Monday, 2 January 2012

The Top Shop Scalloped vests!

I have a problem, in that, I can not resist a pretty top. Last year was the year when I discovered the Top Shop polyester vests.

These vests are beautiful, very wearable and always come with a little extra design detail. I'm the biggest fan of the chunky zip ones (see this post and this one).

Well, now it seems, there is a new style of polyester vest hanging on the Top Shop rails and yes, they live up to the promise of the past.

Let me introduce you to the Scallop Vest.

At the moment, I only have the one in a bright purple. As a reforming 'blackaholic', I've never really equated bright colours with class and sophistication but somehow this purple seems to pull both punches and makes me feel more sassy then I actually am. FYI: I have already decided to add a chunky silver, maybe slighty metallic, belt to my wish list to wear with this little number, to exploit it's pizazz to the max.

*Hands up* Yes indeed, I am very tempted to also try some of the other colour ways to see if they live up to this beauty. The fit is very flattering to the female figure, it is quite tight and low around the bust but then flares out very loosely just above the hips meaning, yes, in this top, you can pretty much eat as much as you want. Woo!

The stores are too often full of flimsy garments and stringy straps but there is nothing fickle about this top. In addition to the gorgeous colour of this number and its beautiful silhouette, I really like the thickness of the arm straps and the wide scalloping detail.

I think, a scalloped vest, such as this one, could be used as a starting point to style a range of outfits with. I wore my purple one in the day on New Years Eve with some jeans (yes, jeans again!) and my black fluffy jacket. I'm not sure if it was the colour or the vest but the look though not too overdone just suggested there could be something a little more special about the day (New Years Eve!!!!!!) and made me feel that little bit more as I rushed around doing all those chores (boring!) that precede the New Year festivities (excitttinggg).

I could just as easily swap up the fluffy jacket for my Top Shop cropped one or a cardi or a full on business suit. The jeans could be replaced with a maxi skirt, a mini skirt or leggings. The possibilities are numerous which in my humble opinion, at £15, makes this top quite good value for money and a lot cheaper then most Top Shop items, I brought last year!

I hope you had a fab New Years Eve and all the best for 2012. Have you spotted any styles that may be debuting in your 2012 wardrobe yet?



Laura said...

I love that colour! Such a lovely shape on you too!

Selin said...

I have two of these vests, in cream and green. Desperate to get the dusty pink one but can't find it anywhere! x

Essjay23x said...

@Laura Thank you:) I've got to say, I'm so sold on the colour. It's just so vibrant and eyecatching. Much more unplifting then the sea of black that tends to dominate my wardrobe!

Essjay23x said...

@Selin Great taste!:) I think I might get the cream, such a great staple to have. Dusty Pink would be great as spring approaches, I hope you track one down! x

Camelia said...

I love scallops! I love love love it!

Essjay23x said...

@Camelia Yay!!! I hope you manage to pick one or something similar up soon :)

Summer said...

I loove these scalloped vests too, but they're never available in my local Topshop. :( x

Essjay23x said...

@Summer Oh, I hope they get some soon, you never know!:) I can't believe what I've found in my little TopShop lately, it is tiny but what with these vests and the cropped jacket, I'm loving the small selection they've got and I guess, it makes picking a little easier.


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