Saturday, 8 October 2011

Jacket love and a bit of babble!

What a contrast, weather-wise, this weekend is to last. Looking out the window earlier, it was all so grey and dull. Yep, there seems no doubt that the season is on the turn and autumn is in the air which means I can finally do a little ode to my leather jacket, one of my best buys ever!

I spotted the jacket about this time last year in Oasis and I think it was well in to the £130 price range. Woah, quite a price. Since I was on the ball last year and had already secured myself a couple of winter jackets, I couldn't justify it. Boo.

Never mind, it went straight on to the Christmas list but I didn't get it. Boo times two :(

I had just about all lost all hope and was wandering around the shops with the January blues when I spotted two of these jackets left in Oasis with a massive reduction. I can't remember exactly how much but I'm sure it was around half price.

Yay. We were meant to be, after all. Within seconds one of the beauties became mine and I have no regrets.

I absolutely adore it. I actually think I can pull off any outfit wearing this jacket. It gives everything that "cool" factor.
Of course, it is a leather jacket so is bound to be "cool" but "cool" isn't always very me and can make me look quite try hard. Leather can be quite a harsh material to wear and on me can come across unforgiving.
However, that is not the case with this one. There are a number of design details that just makes this THE leather jacket for me.

I love the way this jacket is allowed to fulfil its potential with the attention to composition and cut in design. The focus seems to have being on this sort of design detail rather then lots of added on metal embellishments, buckles and tassels etc which again you often see on a leather jacket. I feel too many embellishments can look a bit busy and almost reinforces the harshness of the leather. The three zips (one in the middle and one for each side pocket) is as far as the metal goes with this number and I love the fact that the detail in this Oasis number is so simple and subtle but make no mistake, there is great detail in the design.

For example, it is not a solid leather jacket. The harshness of leather has been broken down by the composition of the sleeves. The top side is leather and the underside of the arm is made up of cotton rib which softens the whole look and seems to warm the black up a little.

There is also has an aviator collar. The aviator collar was on trend last year and it also makes the leather jacket a bit different from the traditional biker style ones you often see around.

And of course, I love the fact that the fact that this leather jacket is quite short and that the shoulders are glossed over because of the aviator collar. This stops the leather jacket, being like many other jackets, of this type, too boxy.

In conclusion, I think I may have made an investment for life with this little number.

I see Oasis actually have a section on their site for leather products in the same way they do dresses, shoes etc. The copy for this section is 'Quality Cuts Beautiful Investment Pieces'.

I wholeheartedly believe my little jacket is the embodiment of such copy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend that you look at the Oasis website if you are looking for a leather jacket. This one with quilting and stitching detail seems to be this years version of mine.
I also like this cropped leather blazer from ASOS.

I actually really am considering on adding the tan (which is £40 cheaper then the black) to my Christmas wish list.

To the ramble . . .

- I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to stick the frownies on each night. They just don't seem to be doing much for that horrible line, I've got. To be honest, I have never really seriously considered botox et al before but after reading here about the great experience Amelia has had (fab blog, also check out her colour blocked nails ), I've got something to think about.

- My reading has gone slowly this last week, I've being crazy busy but hoping to catch up a bit with After You'd Gone over the next few days. I'm just past part one and have gotten to grips with who is who and the toing and throeing between the past and present. It reminds me a little of a couple of Dorothy Koomson's because right from the start, it is obvious there is whole a lot of mystery and emotion in the air.
I'm also hoping to watch Amelie this weekend. Can you believe, I don't think I've ever watched the whole thing?!

- I may also pop back online for a little shopping. I'm lending my sister some clothes this weekend so I think that's earnt me enough brownie points for a little splurge. I've got my eye on this bag

  and these two dresses from ASOS.

I'm also lusting after the Lorissa shoe featured by Tali.
What do you think? Do you have a leather jacket, do you think it is an essential in all wardrobes? Would you do the botox thing now or in the future? Any frownie tips? Also, I'm craving all things wool-like so has anybody seen any nice scarves around. I want a signature one to wear with anything inc. my lovely leather jacket.



Emily said...

Your leather jacket is gorgeous! Just like what i am searching for :) xx

Essjay23x said...

@Emily Thank you. I hope you find one of your own soon! x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet is also a good choice.

Essjay23x said...

Thanks for the recommendation!:)


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