Sunday, 22 January 2012

All That Glitters!

Before the shadow talk commences, I just wanted to thank you all as I reached 50(!) GFC followers yesterday. It may not seem much to some but it made my weekend. Thank you x x x
As promised, there will be a giveaway which I will try to get up this week. Thanks again. Also loving all the comments, keep it up ;)))


Let's talk about eyeshadow, in particular, All That Glitters. This was one of my early MAC purchases. It was hardly an original choice but near enough inevitable. All That Glitters has such a cult following online and must have been suggested as a MAC starter must-have, a hundred times over.

However, I did not fall in love with it straight away. The shimmer scared me and in the pan, All That Glitters looked a bit too shimmery and cheap compared to the warmth of the matte Modellette. Apart from the shimmer, there seemed to be nothing else about it.

However, once on the lid, All That Glitters is so pretty and enhances the eye, I think, I've said before All That Glitters is one of those shadows that gleans compliments for your pretty eyes rather then your pretty eye make up. People do not always ask me what shadow I'm wearing when I have All That Glitters on but they do comment on how well and bright eyed I'm looking.

All That Glitters is technically a champagne pink but in reality, it is livelier! Pretty peachy and pale gold tones reflect back from my mirror. I like this as some shadows may be equally pretty in theory but on the lid, they appear more smudgy and can make me look a little tired and sluggish. Yes indeed, I'm looking at you Mythology!

Over the last eighteen months, I have grown to love All That Glitters and it has become my go to shadow. It is so easy to use. A sweep or two and a slick of mascara and that's eye done, Angel on and out the door! Simple and easy, my kind of make up. Occasionally when I'm feeling daring, I'll pair All That Glitters up with other shadows. Sable, Embark and Buck have all been worked in this way and to be honest, I have yet to find a shadow that does not work with All That Glitters. It seems to work with everything (including skin tone, I wear this pale and tanned)!

Yes, the name rings true. All That Glitters does glitter but not as much as the pan suggests and always without the fallout associated with cads like Sidecar and Gleam.

I hit pan a couple of months ago and the repurchase has been a long time coming. I put it off, thinking I could find something else in my collection just as simple and versatile. Fail(!), as much as I love Naked and Modellette, there is nothing quite like All That Glitters and it goes without saying, I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

I picked up a few other items in MAC yesterday which I'll tell you a bit more about soon. In the meantime, what MAC shadows do you recommend? I've decided, there has got to be at least one MAC 15 palette a lifetime and I'm looking for suggestions to fill it. Woodwinked and Honesty caught my eye in store yesterday, any thoughts?

Also making me smile at the moment is . . .
* My upcoming birthday!
* Annual leave
* Bath, love that city.
* The smell of Elnett hairspray
* MAC Angel lipstick
* Soap and Glory Scrub em and leave em
* Soap and Glory Hand Food (ahmazing!)
* Before I Go To Sleep, S J Watson
* Chocolate Brek (surely, I should have grown out of this by now?!)
* White feathers
* This one (still!)

* And then 'cos versastility is my middle name, this one

What are you loving at the moment? What is your favourite MAC eyeshadow? Do you have All That Glitters? Happy Sunday!



Sylvestrix said...

This looks awesome on you! I can never really seem to pull off champagnes, or shimmery shades in general (I'm a matte girl!) but seeing this on you makes me want to try a few more, just incase! =3

Essjay23x said...

@Sylvestrix Thank you!:) Yep, really give it a go, you never know! I think generally my heart is with mattes like Modellette, Naked and Buck but All That Glitters is certainly an exception!

Diana(Dina) said...

Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

Essjay23x said...

@Diana(Dina) Awh, yay, that's a nice comment. Thank you very much!!! :)))

Eugenia said...

I love that color!!

Essjay23x said...

@Eugenia I do, too! Thank you so much for following. As a follower, you are entitled to enter my MAC giveaway (next post, did you see it?!). Maybe you should give it a shot.!!


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