Friday, 4 November 2011

A scentastic confession or two!

Now I have mentioned, my intentions to shop the perfume collection (see The Perfume Post!) that I already have before buying any more scents.

Er, yeah, right, you know what they say about good intentions and all that . . !

To be honest, the perfume whore that I am, was always deemed to break this little pledge and yes, indeed, I have failed and what's more, I did so, in a pretty pathetic manner succombing to temptation not once but twice.

So lets meet my achilles heels, scent-style!

Firstly, we have the original Jimmy Choo fragrance which I brought just month or so ago. Now this one was on my wishlist for a while. When it was released, there was a lot of hype and many positive posts and reviews floating around. In my mind, it became a perfume that I would definitly possess soon and the time has come.

This perfume is meant to be a fruity chypre. It includes some quite unusual notes such as Tiger Orchard, Toffee and Pear Nectar. I find it comparable to Gucci, Flora in that it feels quite a sophisticated scent to wear. I know that Fleur De Force felt it was perhaps too sweet and it certainly does have sweet notes but I don't find them too overdone or cheap smelling. I find the sweetness flutters happily among the deeper Indian Patchouli base note. It is certainly a scent I would feel comfortable wearing to dinner and is one that I have worn shopping Gucci, Flora (see a review of Flora here) style a couple of times. This perfume is a joy to wear and just makes me feel a bit more ladylike. Also of note, is the long amount of time that a spray or two of this scent lingers on your skin. This perfume is more or less the embodiment of how I imagine a fragrance should be which might be why I, already, have so little left.

Secondly, I have purchased Lady Million again. To be honest, it is now November and consequently, stocking up on this fabulous fragrance was inevitable. Yes, after raving about this perfume last October (here), I continued to wear it day after day until it ran out. Consequently, Lady Million has become my designated Autumn scent. I really do love this one and I think, it has got to be in my top three perfumes of all time. The heart notes consist of neroli, arabian jasmine and orange flower with top notes of bitter orange and fleshy raspberry and base notes of vibrant patcholi and honey.

It has being hyped as a perfume for excess and wealth. According to The Perfume Shop, the best is never enough for the woman that adorns this.

Hmmm, she sounds a bit scary.

However, I don't feel like a power freak or a superstar bitch wearing it. Indeed, its scent is unique and unmistakable but I feel warm, happy and glowy wearing this number. It is heavy and deep but still very pretty and again, long lasting. Although Lady Million is particulary suited to darker nights and this time of year, it is a perfume I would happily wear anytime doing anything. Normally, I put scents in to certain situation or mood categories. For example, I would wear Ghost to a job interview or dinner but I would never wear it to a music festival. However, with Lady Million, I really do think it is a scent that you can get away with anywhere. I really can not recommend sniffing this one out if you get the chance, it is so gorgeous and I have never smelt a scent like it which is why if I had to pick between the two, Lady Million beats Jimmy Choo. Still thank goodness, I haven't had to make that choice and they have both become welcome additions to a collection that never seems to shrink!

Although, lets take a moment, to give me a little credit. Yes, I blatantly broke my oath but with all the pre-christmas perfume promo out there, I have probably resisted temptation ten times over to shop a scent or two. A little pat on the back then, maybe?!

- In other news, my perfume collection is not the only collection blooming. I've also added to my TopShop vest collection (you can see my earlier rave here) with a navy blue.

They are not the cheapest vests but honestly, they are so verstatile and easy to wear. More often then not, I have being wearing the pink or dirty green one so it just made common sense to pick another one up when fate threw it in to my line of sight.

You can view the top on the TopShop site here.

- As for the reading fest, I'm still on it. . . just about! However, I'm not finishing the books as quickly as I'd hoped. I never realised how much I must have read commuting from A to B in the past. Now, that I get myself there and back, I realise I don't have as much time to read. However, I'm doing my best and I'm just about to finish Matched by Allie Condie.

This has been an easy book to pick up (when I do find the time). I'm a sucker for a love story and I'm also a bit guilty of doing the 'what if' so I like the questions that Matched throws up about society as a whole. The detail that Condie has put in to her alternative world is immense, the prose flows very well and there are also some ocassional paragraphs or lines which really resonate with meaning. It won't take much effort for me to read the last 70 pages or so tonight and then I get to pick my next book to read from all of these.

Lately I have become a bit of a magpie when it comes to books. Most of these are unread relics purchased years ago or purchases from charity shops (Matched was £1.49!). I can not recommend picking up your books in charity shops enough. Books seem to have made a bit of a comeback recently and are getting a lot of hype in the media. You can walk in to any charity shop and find, almost immediatly, several current bestsellers and book club/blogger favourites for about a quarter of the cover price. I got The Help and Room from an Amazon, Love Film offer but I've seen them in nearly every charity shop I've been in recently. In one charity shop, I spotted a book I read earlier in the year which I'm not sure I've mentioned here, No and Me by Delphine de Vigan. It was such a sweet book, short but paced beautifully. Recommend!
- I do admit to buying 'The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten' Julian Baggini from Waterstones this week after seeing Gemma's fantastic book haul. This book will get my brain in to gear and sounds right up my my street. It presents you with all these different thought scenarios like, 'Is it ok to eat meat?' then puts some 'ifs' in to the equation such as 'Is it ok to eat meat if the pig wants to be eaten?' I can be a bit of a geek sometimes and get a bit of 'rush' from debates such as these so hopefully I'll love this book as much as I love the Sunday Herald quote on the back,
'. . .It's one to which I'll keep returning- whenever I feel like an argument and have nobody to argue with.'

Any plans for the weekend? As usual, any book or scent recommendations welcome. Inbetween fireworks and Chocolate Brek (another Autumn fad, I'm virtually living on the stuff at the moment), I'm hoping to get a few posts written. I've got some purchases from TopShop and New Look to share with you all as well as a few beauty and hair treats.

Oh and I nearly forgot, this is another 'To Do' this weekend, I will find some suitable products and master this make up look from Pixiwoo. Absolutely stunning!


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