Friday, 30 December 2011

To the sea. . !

For me, it isn't Christmas without a little visit to the sea!

Especially when I have a new Canon 550 DSLR (yes, I believe, I may have already mentioned this . . !) to play with.

This is West Bay, folks, one of my favourite places ever. To be honest, the Canon seems to have romanticised and flattered this little piece of coastline a little. West Bay is amazing but for me, its strength lies not in its beauty but in it's character.

The wind and the waves are, more often then not, fierce. Whenever I'm at West Bay, I seem to find some perspective. Those waves have been rolling for thousands of years and probably will continue for thousands more. It reminds me how small we all are, in the 'big picture'. And before I get any deeper . . , it is also the perfect place to awaken my senses. Everything from the waves and wind to the surfers (So obviously crazy! It is late December and they are in that cold, cold water!!  *shakes head*) in the water is so alive! You almost catch energy as you stroll along the beach and stumble up the cliffs. Just what I needed to give me a great big kick out of that slovenly Post-Christmas slumber.

The important bit. . , the outfit!

I played it quite casual with my outfit of the day. Maybe I was trying to channel a beachy feel.

I wore my new beaded vest from New Look layered over a generic black vest. I love this top, I only got it a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on Laura's blog (here!) but it is beautiful and perfect for layering (in fact, it is sheer so layering is a must). I think, it is actually my first Yellow top ever. Officially. At the time of buying, my size wasn't available online so I decided to go a size or so up and I think, it works really well baggy. I wore this vest over faded dark denim jeans.

Again, going for that effortless feel (or maybe, I really did just make little effort. Again . . , Christmas, exhaustion, excuses . . !), I then threw on my H&M Bow trench without the bow belt (I posted about this versatile coat here!) over the top with sketchers to combat the coastal path.
Sidenote: There seems to be good reason why H&M give you so many spare buttons with this little number!

Nothing in the outfit really matched or were made to compliment each other. Yet, I think it all came together quite well and I'm tempted in 2012 to be oh so daring and throw on more items without overthinking it. Who knows what the result will be and what style (or lack of) will emerge?!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and have an amazing New Year. Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!



Liz said...

West bay looks lovely! Even if it looks a tad cold!!

I hope you had a lovely christmas and a happy new year :)

kirbyat said...

I love the top, it looks really cute! x

Essjay23x said...

@Liz Yep, it was a bit cold. Verryy windy but that is the way West Bay should be! I actually tend to visit other places in the summer when I want the typical summer beach experience. Had a fabulous Christmas and New Year, thank you. Hope you have a great 2012, looking forward to all your blog posts!! x

Essjay23x said...

@Kirbyat Oh, it is. It really is! :) Gutted that I didn't snap up the red version too, when I had the chance. Happy new year!!

Maya said...

I love your blog! You have amazing ideas! :)
You should follow my blog, I always follow back! :)

Essjay23x said...

@Maya Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Very flattering :) Popping by your blog is now on my To do list!


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