Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Glam Miss Selfridge Maxi!

Now that I've completed a few more of my core Christmas prep chores (Christmas card writing, shopping, wrapping, more Christmas card writing, more shopping and consuming a Starbucks Christmas special), my mind is starting to wander back towards the trivia like er, what will I wear for this year's celebrations?

Christmas day is a bit more of a casual affair (and actually stumping me a little) but to welcome the New Year, well, I could just be adorning the Miss Selfridge Maxi that I've been meaning to post about for ages.

I think I have mentioned before, how sometimes I go to the wardrobe just to take a peek at this little number. Once (or twice . . .), I even give in, throw it on and have a twirl. This dress just feels very 'me' and is about as close to perfect as a dress can get.

These days, too often, it is easy to look overdressed. However, New Year is the one time when too much is never actually too much. Glam, glam all the way. Show the old year that it didn't get the better of the you and start the new year in the style that'll follow!

This dress is full of promise. In one way, it is a classic, a one shouldered maxi dress. On the other hand, there are some modern twists. The shorter length of the underskirt is a bit of a tease but the chiffon overskirt, complete with slits, maintains your innocence and modesty. This piece is glamorous and memorable. I love skirts that swirl but as a shortie, maxi skirts can be a bit scary and sometimes, look a bit busy on me. However, this one seems to lengthen my body and the two piece design of the skirt means there is still a little flesh on show and therefore, proof, that there is a human in the piece somewhere!

New Year tends to be full of black dresses and sparkly tops but the beautiful, classy midnight blue colour (Miss Selfridge say that it is navy, I'm not sure it is quite that dark) of this piece is a little more unique. A shade far enough from black to give the number a little twist but close enough to flatter and conceal the body in a similar manner as little black dresses do.
Sidenote: One thing I've learnt this year is that it doesn't ALWAYS have to be black. Navy and midnight blues actually seems to work with my colouring just as well. 2012 could be the year of the Blue!

I'm not quite sure yet how to style the piece. Given the nature of the piece and the occasion, heels obviously are a must and I think, a fair degree of arm candy will be required to give the one shouldered number a little balance. Finally bag-wise, I'm thinking clutch but should it be one that sparkles or for one night only, should I leave the sparkle to everybody else?!

As for scent, I'm thinking Very Irresistable from Givenchy. Typical, that it was one of the ones I used up when I started shopping my own collection. Maybe Santa will bring the new Intense version for Christmas. Ooh and while we're on perfume, I need to get the app from Roja Dove that the lovely Beauty Bible girls posted about!

Oh and just in case, you are wondering, this piece comes with a fantastic price tag of just £39.

Are you ready for the festivities? What will you be wearing? How should I style the blue dress? What should I wear for Christmas Day?



Liz said...

The dress is beautiful!
I'm pretty much ready for christmas, making christmas cookies tomorrow :)
I have no idea what i'll be wearing christmas day or new years eve.
May well have to buy something new...

Obviously heels with this dress is a must!! If it were me i'd wear a sparkley bracelet of some kind and keep the clutch simple.
You'll have to take pictures so we can see what you decided on!! :)

Merry christmas xx

Essjay23x said...

@Liz Thank you! Christmas Cookies sounds yum. I really should get more in to baking. Happy cooking and an even happier Christmas to you!!!

Summer said...

Gorgeous dress! I'm trying to get into wearing into maxis, but it's sooo hard for me - I've always been a short skirt type of girl! But I love the look of them on other people. <3 :)

Essjay23x said...

@Summer That sounds exactly like me until about a year ago. As I'm short, I thought I should stick to short skirts but actually when I tried some maxi/midi skirts, they weren't so bad. I think this type of dress with the sheer sheaths is a good place to start with the Maxi trend as the sheath means that there are more points of interest then just the length and of course, they're so much fun to swish around in!!! :)

Beauty Make Up Addict said...

That's a really nice dress.
I am a new follower by the way.. Great blog.

Essjay23x said...

@Beauty Make Up Addict Thank you, I've got to say it is one of my current faves. A big yay for the follow, thank you so much!! Glad you like my little blog, comments like yours mean a lot :)


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