Friday, 30 December 2011

To the sea. . !

For me, it isn't Christmas without a little visit to the sea!

Especially when I have a new Canon 550 DSLR (yes, I believe, I may have already mentioned this . . !) to play with.

This is West Bay, folks, one of my favourite places ever. To be honest, the Canon seems to have romanticised and flattered this little piece of coastline a little. West Bay is amazing but for me, its strength lies not in its beauty but in it's character.

The wind and the waves are, more often then not, fierce. Whenever I'm at West Bay, I seem to find some perspective. Those waves have been rolling for thousands of years and probably will continue for thousands more. It reminds me how small we all are, in the 'big picture'. And before I get any deeper . . , it is also the perfect place to awaken my senses. Everything from the waves and wind to the surfers (So obviously crazy! It is late December and they are in that cold, cold water!!  *shakes head*) in the water is so alive! You almost catch energy as you stroll along the beach and stumble up the cliffs. Just what I needed to give me a great big kick out of that slovenly Post-Christmas slumber.

The important bit. . , the outfit!

I played it quite casual with my outfit of the day. Maybe I was trying to channel a beachy feel.

I wore my new beaded vest from New Look layered over a generic black vest. I love this top, I only got it a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on Laura's blog (here!) but it is beautiful and perfect for layering (in fact, it is sheer so layering is a must). I think, it is actually my first Yellow top ever. Officially. At the time of buying, my size wasn't available online so I decided to go a size or so up and I think, it works really well baggy. I wore this vest over faded dark denim jeans.

Again, going for that effortless feel (or maybe, I really did just make little effort. Again . . , Christmas, exhaustion, excuses . . !), I then threw on my H&M Bow trench without the bow belt (I posted about this versatile coat here!) over the top with sketchers to combat the coastal path.
Sidenote: There seems to be good reason why H&M give you so many spare buttons with this little number!

Nothing in the outfit really matched or were made to compliment each other. Yet, I think it all came together quite well and I'm tempted in 2012 to be oh so daring and throw on more items without overthinking it. Who knows what the result will be and what style (or lack of) will emerge?!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and have an amazing New Year. Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!

Image from We Heart It here.

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone and best wishes for 2012!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Glam Miss Selfridge Maxi!

Now that I've completed a few more of my core Christmas prep chores (Christmas card writing, shopping, wrapping, more Christmas card writing, more shopping and consuming a Starbucks Christmas special), my mind is starting to wander back towards the trivia like er, what will I wear for this year's celebrations?

Christmas day is a bit more of a casual affair (and actually stumping me a little) but to welcome the New Year, well, I could just be adorning the Miss Selfridge Maxi that I've been meaning to post about for ages.

I think I have mentioned before, how sometimes I go to the wardrobe just to take a peek at this little number. Once (or twice . . .), I even give in, throw it on and have a twirl. This dress just feels very 'me' and is about as close to perfect as a dress can get.

These days, too often, it is easy to look overdressed. However, New Year is the one time when too much is never actually too much. Glam, glam all the way. Show the old year that it didn't get the better of the you and start the new year in the style that'll follow!

This dress is full of promise. In one way, it is a classic, a one shouldered maxi dress. On the other hand, there are some modern twists. The shorter length of the underskirt is a bit of a tease but the chiffon overskirt, complete with slits, maintains your innocence and modesty. This piece is glamorous and memorable. I love skirts that swirl but as a shortie, maxi skirts can be a bit scary and sometimes, look a bit busy on me. However, this one seems to lengthen my body and the two piece design of the skirt means there is still a little flesh on show and therefore, proof, that there is a human in the piece somewhere!

New Year tends to be full of black dresses and sparkly tops but the beautiful, classy midnight blue colour (Miss Selfridge say that it is navy, I'm not sure it is quite that dark) of this piece is a little more unique. A shade far enough from black to give the number a little twist but close enough to flatter and conceal the body in a similar manner as little black dresses do.
Sidenote: One thing I've learnt this year is that it doesn't ALWAYS have to be black. Navy and midnight blues actually seems to work with my colouring just as well. 2012 could be the year of the Blue!

I'm not quite sure yet how to style the piece. Given the nature of the piece and the occasion, heels obviously are a must and I think, a fair degree of arm candy will be required to give the one shouldered number a little balance. Finally bag-wise, I'm thinking clutch but should it be one that sparkles or for one night only, should I leave the sparkle to everybody else?!

As for scent, I'm thinking Very Irresistable from Givenchy. Typical, that it was one of the ones I used up when I started shopping my own collection. Maybe Santa will bring the new Intense version for Christmas. Ooh and while we're on perfume, I need to get the app from Roja Dove that the lovely Beauty Bible girls posted about!

Oh and just in case, you are wondering, this piece comes with a fantastic price tag of just £39.

Are you ready for the festivities? What will you be wearing? How should I style the blue dress? What should I wear for Christmas Day?


Monday, 19 December 2011

To be continued with . . !

Hey everyone!

This is a very quick post. I really don't like these posts and I, especially, hate writing them. Yep, it's the generic 'Sorry for the lack of posts. . .' post.

However . . ,

I really am sorry for the lack of posts recently. Christmas prep and work have sidetracked me a little and then Friday Evening, I had a horrible bug for all of about two hours but it's left me pretty washed out.
I'm hoping to get back on track over the next couple of days (once a very mammoth- it's actually tittering- pile of presents are wrapped)  and joining me in my blogging endeavour will be my new Canon 550 DSLR!!!

Yep, I finally got one and can't wait to have a proper play. I just know that the price will fall in the sales next month but I just think, I'll use it as much again over the two week Christmas period as I will during the rest of the year. I only wish I had purchased it in time for my nephew's Nativity last week, he was so cute and these little nativities are quite a neat starting point for Christmas festivities.

Hope your Christmas prep is going well, catch up soon. Any Canon or Christmas Prep tips?


Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This post starts with a tee shirt so has the potential to be quite boring but lets face it, this is not any old tee shirt.

1/ Just in case you didn't notice (!), this tee shirt is full of sparkle and therefore, can add that little bit more to any old outfit from a pair of jeans to a maxi skirt. Also, as soon as you slip this sequined number over your head, bam, you're 'in fashion'!

2/ Unlike many fashionable pieces, this garment is easy and comfortable to wear. I have really struggled to find a sequined number for my wardrobe. I found a lot of the high street stores were selling very heavily sequined vests. When I tried these on, the thin little straps seemed useless under the weight of the sequins, giving very little support and the top would quickly lose all of its shape. This one keeps a flattering form when you put it on. The tee shirt form is obviously a factor here but equally important, is the fact that this tee shirt is not covered in back to back sequins. Although, there are probably hundreds on the top, you can see, when the top is hanging, gaps between the sequins. They are kind of sewn on in a spiral trail and the size of the sequins varies. This looks a little bit strange on the hanger (and did put me a little on the defensive!) but once on, the gaps are not as conspicuous and effortlessly become part of the design. This helps to lighten the load a little but I also love the fact that only the front of the top is sequinned. The surprise factor as you turn and what looks like a decent but bog standard black tee turns in to a full on sparkle fest (lightweight style) is genius!

3/ Finally, I have to mention that this top is not too expensive compared to many similar numbers that I have seen on the high street. This find is from Quiz, a shop that, over the last month or so, has really surprised me with a few gems. Remember the metallic tops?

The cropped jacket that I've paired it with here is the Top Shop cropped one that Laura has featured a few times. I've always regretted not grabbing this one when she first posted it but it was summer and like most of my wardrobe, black again. It was also quite expensive so I made that age old silly decision to think about it. Of course, once I made my decision, my size was sold out online and I trawled a few stores with no luck. I looked for similar versions in New Look et al but none of them had all the little details of this one, collarless, cropped, a satin trim. In short, this one is about as exciting as a jacket can get!

Reluctantly I was considering putting the newer Top Shop faux leather offering ( It has the same lovely shape but with a collar and a faux leather trim) on my Christmas wish list when I wandered aimlessly in to my local Top Shop (tiny!) and something caught my eye on the back of a rack. My dream jacket with the satin trim and yes, they were in my two Top Shop size possibilities. Yay! When one fitted, have no doubt, I was at the till point handing over my card just like that. I couldn't believe my luck, still can't! I'm sure within a couple of weeks, this lovely little jacket would have earned its price tag twice over.

This post ends with a treat (yes, I know, another one but it is nearly Christmas). Broken umbrellas, practically gale force winds and paddling through puddles everywhere has slowly got to me this last week and my visions of a romantic English winter (not sure where such cinematic ideas came from, I've lived through the reality enough times) with pretty little snowflakes falling and an air just chilly enough to justify that new super cute, cosy coat purchase have all been dispelled. Now obviously I know on a worldwide scale, I'm very lucky with the weather. I haven't lost my home, I have water and all of these things that I take for granted but miserable weather still has the potential to make you feel a bit blah. What can I say, it's biology, psychology or something. However, the Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Body Polish from N-Spa has really brightened my evenings a little. It has enough chunky flakes to really smooth the skin but there is also just the right amount of jelly mixed in to soften the exfoliation and keep everything gentle. Now, I'm not always a big fan of food scents (particularly fruity ones) but this hot butter fudge offering is divine. It is so warming and soothing. I can not recommend this one enough especially since, I brought it in Asda for just four pounds.

Oh and did I say this post was ending?! Well, not without a little boast. I can now (and have ran several times, thanks to the Get Running App) run solidly for 25 minutes straight. Not much but I am so ridiculously proud of myself and have to play Drake and Nicki Minaji, Make Me Proud on the way home. This performance is so frigging adorable.

I hope you're all doing ok. A big hello *waves, jumping up and down* to my new followers and commenters. Just a few more until we hit the GFC 50 followers (so go follow now) and then there will be a giveaway and eek, I think, I know what I want the giveaway prize to be ; )

What sequined tops are you flaunting? What beauty treats can you recommend to brighten the mood a little?


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My HD Brows!

So I mentioned that I went HD with my brows last week. As those of you following me on Twitter will know, I was very excited about the treatment. HD Brows is a relatively new Brow treatment 'that puts celebrity beauty within everybody's reach.' and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that one of my local beauty salons were introducing it to their menu of services.

HD Brows is a very through brow grooming treatment which consists of 7 steps including waxing, threading and tinting to give you your own unique ideal brow. Apparently no two HD brows are the same even the two on your face. It seems a good pair of brows should not be symmetrical and identical like twins but more like sisters!

The HD Brow is not about giving us all some mythical perfect brow but giving you your own ideal brow, one suited to your individual features such as hair colour and face shape. HD Brows claim that their treatment is not just shaping and tidying but eyebrow artistry. Many celebrities have had the HD Brow treatment including Michelle Keegan, Katie Price, Kylie Minogue, Danni Minogue and Jenny Frost.

So what about my new brows?

Well, it has taken me a few days to post about them because to start with I wasn't quite sure how I felt about them. There was no doubt after the treatment, that they were defined and I found my eyes were drawn straight to them. So much so, that in fact, maybe they were slightly too much.

You see since a very bad overplucking incident years ago, I very rarely do much with my brows. I normally get them shaped three or four times a year and just tweeze or wax inbetween very occasionally myself. Basically, hands up, I'm rubbish with my brows and very rarely even fill them in. A lick of vaseline is about as far as it goes on a daily basis.

So obviously after the in depth HD treatment, it was a bit of my shock to see just how defined and striking my brows could actually be.

This is my eyebrows just before the treatment.

This is my eyebrows a couple of days later.

Now I love the way my eyebrows look in the last picture. They look so neat and natural. This picture was took a couple of days after the treatment when all the make up that the beautician has added to the brows was gone. This one below is how they looked made up, not so much me.

Thank goodness, the make up was washed away. This is how my brows look now. Tidy and groomed. Nothing more.

I did not want a pair of brows which defined my attitude. All I wanted was a nice pair of brows and yes, the HD process and all it's preening certainly stepped up to the mark in this respect. However, all the defining with the make up on top of the tint was too much for me and I was glad to wash it away.

For me, the highlights of the HD treatment were . . .

a) The tint

My hair is naturally mid to dark brown and sometimes I feel when my hair is down, my eyebrows almost look a little too blonde and occasionally lost or even worse, sometimes they appear a little green. This really wasn't doing anything for the groomed look, I aspire to. The HD tint has certainly given my brows stronger colour but they still appear soft and yes, human or at least until the make up is applied on top . . !

b) The depth of the treatment

Your eyebrows aren't just waxed or tweezed or threaded or trimmed. Instead all methods are employed to banish any pesky unwanted hair from the eye area so that the eyebrow is defined to its potential. I love the fact that my eye area is so much cleaner looking and I'm already finding it a little more flattering when blending colours slightly higher above my lid and around the contour line. My eye make up in general, looks much better now that the skin all around the eye is so much smoother.

Although, please note, it is quite scary when the therapist is threading and asks you to put a hand over your lashes to stop her mistakenly whipping them up. That really would be a disaster!!!

Now many people may say that you can get a good shape and tint for half the price of one HD treatment (the price of my treatment was £35). However, you do not get the same depth of treatment. I really feel as if my brows and the surrounding area has been given a very good going over and that all baddies have been eliminated. I really do feel as if only, the bare minimum maintenance (basically my once a month 'tweezing the odd hair or two' session) will be required for the next six months or so. I'm not sure you could get such a pain free (I wouldn't want my eyelids waxed!) or clean look whilst only employing one method to shape.

For me, the downer (just one!) of the treatment was the make up at the end. It was way too much for me but I guess, this is personal choice and in this case, I'm like those of you who want to go straight home to wash your hair after a salon blow dry.

I think I would recommend this treatment at £35 (apparently a lot of salons charge £40+) if you can afford to spend that on your brows. After all, at the very least, this treatment shows you just what your brows are capable of.

In other news, I've been exploring my new Yankee candle collection a little further and I've found that I really like the sweeter candles ie. Sparkling Sugar and the Mistletoe and Fig one. Lovely!

Do you have HD brows? Is it something you would consider, what are your brow grooming habits? Any more Yankee recommendations?


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Choice 1: Hair Inspiration

So still in Hair monotony mode, I am contemplating a little visit to the hairdressers before Christmas. Many of you will know that for me, a visit to the hairdressers is a very scary idea. I've been surfing the web to find the best pictures to bombard my stylist with even though all I really want is my ends grazed with the scissors and the side layers tidied. After all, isn't it all about safety in the number of pictures when you go to the salon?!

Scrolling through the Best Hairstyles and Trends 2011 from Glamour Magazine, I have found so much hair inspiration.

Ideally, this is how I would like the cut of my natural hair (as it is now) to fall. Lily Cole's hair looks so soft, healthy and tidy although with a little backcombing or lack of care, I'd imagine it could play bedhead easily. She looks groomed but she doesn't look old. I love how healthy the ends of her hair look. Although I'm not sure I could pull off red hair, I do love the fact that her style uses one solid colour. Whenever I have highlights etc, it looks great for about a week but after that it seems too contrived.

This is a similar look to Lily's. However, I think this is closer to how mine may fall due to the layers at the side.

Olivia Wilde is always so polished and her hair is no exception. Every time I see a picture of her long bob, I think what a beautiful cut she flaunts. Unfortunately, it is probably slightly too short then I dare to wear but this remains a style that I swoon over in the same way I do when I catch sight of the Miu Miu Bow bag or a beautiful dress.

I have not had a full on fringe for years. I've always loved how they look and the way they draw attention to your eyes. However, stylists have always advised against them because of the wretched cow licks that lie on my hairline. I still want one though and isn't that what straighteners are for? As Nicole shows a full on fringe is the perfect accessory to a simple high ponytail (FYI: my favourite updo ever) and adds instant pizazz to any hair look.

When my natural hair is a little longer, this is what I would like it to look like. In reality, I'm pretty sure that these slightly tousled locks are high, high maintenance. Leighton seems to have balanced some softening flyaways with styled locks. I would never be able to pull off the balance behind the two. Her ombre colour is also so rich and well blended. I adore this but I would imagine that this cut, colour and look requires one very exceptional stylist!

Still there is something about tousled long locks that I aspire to and I also like the look on this Burberry model and the way the waves start effortlessly halfway down her hairline. Modern mermaid chic!

Now this one, I won't be showing the hairdresser. My face isn't sweet enough but this hair look is so futuristic and eye catching yet almost too cute to scream statement.

Who is your hair inspiration? What pictures do you take to the hairdresser? Which of these styles are your favourite? Can you think of any other hair looks I should consider? I love all of your comments. Who knows maybe one of you will find me a dream style that I can actually attain?!

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Happy Sunday :)


Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Metallic Tops from Quiz!

Remember how last week, shopping wasn't happening. Well, this week it has been on the up a little again. Yay!

I went back to Quiz to try on the metallic scalloped vest again. This time I decided that it does in fact fit me but is just very low cut at the front which isn't really my thing but the top is just so gorgeous so could be worth venturing out of my comfort zone for and at the very least, I know that I will get my moneys worth  layering this one up. Note: When you walk in to Quiz, you realise how expensive some of the other bigger high street chains are.

It looks such a simple little vest but when you think about the design carefully. You can see how bang 'on trend' it is right now.

It is metallic (but without hundreds and thousands of itchy, heavy sequins) with almost snakeskin effect scalloping. The edges are also scalloped. Blimey, I could almost be in "fashion" with this one yet none of this detailing shouts at you and when all these trends are all but a distant memory then this top (if it lasts a wash or two) will, indeed, still be a very pretty top and wearable.

So, given that, it makes sense to grab anything similar. Which, of course, I did and here is the Tee Shirt version.

I'm hoping that the bulge is a belt or something and not my stomach!
I like this one. A lot. I feel a bit safer wearing it. The high neck saves my modesty and this one can be thrown on with little thought for a similar bang on trend, fashionista result.

In other news, I got my HD brows done last night. I was very excited about them and the definition my new brows has is quite striking. In fact, all made up last night, the strength of them was quite overwhelming but I think once I get used to them, they will become my own and I will love the structure and polish they add to my face. My favourite thing so far is just how much cleaner the entire eye area looks.

Will you be notching up the metallic factor as Christmas approaches? What brow look do you go for? Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Countdown: Preen, preen, preen. . !

Image from We Heart It
So it is the first of December tomorrow and my Christmas Countdown officially started about a week ago. Four weeks to get Christmas Perfect!!!

This year I want to embrace Christmas (Yes indeed, I will be downloading the Michael Buble Christmas Album) and all it brings. I do not want to miss anything just because I'm having a bad hair day and I am certainly not missing out on the Chocolate Log (who needs Christmas Pudding?!) just because I'm having a fat day.

Image from We Heart It

Preen, preen, preen. . , is the call of the day for me at the moment. In between scrambling around trying to find any Crest Whitening Strips, I'm preening a lot!

- I am trying to apply the OPI Nail Matte Envy every day in an attempt to keep my mid-length nails strong. Then I might file them down slightly to give them the matched, groomed manicure look. I would love Gelish but I work in a health care environment and that type of thing ain't allowed :(

- The RapidLash is back on the edge of my sink again and I'm trying to apply it every night. Over the last couple of weeks (interestingly since my Phyto supplements ran out), I have noticed that my lashes don't look quite so bold and unfortunately, appear a little wispy on the ends. For me, natural lashes is where is at (how I struggle with the falsies) so I'm hoping that Rapid Lash will work its magic and make them slightly more lashtastic again (In my experience, lash enhancers may not be growth miracles but they always add something ) until then the L'Oreal Volume Million has been repurchased (a much easier way to fake it although the constant drizzle seems to have prompted the 'got a black eye?!' question. I think, I mentioned before what a diva this amazing mascara can be. Such fab results but how easily it smudges which can be a bit awkward. See this review.)

- There will certainly be some mega brow grooming going on in the next couple of weeks. I'm considering HD Brows. You can see some familiar faces with HD brows here, what do you think of the HD look?

- I'm also trying a couple of treats for my hair. Firstly, the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Strength and Repair Kit. This little kit consists of a haircare system which includes four products, an oil to use pre-washing under the plastic cap, a shampoo and an intensive conditioner. I have been using this for about a month now and I've got mixed feelings. It seems to bulk out the ends of my hair and theoretically, it is easy to use. However, I find the oil difficult to wash out and consequently ran out of the shampoo very quickly. I've found that this system tended to make my hair very frizzy as I had to use so much shampoo to get the oil out or on the other hand, I wash only so much and then my hair looks very weighed down. I expect that this system really does boost the health of our barnet but I need to work on my application method to get the dream result.

I also have a new hair oil. I went to the hairdressers to invest yet again in Moroccan Oil (Love! See this post and this post) but they didn't have any. As it was raining and I'm lazy, the lady found a sucker for her sales pitch about a miracle Redken alternative, All Soft Argan 6. This is meant to 'intensely nourish and protect dry, brittle hair'. It can be used before shampooing or blow drying to add moisture, after blow drying to smooth; on damp or dry hair to boost shine; or added to treatments to intensify replenishment and it can also be used overnight for deep nourishment.

I have been swapping it up a bit and using it in a mix of ways. So far, so good! It really does make the hair very soft and actually does not seem to weigh my hair down as much as the Moroccan Oil although I wonder if that will change with constant use.

- Of course, I'm also trying to eat very healthily (although this running/walking regime is making me so soo hungry) and am having lots of Green Monsters to keep my eyes bright and energy levels up.

- And finally, I'm also trying to save a little money for Christmas hence the lack of "haul" posts recently but I think, there is a couple of treats I haven't shared with you yet and I'll try and get those posts up ASAP but I'm still having a bit of a love affair with the New Look kimono that I posted here.

Sidenote: In case you're wondering, I'm hoping that Christmas will bring a DSLR, a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch, the One Molecule scent (see Ruths secret), the ability to run thirty minutes plus nonstop (Er, that would be without a heart attack), a trip to Paris, my invitation to Pinterest (it is taking so soo long) 50 Blog GFC followers (hint hint, any ideas?) and some of those chocolate gold coins. Phew,much, you think?! Ok maybe between Christmas and my late January birthday.

Are you making any special efforts for Christmas? Have you tried the Redken Oil? Do you have HD Brows?


Friday, 25 November 2011

Sigh, the Monsoon Dress!

Sometimes, it is the little things which put a dampener on your week. Silly, I know but I can't get this dress out of my head.

Sorry, this is the only pic I can find online. Links here to the page and eBay seller (and presumed photographer)

Yes, I know, pretty magical!

When I saw it on the hanger in a local Monsoon Outlet, did I swoon! Probably, quite audibly!! It looked so beautiful as its tens/hundreds of sequins twinkled away at me. As I pulled it off the rail, it was hard to believe this was hanging in a local outlet store. The sequins, the flapper shape, the weight and with a cut which preserves your innocence, made it hard to believe that this lovely little garment really wasn't from another time.

As I looked closely at that dress, all I could do mentally was swoon a little more and tick, tick, tick!

- Glamorous and sophisticated . . , a twist on the little black dress . . , tick!

- On trend. . . sequins, sparkle, metallic, reminiscent of the Metallic Twenties inspired pieces Gucci have being pounding out . . , tick!

- Wearable . . . christmas, new year, special occasion galore . . , tick!

- Good value . . . reduced to forty pounds something and er, just so very divine . . , tick!

Of course, I had to try it on.

And alas, it wasn't to be!!

It seems on my short, stumpy legs, skirt lengths need to be of the extreme, either very short or very long.
Sidenote: Oh yes, I'm not sure if I mentioned this but now we are right on the tail end of the maxi trend, I've only gone and discovered despite my stubborn skepticism, I can work maxi lengths (or the midi which looks like a maxi on me)!
Unfortunately on me, this one fell on that very unflattering point just above the knee and made me look like a murder mystery actress who hasn't quite found her role yet. The beautiful cut on the hanger seemed lost as the dress hung awkwardly on me.

Drat, this dress was (is) so beautiful (and reduced!) but there was no way it was gonna work for me so reluctantly back to the rail, it went, where it awaits one very lucky lady to work it. I've got to say, I've felt a bit wistful thinking about this dress this week. Have you ever found a dream piece that just wasn't for you?

On the plus side, I am now aware just how good some of the Monsoon dresses look. This one was in Vogue.

Continuing with the shopping (or lack of) theme . . .

I'm still trying to incorporate some metallic in my wardrobe but full on sequined numbers just don't seem to work on me and so the best compromise I have found so far is the little silver metallic scalloped number above from Quiz . This is very me but of course, I couldn't find a size to fit properly in my local store. So the search for a little sparkle continues, I guess, this week, wardrobe building just wasn't to be!

And finally . . .
I'm definitely astride the scented candle fad and brought a few too many Yankee candles from a local Hallmark earlier this week, Evening Air, Fresh Roast, Pumpkin Spice, Sparkling Sugar and a miniature of Mistletoe and Fig.

To be honest, the only one I have used so far is the Sparkling Sugar. It is just so delicious, very sweet and I just love how a toned down version of the scent lingers in the air, on my furniture and in my hair. It smells of sugar so reminiscent of birthday parties, cake and all things that make me happy. Really recommend especially since it was on offer in Hallmark for just £4.72. All Yankee Candles in Hallmark seemed to be at least half price.

The Apothecary No 008 one that I blogged earlier in the week smelt pretty much as I described here. However, it seems a bit watered down compared to Sparkling Sugar.

Have you tried Yankee candles? What are your faves? Do you ever go shopping and it just doesn't happen?!

Oh and I'm still on the reading thing, currently still on The Help. I'm really enjoying it (as I progress further, it is almost like the scenes are unfolding in front of me. I actually gasped when I realised Miss Skeeter had left her bag at Hilly's meeting. The characters are so true to their identity and the story that seems to be unfolding) but it is a bit more of a tome then some of my previous reads and therefore is taking me a little longer to get through.

As for the running, I've just finished week 4 of the Get Running app. Yay! I'm finding it easier to motivate myself and then to breathe when I get going but oh, my joints aren't half starting to ache! *Adds proper running shoes to ever-growing 'To Buy' list*

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My first scented candle!

I have spent the last few days on a search for my first proper scented candle. I have had candles before but have never really brought them purely for the scent which is quite surprising, given my love for perfumes.

Now, since I'm on the self-imposed perfume purchase ban, it seemed the perfect time to investigate scented candles further. I love scents and potentially scented candles could be the perfect aid to winding down in the evening if they smell right! Hmm, I have a feeling that scented candles are either gonna be something I hate (I'm not a fan of incense, I'm hoping that candles are a lot more subtle) or love (which could quickly result in a vast collection).

Now I chose my first scented delight very carefully. I have spent hours trawling stores and sniffing every candle to catch my eye over the last week or so.

Ideally I was hoping to find a candle remniscent of Christmas, we all know by now how I like everything to compliment the season we are in. However, it seems the scents of Christmas really do not do anything for me. I found some of them too fruity and I actually recoiled at the whiff of cranberry. Others were just slightly too heavy and incense-like. I guess, they just smelt a little bit musty and old. Now I noticed, despite the large number of candles out there to try, that each candle seemed to fall in to one of three boxes. You guessed it, the fruity (eliminated), the musty (eliminated) and finally, the box which held the ones that seemed to draw me in, the gorgeous vanilla based scents.

Yes in Homesense, I found several vanilla candles I liked and I'm sure the security cameras were whizzing around as I ran back and forth between the contenders. The only distingishing factor (aside from price!) really was just how vanilla, each candle was and this was the decider for me. I decided that the heavier vanilla candles, although not as nauseating as the fruity scents, were again just a touch too much and I decided to opt for one of the more perfumed vanilla candles in Homesense.

This is my chosen one, Vanilla Amber from No. 008 the apothecary. I can not find anything on the internet about this one or the brand. I will let you know how I find the scent as it burns down but for the moment, I would say there is a hint of vanilla but this seems to be enveloped in more fragrant notes (do candles have notes?!) that remind me a little of talc and quite a masculine talc, at that. Vanilla Amber smells really clean, cosy, comforting and most importantly, it is not in the slightest, fruity or musty.

Oh and with reference to the perfume ban . . .
Truly, this stupid "bright idea" of mine is a bloody nightmare. I'm still pathetically lusting after VIP 212, Shalimer and thanks to all of the raves infiltrating Blogland, I am also very curious about the Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude but alas, they will still be on the shelf when I've shopped the collection that I already have. Oh, they'd better be, I hope so!

Do you like scented candles? What type of scents do you like? Hmm, if this is going to be my new fad, I am going to need some recommendations! What are your favourites? Have you heard of/ rate the apothecary No. 008?


Monday, 21 November 2011

Amelia's beautiful bag giveaway+Gallery No. Eight!

So do you remember a couple of months ago, I rediscovered my love for handbags. I splurged (or saved. Depends how you see it!!) on a couple of gorgeous inspired numbers, the Focco and the Miu Miu bow. I was so pleased with them and still feel a bit smug when I catch sight of them now. There really is something about a beautiful bag which brings me to the first point of this post . . .

Amelia's Giveaway

Click here for more pics and entry info!
Amelia is having a giveaway and is putting this brand new bag up as the prize. How generous!! Such a divine colour and such a beautiful looking bag. You can find out how to enter by clicking the link above and once there, make time to read some of Amelia's posts (love them) and swoon over her awesome style.
Good luck!

Gallery No. Eight

Talking of amazing blogs, I just found this one and what an awe-inspiring collection of posts and images. If you're inspired by photos and art (the images from above are both featured on the blog, just how cool are those shoes?!), you need to check this one out. I spent a half an hour or so lost in it last night and just wish I had a fire to curl up in front of, as I peruse and dream!

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. Do you have a blog of your own or some favourite bloggers to share. Let me know in the comments.



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