Monday, 17 October 2011

Lazy Monday!

So today, no work for me (yay!) and it has being all about comfort. I'm in that frame of mind where I can't be doing with clomping around in heels or ironing and all the frills that generally comes with "good" dressing.

So instead I adorned my latest 'lazy day' ensemble to mooch around the Pack Monday fair.

My H&M sequin vest and my ole signature fluffy coat!

The colder weather always brings texture to the high street and there are a lot of fluffy coats out there at the moment. However, I purchased my Oasis (Btw, I love my local small town Oasis concession and a fair portion of my wardrobe comes from there. However, whenever I go to other branches of Oasis, I don't seem to walk away with as much.) coat in 2004 and to be honest, we have been through so many moments together, that any other fluffy coat I buy (I'm always lusting for a white/cream one) will always fall second to this one. When I think winter, one of the things that immediatly comes to my mind is this coat. I guess, it holds some memories and now forms part of my identity. It is one my most cherished possessions and has certainly locked a spot in my wardrobe forever. Sometimes I just feel the need to throw it on and burrow myself inside. Do you have a garment that you feel the same way about?

To add a little sparkle, I added my Grey sequin vest from H&M with a Dorothy Perkins basic black bandeau underneath. I love the H&M sequin vests but this is the first time I've given the grey a proper outing since I purchased it. Until now, I've being favouring the peachy nude (which I featured in an earlier post) but the grey worked really well with the fluffy jacket and what is more, the sequins lent some sparkle meaning I could skive a whole lot of accessorising.

I wore one single ring that was originally my Mum's. I think I've featured it in posts before but it is a replica of Princess Diane's wedding ring which my Mum got at the time of the orginal wedding. Again, I love this ring. It is very pretty and again today, in my self-indulgent mood, wearing something that is Mum's and has some history peps me up a little.

It was the Matalan slightly flared jeans (featured here) for the legs. I think, these look even better now that they have been washed a couple of times. The flare is not quite as obvious and seems to fall more naturally which happily meant that I could wear them with my beloved sketchers.

Sketchers have become a bit of a staple for me. I think they look great as well as been amazingly comfortable (these feel so light on the feet compared to other trainers that I have tried) and durable. Now I know a lot of bloggers seem to worship Converse but I have to confess, I have never had a pair. However, I've had three or four pairs of sketchers and they are the first trainers I consider when the need to buy arises. In fact, I didn't consider buying anything else until I started reading all the Converse raves and began to get curious about those. I think, it is inevitable that I will give Converse a go in the future. Would you suggest low or high tops? Any particular model? Have you worn both? Which brand in your opinion wins out?

Before I go, I would also like to say that I am really enjoying Blushbaby, at the moment. Blush baby is a sheertone blush from MAC meaning that it is buildable (You can read my original review here ) and I think half the reason, I'm liking it so much right now is because I washed my blush brush (Sigma SS187) with mane n tail which has kind of ruined the brush and has made it less pliable. However, happily, it means that it works the Blushbaby better as much more product is landing on my cheek and it results in a very pretty, stronger flush. I am really enjoying this and at the moment, maybe a first, my make up look is not all about the eyes or lips but the blush!

Also, when I get the chance to sit down and read a few pages of After You'd Gone, it is bliss. I'm really enjoying the book but have just being so busy, working or sleeping, this last week that I keep coming to standstills with it. To be honest, the book is so good that it deserves more from me and I will make more time to finish it this week. I HAVE to find out what happened to Alice and what she saw.

I hope you all had a Happy Monday. Maybe my next post will be a bit more glam possibly the new H&M dresses and trench. The latter and I are still happily honeymooning :)


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