Wednesday, 12 October 2011

High Street Finds!

So today, I did a little bit of shopping and I admit, I think I had some sort of Gok Wan moment where I was overwhelmed by what you can actually find on the high street at the moment.

I was so impressed with the workmanship and beading on this New Look piece. It looks so special (I think, exquisite is the word), it had to be mine!
If all the sequins don't fall off, this is gonna be an investment buy. It could jazz up any outfit. It is absolutely beautiful and certainly makes a change from my normal black cropped 3/4 length cardis.

As is this Kimono, also from New Look. I'm not normally one for print but this bird print is gorgeous and the fact that it is worked on a black background keeps me in my safety zone.
I don't think the camera has picked up how lovely this piece looks in reality (it looks too much like a night shirt on film!!). The sequins on each bird really draws the eye to the piece and adds that something more.

I'm thinking the earlier New Look item is more of a dressy one and will literally dress your outfit up. I don't think this kimono is quite so jazzy (although thinking about it, over a pencil skirt and tight black top, there is certainly potential) but I brought this one to lend my casual day to day uniform (yes, jeans and a couple of layered vests or tees!), a bit of style.

Clothes-wise, I also made some purchases in H&M. I brought two gorgeous dresses, roll on the Christmas parties and also, a trench coat. That's right, forget all I've said about trenches in the past. I absolutely adore the one I purchased today. I think it deserves a post all of its own but I just want to trial it out properly first as I have noticed over the last couple of months, that things seem to always look great in the H&M changing room and not so good when I get them home. Magic mirrors?! Maybe! However, I hope my new trench lives up to the reflection I saw earlier.

I will go off on a tangent now.

This is quite a recent purchase from H&M. Now since I've had it home, I've been wondering what to do with it. It doesn't seem to lie flat and the colour now seems much harsher then I originally gauged. Fail?! Maybe! Let me know if you've got this or any ideas how to style it. Pretty please!!

Back to today, I also went to Boots and stocked up on a few "essentials".

Due to the Frownie Fail and the fact that I seem to go through Liquid Gold very quickly (50mls in about 6 applications?!), I used my No7 voucher to get some of the notorious Number 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty serum which is billed to 'smooth[ing] lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks'. Fingers crossed.

I'm about to finish my Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream. This stuff is amazing. I tried the normal cream (I think, I picked up the body emollient instead of a face cream, by mistake) earlier in the year when Pixiwoo first mentioned the brand and wasn't overwhelmed but this face repair cream is brilliant. I have being using it as a moisturiser most mornings and evenings. Everything seems calmer. Very occasionally my skin feels a little dry between the brows (which is more likely down to the colder weather and possibly that I didn't moisturise so much when I used Liquid Gold) so every other night I have been layering this over the Avene Moisturising Mask (I normally don't wipe off the excess as instructed but instead let it soak in to my skin overnight) and the next morning any dryness has gone. It is very rare that I buy another tube from the same brand as soon as I've finished the last one. I normally swap it up but I'm so happy with Oilatum at the moment (and I'm also happy, toning with the Tea Tree water from Lush. I'm not sure what it is doing but I just know, it is doing good).

I also stocked up on a couple of John Frieda conditioning treatments, mini ones. I noticed how dry my hair was looking in the changing rooms possibly from the Mane and Tail. I have been using the Lee Stafford treatments and the VO5 ones up to now but have ran out so I thought I'd give these two a go this week and then decide what full size treatments to invest in. Got to say, back in the day, I used to love the John Frieda Brilliantly Brunette products. At the very least, I remember they smelt divine and I'm sure, there was a whole lot of shine too. Ooh, I will get back to you on that.

I also got the Daily Smooth, I actually think it might be my favourite smell ever and as for the moisturising function, bonus!;)

You will also see the Boots Christmas book is out, yay. When I was little, we used to go through the Argos book marking what toys we want. Yes people, I now do this in the Boots book but with beauty treats and such instead of toys (obviously!) and what is more, I take a whole evening to devour the book and then go back through to star my Christmas wishes. See, some things can be said for longer, darker nights.

Hope you are all ok and having a good week. I've got to say I've caught up with this series of TOWIE and I'm loving it. Also loving the Rachel Zoe Reports coming in to my inbox each day, inspirational even if I can't afford or access some of it, and Olivia Palermo's new blog and Undressed Skeleton which Kelly mentioned. Oh and I've dug some old blushes out and I can't remember if I applied Mac Blushbaby or Benefit Throb today but it looked really good and had some staying power in the drizzle and shopping whirl. I think it was Blushbaby!

Have you brought anything amazing lately? Have you tried the No 7 serum or Oilatum?
Take care


blog-a-beauté said...

the oilatum face repair moisturiser is my all-time favourite moisturiser! I've gone through 5 tubes already! love that stuff and I get all panicky when I'm about to run out of it so I usually buy 2 or 3 to keep as back ups!

UglyDuckling said...

Both of the tops from New Look are gorgeous. I'm going on the website and seeing if I can find them now!

Amelia @ Ugly Duckling

Essjay23x said...

@blog-a-beaute I'm seriously very impressed. The packaging is quite blah and doesn't really hype itself up but it seems to be working good deeds. I think it is on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment!:)
@Amelia@Ugly Duckling Ooh, I hope you find them ok:)) I had a quick look because I wanted to include the links but couldn't find them. I think the beaded shrug might be from the Fabulous Forties collection?!

V said...

i saw a blogger's review of the serum but i dont remember the blog!:( sorry!
The new look top is so pretty!!

Essjay23x said...

@V That is ok, I know Holly from YM beauty talked about the serum recently. Thank you!


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