Friday, 10 February 2012

Ahoy there!

A little note from me to you:
 Hey, this is a post I drafted over a week ago but never got around to posting. What can I say?! There was just too much birthday cake to be eaten and a few too many presents to "play" with. I hope you can understand why I was a little distracted from photo editing and spell-checking but a week later and I realise, I need to get a post up ! ASAP!!! I've gotten so behind with blogging this year. So here is last week's feeble effort . . . Happy Friday, hope you are all well x

I don't know about you but I find, birthdays always fall together. I recently had mine. Then Monday was my sister's and Tuesday was my Mum's. I'm also on annual leave. So over the last week or so, I have had the perfect excuse to try and mix up my look a little.

Monday night, I chose to debut my new white dress. I wore it with the Topshop collarless cropped jacket, jeans (typical!) and my New Look boots.

I think, by the end I looked like a little bit of a pirate especially as I chose to leave the one dress sleeve hanging under the cropped jacket just to add a little more interest to the outfit.

Of course, every pirate has a little bling and mine was in the form of an old favourite, my massive twinkling ring from Tanya Burr's, Talullah Tu jewellery line (I brought this about eighteen months ago. Read that post here).

As I said before, white is very classic and clean so I tried to keep the colours of my look equally bold. I used, 'Tweet Me' from MAC on my eyes and then lined them heavily with a kohl pencil from Body Shop and Carbon. Then for the lips, I went red! Yay, red always puts me in party mode but there is really only one red that I'll leave the house in and that is the gorgeous Viva Cyndi.

Meanwhile on Tuesday night, again I invited the Top Shop jacket out to play and paired it with a H&M sequined vest which I tucked in (I was lacking a belt and I felt quite daring, 'tucking a vest in' as my casual look normally features a vest top of some kind hanging over jeans etc.) to my black midi (maxi on me!) skirt from Next.

Then, just because I seemed a little obsessed, I added a little more sparkle in the form of my twinkly ballet flats from New Look.

Make-up wise, I wore a look more familiar to my face. All That Glitters on the eye and Snob (my old love!) on the lips. I carefully applied and blended Snob with a little Creme Cup to try and avoid a patchy finish.

Now, I've got to decide what to wear for my little niece's birthday tomorrow . . !

In other news, I finished Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson last week. It was a fantastic book with a lot of twists and turns which I didn't see coming (and my goodness, was I looking out for them!?!). I'm not sure if this just means I'm a bit slow on the uptake or that this, is genuinely a very clever book. Whatever the case may be, it sure was entertaining and I'm glad that I read it.

I'm now moving on to something a little lighter. I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelks. I read the Single Girls To Do List last year and found it so so (mind you, if I remember correctly I was in a bit of a strange mood at the time) but I've read all of the 'I Heart . . .' series so far and have always found them a great laugh so fingers crossed for this one! I'm also planning to dip in to a couple of photography books that I was given recently.

These books by Michael Freeman are more about the composition of photography rather then the technicalities. I'm definitely more a 'place the pretty flower here next to the vase so that it can show it's natural colour off' type of person rather then 'press this button and this button to make the flower appear beautiful but artificial and completely foreign to it's reality' so hopefully, I will pick some tips up with these.

Do you mix up your style or make up very often? What are you reading right now?


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