Friday, 6 January 2012

Another shoutout for New Look!

Yet again, I want to mention New Look. This is for one reason, this Penzima Print Bodycon dress!

There seems to be an abundance of Aztec and tribal related items in New Look at the moment and until now, such collections would have being of little interest to me. You see such designs seem to involve print and/or colour, two design features rarely invited in to my wardrobe. However, there are a number of reasons why this little number is an exception and has, now found a home in my wardrobe.

1/ The Princess!

Picture from Google Image Search
OK, there is no point trying to deny it. This piece initially caught my eye because at a distance, it reminded me of a garment that was splashed all over the papers about a month ago, the black and white Zara  Tulip dress adorned by Kate Middleton (or should that be, Windsor?!). Sidenote: This dress sold out very quickly but here is a link to the Zara Tulip skirt though, which is still available online!

Kate Middleton's groomed and polished style has really grown on me over the last six months or so and this dress seems quite Kate (high street style) to me. Although not lace and with a different neckline, the New Look offering is of a similar pattern and length. You could certainly create a similar vibe wearing the New Look number!

2/ The design and its versatility!

The shape of the New Look dress is very flattering. It is short with a low cut rounded neckline (on both the front and the back) but the long sleeves balances the flesh out and keeps the final look quite decent. It is an easy number to wear alone, throw it on and you are done. On the other hand if you want to cover up a little more, there are plenty of styling options available. Just add in some thick tights/leggings or a jacket, Kate style. On the other hand with a couple of long necklaces and some knee high boots, this dress could easily be 'funked' up.

3/ The hat!
I'm even thinking this could be the dress that gives me an excuse to buy a floppy wide brimmed hat, an accessory on my wishlist for no other reason then I want it even if it is only to prance around in front of the mirror in. As this dress is quite low cut on the front and the back, a bit of accessorising and a new hat could be justified. I quite like this ASOS one!

3/ The print!
I haven't got much print in my wardrobe (just the New Look beautiful sparkling, sequin kimono that I posted here) and certainly, none of this Aztec nature. Surely that in itself, justifies the purchase. One of the things that scares me about print, is that often the garment will appear busy. With this dress, I don't feel as overwhelmed. The monochrome (black and cream) colour scheme makes it a little easier on the eye and of course, a print consisting of two such neutral colours, is for me, that bit more wearable.

4/ The price!
My little find is just £16.99! I wish, I could link you to it but I can't find it online :( However, it might be worth trying to seek it out in store and trying it on.

What do you think? Do you like this dress? Do you like Kate's style? Do you have day dresses or do you save dresses for special occasions?



Ugly Duckling said...

This dress looks ace on you! You have such a great figure, you should wear more stuff to show it off. I know I would if I could!

Maybe next year after I've dieted down for my wedding I'll attempt to pull off something like this!

I love Kate's style of course!



Essjay23x said...

@Amelia Thank you! :) Ooh, bet you'll getting in to the wedding planning now, so exciting!! Just know, your dress will be absolutley amazing and of course, you'll look stunning x x :)

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Love the blog hun!

Happy to be your newest follower!

Would love it if you could stop by my page and return the favor ?


Essjay23x said...

@Jasmine Thank you! Yay, you're following:)) Of course, I'll take a peek at your blog. Loving the name of your blog right now, it's spooky timing, you see. As last night, I decided I am seriously going to consider going blonde!!

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect!

Essjay23x said...

@Stacy Thank you, glad you love it too! :)

delightful said...

I'm following you now! :)

Essjay23x said...

@Malin Delightful Yay:)))))

Essjay23x said...

@Tali Thank you! :) I think one of the things I have took from Kate's style is to try a wider variety of things on, different textures and colours. I've just brought a cobalt dress (love!) from Topshop but I'm not sure if I would have even tried it had it not been for the blue Issa engagment dress. I hate that feeling though, when I see someone looking amazing in something and then I try it and look rubbish. Must have happened to me a million times over and seems to get me a little bit more each time. Argh! x


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