Wednesday, 1 February 2012

And the winner is . . .

So . . .

I logged on to earlier this evening and a winner for my giveaway was generated.

Let's pause a moment, Ant and Dec style . . .

And . . .

Ahem *somebody reading the blog coughs*

More pausing . . .

Cue music and atmosphere of suspense!

A little more pausing . . .

Should I insert an ad here?

No?! Er ok. Just another little pause then . . .

. . .

Image from Google search here!

Congratulations Lipstick Fridays, you've won!


I will email you shortly.

Image from Google search here!

Lipstick Fridays chose the beautiful MAC lipstick, Angel as her prize. Angel is a gorgeous, light rosy pink that has being a staple in my collection for a good year or so. I hope Lipstick Fridays likes it as much as I do. I think, it has just the perfect degree of pink for spring!

Thank you to all who entered. I'm sorry that you couldn't all win but my, didn't you pool some good choices?! A couple of lippies in particular caught my eye.

Lady Bug (suggested by Amelia)

Image from Google search here!

Billed in reviews as a sheer but buildable red with yellow tones, this MAC lipstick is very sophisticated and has a bit of a glamorous, timeless vibe about it yet apparently, it is an amazing pick for those a little nervous or new to red lipstick. Stunning!

Perfect Day (suggested by Kat and Joan)

Image from Google search here!

This lipstick is from the recent MAC collection, Naturally. It looks like a gorgeous nude. I've tried Darling and Barry M 100 before but usually, my lips are left looking chalky and dry. However, this one looks a little less concealer-like and just slightly more human in colour and as an amplified, it should give a good colour payoff. I'm not surprised that it's currently sold out online.

Certainly, two more for the wish list! Oh, if only my hair grew as quick as that friggin' list!

Hmmm, must say I quite like this giveaway malarkey. Let's get me to 150 followers and then we can have another . . !



Laura said...

Congratulations to the winner!

Lipstick Fridays said...

Wow xx I just logged on to have a read of your blog xxx so excited xx thank you so much xxx look forward to hearing from you xx hooray xxx

Essjay23x said...

You are so sweet! :)

@Lipstick Fridays
Yayyy, congratulations!:) Will email you tomorrow to get your address and confirm that you still want Angel x x

Thanks again to everyone for following and entering!xxxxxxx

Ugly Duckling said...

Woooo, congratulations to Lipstick Fridays!

Sadly for me I now have to buy ANOTHER MAC lipstick, now I've seen it, I want it :'( haha!



Essjay23x said...

I know, I thought a giveaway meant that I would be getting something for someone else but I'm so close to picking something up for me too!;)

LINDA said...

Cute post! Beautiful lips!


Linda from

Essjay23x said...


Hi, thank you for the comment! :)

They're not my lips though, I wish, I got the picture from a google search,have put a link below the picture.

GlamorousGirl said...


Shara said...

love the second one!La Folie 

Essjay23x said...

@Shara Yep, I like Perfect Day too. It pops up in a lot of blog hauls. On my to buy list! Thank you for commenting. Stop by again soon :)


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