Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So tempted . . .

Er oh, there could be some trouble brewing as I am (very) tempted to go blond!

Yes, it would be a bit foolish and quite likely, stupid; bad; ridiculous and dangerous also but suddenly, I feel compelled to be blond. Actually, to be honest, it was only as sudden as Milly's new look, I love her new blonder locks!

Yes, I know, I have gone on and on about wanting longer and longer hair. However, I have recently come to the sad conclusion that my natural hair will never be more then longish. It seems, I was never destined for Rapunzel-like locks, no matter how many beans I eat or how much I splurge on the latest hair miracle. Sob!

Therefore, why shouldn't I throw caution to the wind (me bitter?! pah!) and go to the lighter side?

I've briefly crossed this border before and the result is one, I try to block out. Straw comes to mind. This horrible hue, I rarely allow my mind to recall, was created entirely by highlights and I think, that was my mistake. I was thinking about the health of my hair too much and consequently followed the salon's advice, to avoid the bleach. However, I spent that much time and heat trying to style a look that carried the patchy, brash colour better, that, even without bleach, my hair was well and truly fried within weeks and um, I was still not happy with my hair!

So I've learnt my lesson and honestly, can't see how throwing bleach in to the process could cause any more disappointment then what I felt last time I crossed to the lighter side. If I do take the plunge again then this time, it will be with a plan:
1) Pre-lighten hair at home with bleach
2) Tint at home
3) Then get highlights at the hairdressers.
I have watched a few You Tube videos and these steps seem to have achieved a reasonable success rate for darker brunettes like myself. I know this is not the proper way to go blond. If any of my friends or indeed any of you asked me about going blonde, I would advise the salon but what is it, that they say?! Do as I say, not as I do (or contemplate!).

My personal plan seems economical and means I'm more likely to get a colour that I want rather then the standard sensible compromise that is normally nervously swished by those leaving the salons. Still, it is a big decision (in the barnet context)  and I will not make my choice lightly. I am going to take some time and see if this crazy yearning passes.

In the mean time, I am going to use one of my favourite intensive conditioners, the Lee Stafford Treatment for Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length to pack lots of goodness in my hair just in case . . !

FYI: This is my ideal blonde look. Fingers crossed, I might be able to achieve something similar if I keep my love for hair extensions alive.

Found in Hairideas magazine, page 91, February 2012. They have credited the MAURICE MEADE ARTISTIC TEAM, AUSTRALIA

Are you blonde? Is it natural? If not, how do you do it? Brunettes and Redheads, have you ever been tempted to cross the divide?



★ JASMINE ★ said...

thanks for the comment hun! Oh my goodness, i have gone through every terrible disaster being a blonde! I've had stylists color me orange, damage my hair, color me grey! LOL everything!

I finally found a great salon full of smart and caring men who treat me hair like it's a person!

but after years and years of screwups, it's about time!



Essjay23x said...

@Jasmine Your hair looks fab.If only, your salon was a few thousand miles closer . . ! ;)

Laura said...

Ooh sounds exciting! I used to Sun-In my hair, it's painful to think about those orange days!

Essjay23x said...

@Laura Oooh, Laura, Sun In!!!! I'd forgotten all about that. Never seemed to do anything much for me. Would still get excited every year and buy a tube though, thinking this would be the year it gives me Rachel Stephens hair!! Sorry for the late reply. Have had problems with my comments section since they put the reply add in on hence the pop up.


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