Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday bargains!

So I just had to share with you my bargain of the week, year so far!

I brought this little Miss Harvey number in Beales, a local department store for just five pounds reduced from twenty (oh yes!) and I think, I'm going to get more then my money's worth.

As simple as this number appears, there are a number of things that have caught my eye and most are positive.

I love . . .

* . . . that this number is asymmetrical. This somewhat 'lopsided' look has always appealed to me. The flash of shoulder can be quite alluring yet as the other shoulder is clothed (and in this case, with a full sleeve), the number could never be dismissed as too tarty.

* . . . the fact that the one sleeve is sheer. This is both "on trend" and again, a little teasing.

* . . . that indeed, it is designed as a dress but looks very cute over a pair of dark blue jeans. Yep, I'm more likely to wear this one in the more casual manner. I'm thinking of chucking in the Primark nude heels (that I'm currently obsessed with. I featured them in the last post here and will probably continue to mention them in every post until they are scuffed and I start to sulk!) and Viva Glam Cyndi as I've been looking for an excuse to crack the ole red lipstick out again and this dress/top could just be it. I think, the white will work well with strong, defined colours.

*. . . the simple, stark white that this number is, a colour that I lack in my wardrobe. Yes, I like neutrals but those that I do have, of the lighter hue, tend not to be white-white but instead to be slightly off, heading in the cream and ivory direction. Aside from Tee-shirts, actual plain white garments are quite a rarity on the high street but with spring coming, I'm keen to introduce this colour in to my wardrobe. There is something fresh and new about daisy white garments plus it makes me look quite innocent which more often then not, is no bad thing! ; )

So far, only good, good points and to be honest, my only worry with this number is that it is indeed, white and I am me, a sum that doesn't really add up. I'm so clumsy that yes, indeed this dress/top is not likely to last more then an outing before a very messy encounter with red wine or spaghetti (if you squint, you may spot some make up marks already!) and then of course, thinking about it some more, there is that delicate sleeve and my habit to fall off my heels (especially when they are as high as the Primark nudes!) but you know at £5, I still maintain that this little number is an absolute bargain and I can't wait to wear it!

And to Bargain No. 2 . . !

That's right, there was not just one bargain today but two. I popped in to Boots to repurchase my staple foundation, the Revlon Colorstay in Ivory for Dry/Normal skin.

Tangent time: Colorstay was one of the first foundations I tried when I began blogging a couple of years ago and initially, I was very disappointed (and was quite harsh in reviews) but four or five colorstay bottles later and I'm honestly not tempted by anything else. The only foundation that impresses me anywhere near as much (and still, not as much) is L'oreal True Match. I find that the Colorstay blends seamlessly if you get the right colour, lasts most of the day, gives fantastic coverage while allowing the skin to still look like human skin plus the bottle seems to last two to three months with daily use. 

Anyway back to the bargain which was a free Revlon Lip product of choice when buying the Colorstay.

After a good ten minutes of swatching and changing my mind between this gloss and that lippie, I opted for the Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Crystal Lilac (002) worth £7.99. I only have three or four glosses and gloss is a certainly a make up product that has grown on me over recent months. It's unusual for me to leave the house now without a little Underage slicked over that day's lippie. Yep, today that was Creme Cup. Still, my lippie of the moment!

Crystal Lilac looks to me quite a dusty pink colour with some shimmer. I will let you know how we get on. Online reviews seem promising!

Now, I was going to ramble on about books here but this post is just getting a little too long (again!) so I think, I will cut out and save the book ramble for maybe, a quick post tomorrow.

Have you picked up any bargains recently? What is your go to foundation? Any Revlon Lip product recommendations?

Anyways, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Don't forget my MAC giveaway closes soon! Read this post if you haven't entered yet. I hope anybody in the UK (or anywhere else) who does get snow (if it comes) doesn't get stuck. Take care!



Tia said...

Wow that dress was a bargain! Our local Beales store doesn't sell nice dresses like that :( xx


My blog:

Essjay23x said...

@Tia I got lucky! : ) Occasionally, I find a gem hidden there. I usually go in there mainly for the beauty and the miss selfridge, oasis concessions, to be honest but love this find! x


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