I took this to the changing room last year for a bit of fun. I had no intention of buying it but was just trying on as many different items as I could in a desperate attempt to find some style.

To my surprise, I fell for this lace dress in cream as soon I tried it on.

It made me feel like somebody else. I normally live in black and neighbouring hues so I found that the cream colour and the delicate look of this number made me feel light and free. It was just after Christmas and all that snow, this dress reminded me that spring was coming and made me crave daisy chains (sad but true). This dress just seemed fun and what is more it seemed to bring life to my face. It felt very right. Although the dress looks lacy and light, it is not flimsy or delicate on any account. The thick lining gives enough structure leaving any 'net curtain' comments unjustified and of course, the cream (a colour so far from white! not, but just far enough!) takes away the whole bridal connotation.

Going on up the lace ladder, the stores are full of lace garments of other colours. Now if there is one thing scarier for me then bridal white lace, it is red; blue; black . . . In fact, coloured lace, in general. I just feel that on me, such items would be unflattering, too edgy and maybe even tarty.

However, recently there has being a lot of coloured lace out there and nobody else seems to be shying away from the look.

Just me.

Really I should man up but lace is so dangerous . . !

Or so I thought until I noticed a couple of Kate Middleton's recent looks.

Image from Google search

Image from Google search

Coloured lace looks!

If it is safe enough for the future Queen then goodness knows, why I'm so worried about the danger of lace?!

Enter one of my new H&M dresses.

I put it on and I liked what I saw. The lace is great and yes, lets face it, it is a lot more interesting to look at then block black.

This particular lace number is not as heavy as my Top Shop one but the fit is structured by the way that the front of the dress is vertically divided in to three. The dress is lined but the sleeves are not. This gives just enough of a lace tease without revealing too much.

The lining is flesh toned and actually quite pale. I fake tanned my top half a couple of days ago (expect a tan review very soon!) and even on me, the difference in lining and face (and arms) can be seen in real life. I actually prefer this dress on me before I fake tanned (typical, until now I have always preferred how my flesh looks when I've bothered to tan!). Pre-tan, the lining was not so obvious and the dress seemed more organic (if a dress can be such a thing!). Pale girls, this could be the one black dress out there for you!

I've paired the dress here with black skinny jeans here and a pair of heels because even if I did like my legs, I'm not sure I'd bare them out for this dress, just in case that swung the pendulum from pretty to tarty, Doreen (Birds of Feather) style.

In my head, I'm actually contemplating knee high boots and volumised (possibly with a slight quiff) hair to style this look. This number has a modern 60's feel about it.

Jewellery-wise?! Hmmm, maybe one large bracelet. What do you think?

I often braid the sides of my hair when I go out but I just think plaits are too girly for this number and that the lace needs to be balanced out a little. I think with lace, it talks for it's self and it shouldn't be played up too much. Who wants to be guilty of overkill?

So what do you think of lace? Do you like dresses with some kind of twist like this one or do you prefer a more conventional 'black dress' type number? I'm normally the conventional little black dress girl but I've got to say I am glad I have added something a little bit different to my wardrobe. Besides I also picked up a more classic black party dress in this H&M haul (more about that soon) so I can't really lose.

Talking of Kate Middleton, did you see the beautiful dress she was photographed in this week?

Image from Google search

A bit more of a 70's vibe and again very colourful but oh so glam. A dress to dream about this weekend, me thinks. I've got to admit lately, I've being style stalking Kate a bit. The 'What Kate Wore' blog is a good read!

Right, I'm off to have a Green Monster (click here to see earlier post about these gems). Over the last couple of months, I've really got back on that bandwagon and it makes such a difference to how I feel. Now if I could just bring myself to start drinking green tea again . . !

You can view the H&M dress here. Have a fabulous start to the weekend!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The H&M bow trench!

So you may have read about my new love, the H&M trench. Here it is  . . .

Yep, it is love! I told you a few days ago about how I wanted to give it a bit of a road run before posting. Well, the trench and I have shared a few dates together now and it passed with flying colours. I love this coat and I certainly don't mind, the compliments it has gleaned.
I don't think, I have ever owned a proper trench like this one before. Trenches have always scared me. I thought, at not even 5ft2, they would swamp me and in general, they just seem so masculine, heavy, straight, functional and not really, very me.

Well, I was wrong. This one is light, pretty and has movement.

This trench does not swamp or look too much on me even in flats. It has some beautiful details which adds femininity. I love the sleeve design. The shoulders are bulky but with a soft puff and lovely seaming.

Again, seaming has being used to form a beautiful, flattering, pulled in cuff with a single button detail.

Then, there is the bow belt.

Now this is very girly and a bit plastic like. It was the only part of the coat that I was a little unsure about. I wondered if it could be a bit 'Disney' and cheapen the coat but actually when you put the coat on and do the belt up. The belt becomes a nice touch rather then some big garish feature. I'm not sure if I will be adorning the belt everyday but I certainly won't be throwing it away. If you do like this coat but are a little unsure about the belt then maybe consider this coat in black. I'm sure the black on black will downplay the belt detail even further.

This coat, with or without the belt, also gives a lovely silhouette very unlike the bulky one I feared. The popper buttons pull the coat right in to really flatter the figure and no, it doesn't seem to pull too tightly around the bottom. Again, something I'd feared.
However, what I like most about this coat is its versatility. It can be worn with or without the belt, buttoned up or undone (which both give the coat a very different feel) and then finally, there is my absolutely favourite feature on this coat and that is the collar.

I have recently concluded that when it comes to collars, size really is everything. I love big collars!
The collars above are avaitor-like but do a button or two up and it becomes reminiscent of glamorous cold climes. I can't decide if this cowl collar look looks more Parisian or Russian but certainly somewhere classically chic! I just know I like the look and it certainly defines the time of the year we have moved in to.

Obviously, I give this coat a massive thumbs up (especially since it costs only £34.99) and really am considering adding the black version to my already extensive black outerwear wardrobe. This is such a beautiful coat for this time of year.

You can view the coat here.

What do you think? Like perfumes and tops, coats are certainly one element of style that I really think about and love to hear about. Have you brought a new coat recently? What coat will you be wrapping up in this year? Let me know in the comments. If you've done a post, put a link in the comments and I will have a read.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Lazy Monday!

So today, no work for me (yay!) and it has being all about comfort. I'm in that frame of mind where I can't be doing with clomping around in heels or ironing and all the frills that generally comes with "good" dressing.

So instead I adorned my latest 'lazy day' ensemble to mooch around the Pack Monday fair.

My H&M sequin vest and my ole signature fluffy coat!

The colder weather always brings texture to the high street and there are a lot of fluffy coats out there at the moment. However, I purchased my Oasis (Btw, I love my local small town Oasis concession and a fair portion of my wardrobe comes from there. However, whenever I go to other branches of Oasis, I don't seem to walk away with as much.) coat in 2004 and to be honest, we have been through so many moments together, that any other fluffy coat I buy (I'm always lusting for a white/cream one) will always fall second to this one. When I think winter, one of the things that immediatly comes to my mind is this coat. I guess, it holds some memories and now forms part of my identity. It is one my most cherished possessions and has certainly locked a spot in my wardrobe forever. Sometimes I just feel the need to throw it on and burrow myself inside. Do you have a garment that you feel the same way about?

To add a little sparkle, I added my Grey sequin vest from H&M with a Dorothy Perkins basic black bandeau underneath. I love the H&M sequin vests but this is the first time I've given the grey a proper outing since I purchased it. Until now, I've being favouring the peachy nude (which I featured in an earlier post) but the grey worked really well with the fluffy jacket and what is more, the sequins lent some sparkle meaning I could skive a whole lot of accessorising.

I wore one single ring that was originally my Mum's. I think I've featured it in posts before but it is a replica of Princess Diane's wedding ring which my Mum got at the time of the orginal wedding. Again, I love this ring. It is very pretty and again today, in my self-indulgent mood, wearing something that is Mum's and has some history peps me up a little.

It was the Matalan slightly flared jeans (featured here) for the legs. I think, these look even better now that they have been washed a couple of times. The flare is not quite as obvious and seems to fall more naturally which happily meant that I could wear them with my beloved sketchers.

Sketchers have become a bit of a staple for me. I think they look great as well as been amazingly comfortable (these feel so light on the feet compared to other trainers that I have tried) and durable. Now I know a lot of bloggers seem to worship Converse but I have to confess, I have never had a pair. However, I've had three or four pairs of sketchers and they are the first trainers I consider when the need to buy arises. In fact, I didn't consider buying anything else until I started reading all the Converse raves and began to get curious about those. I think, it is inevitable that I will give Converse a go in the future. Would you suggest low or high tops? Any particular model? Have you worn both? Which brand in your opinion wins out?

Before I go, I would also like to say that I am really enjoying Blushbaby, at the moment. Blush baby is a sheertone blush from MAC meaning that it is buildable (You can read my original review here ) and I think half the reason, I'm liking it so much right now is because I washed my blush brush (Sigma SS187) with mane n tail which has kind of ruined the brush and has made it less pliable. However, happily, it means that it works the Blushbaby better as much more product is landing on my cheek and it results in a very pretty, stronger flush. I am really enjoying this and at the moment, maybe a first, my make up look is not all about the eyes or lips but the blush!

Also, when I get the chance to sit down and read a few pages of After You'd Gone, it is bliss. I'm really enjoying the book but have just being so busy, working or sleeping, this last week that I keep coming to standstills with it. To be honest, the book is so good that it deserves more from me and I will make more time to finish it this week. I HAVE to find out what happened to Alice and what she saw.

I hope you all had a Happy Monday. Maybe my next post will be a bit more glam possibly the new H&M dresses and trench. The latter and I are still happily honeymooning :)



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