Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Taped hair revamp!

It seems that Truth of The World, Numero uno states that growing hair can take a long, long time!
Truth of The World, Number two states that it can be so frigging boring!!

This is where we're currently at with the hair growth marathon. Sigh!!!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've lost my motivation to grow my hair a little. I want long hair but I don't want to sit around with conditioners on my head and I certainly don't want to wait another eighteen months.
I'm in danger of letting all the hard work fall to the hairdressers floor, snip snip style.

Noooo, that can't happen.

So last weekend, I set about finding my hair mojo again by mixing the extensions up a bit. About this time last year, I stopped having my extensions sewn in. Instead, I have being alternating between clip ins and taped extensions. Swapping it up between the two is what I have being doing instead of the regular hair trim (yes, naughty to skip, I know . . .).

On Saturday, I swapped back from clips to tape. You can buy pretaped extensions (and I have) but I seem to find it as easy to make my own.
I took a weft of hair and some tape.

I cut the weft up in to pieces, attached the tape  to the weft.

Then, I heated the tape a little to warm up the adhesive before attaching the extension to my head.

Five days later and I have not lost any extensions. I used the whole weft and have 10-12 pieces in my hair.

Some of the pre-taped extensions are skin wefts and the edge of the weft is more  or less invisible unlike mine.
A lot of people use smaller pieces of weft and more of them (Given: this is probably kinder to the natural hair as the weight pulling on the hair would be more dispersed). I have done this but for three reasons, I'm not quite so keen. . .
1/ I'm lazy and this method means that more taping and active action is required. It can get quite time consuming and again, I'm lazy.
2/ I'm used to wearing larger extension pieces. Most of the clips in and sewns in I have used before have fitted almost around the head.
3/ I feel more secure with the larger pieces. It seems to me that as they are attached to so much of your head, they are less likely to fall out.
I would say that maybe smaller pieces can be blended better to give you a very natural, individual style. Larger pieces probably do give a more obvious fake look but a good hairdresser should be able to cut in to these and make them more natural. It's all a matter of personal choice.

At the moment, I keep swishing my hair. It feels very light after a couple of months wearing clip ins especially since with those last clips in, I had doubled, tripled some of the pieces up to give me voluminous rows. It all got quite thick and heavy.
I haven't done that this time. Instead, I've gone for a slightly sleeker look (although I have taped the bottom two or three rows quite close together to try and avoid wispy extension ends). Like my previous extensions, these extensions are 18 inches but I think because I've done less multiplying up with the wefts, the length may show itself off more.

Colour-wise, I'm trying not to colour my hair again at the moment as lately it has appeared so dark and also feels  a bit dry. Normally I would colour my extensions and hair before applying taped extensions or making clip ins but as I don't want to colour my hair at the moment, I've try to use extensions of my natural colour so that they will blend better in a few weeks time. I feel my natural hair colour is going to get lighter with the dye fade and the increasing number of lighter roots starting to grow through but until all this comes together a bit more, I suspect my hair will look a bit Ombre in some lights. I'm interested to see how I will take to this.

This is the great thing about extensions, you can make a real difference to the look of your hair with just a weft or two and yes, extensions do cause damage but nearly everything you put on your hair can damage it. At the end of the day, extensions mean long hair now rather then in x amount of long time!

Anyway, I'm not sure how long they are going to last (In the past, I have stuck liquid gold on to the ends of the hair pieces for added security but it can all get a bit sticky and messy so I'm trying to avoid doing that for now.) but small changes like this make such a big difference to hair mojo when you're in the midst of hair growth monotony. So maybe I'll start eating the green beans again and finishing off my Phyto tablets. . .!

Extra hair information

- My new hair is by a brand I've never used before so I will see how it lasts before recommending them to you. However, my last lot of Beauty Works hair (worn more or less 24 hours a day every single day for about five months) lasted really well and I was very impressed with the quality but then I should have been. It is the most expensive hair I've ever brought and even today when I found the link, I felt a bit guilty about the price but I guess, it was less then 75p a day. The only other downer was that I remember, waiting a while for the delivery. Hence, why they weren't invited to the hair revamp this time.
- I get my hair tape from here.

Extra, extra

In other news, I need to backtrack. I have spent the best part of two years rolling my eyes when I catch sight of the gold bottle that still needs to be used up but this last week (see this review, I take it back), I have actually really enjoyed dowsing myself in Something About Sofia (Benefit). It no longer seems to smell as busy or as deep as it used to. I'm not sure if it is the scent that has changed or me but I do think that by Christmas, the bottle will be almost empty.

Also, I am still so in love with the table I brought in Homesense earlier in the year. It is gorgeous. The gold, the decoration . , I love everything about it. Oh and I guess, it fits in with the metallic trend. Talking of which I'm currently lusting after this Top Shop number.

Do you like it? Have you brought any metallics lately? Do you ever wear extensions? Do you have to make an effort to grow your hair? Any tips or perfume recommendations?

Have a good week!



Tamara said...

wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
Pop up by my page when you get a chance xoxo Tamara

Essjay23x said...

@Tamara Awh, thank you so soo much. That is such a sweet comment, you have made my day. Will check out your blog asap:)))

Essjay23x said...

@Tamara Oops. Just went to check out your blog and I was a bit slow on the uptake there as I've being following you on bloglovin' for a while. Really, I should have known which Tamara you were!!! You've got such a lovely wardrobe and the way you pull all the pieces together. . . now, that's real inspiration! I love your blog, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on mine. It means a lot x

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