Monday, 7 November 2011

The sheer New Look top!

Introducing the New Look Sheer Bow Hem Top. This top is typical of some of the fantastic garments hanging in New Look at the moment.

This top is completely sheer and has the potential to be quite alluring. I find sheer fabrics quite complimentary, they remind me of that flattering glow you get in candlelight. Teasing but safe.The fabric draws attention to your body but you haven't got to get any flesh out.

I also like the extra design detail, it makes all the difference and seems to give the delicate top a little more substance. The cuffs adds some interest to the sleeve and the block of  sheer black fabric forming the front. While on the back, the button detail continues with a short column of buttons.

I love how this top looks thrown over a basic longline vest. Instant glamour with a (sheer) twist.
When it comes to this top, the real graft only comes in deciding what to pair it with because I think it could be paired with anything. Jeans, smart black trousers, leather, harem pants, miniskirts, maxi skirts, shorts . . . tick, tick, tick, tick. . !

The little but . . .
I think I've already made it quite clear that I like the design of this top but just be careful,  to check yours if you buy one as there should be a little bow at the side on the waist but mine fell off, the first time I put it on after getting home. To be honest, I'm not too fussed and probably won't go back for an exchange but maybe just check the seams (as we all should, always) before getting to the till.

Of course, I got this in black but it is available in several other colours. I think the mid-pink could add that something to my wardrobe that I haven't yet got.

- Ooh and here are two blogs to check out if you have a train ride to endure or need something to devour before bed. I just love both of these blogs. Their posts are so well written, often very true and always very entertaining: Laura Laments and The Tuesday Girl !

What do you think of the sheer blouse? Do you shop in New Look?



Tali said...

Ooo I like the look of this. Its sheer but still very classy. Love New Look!! xx

Essjay23x said...

@Tali Exactly, it is so wearable! New Look is dangerous at the moment,so many goodies!! Thank you for stopping by, Tali. :)

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

love this look. the little details are what makes it stylish, and you picked well.:) new follower... your blog is awesome, and you're a talented writer. :) hope we can stay connected. have a fab wknd, and cheers!

Essjay23x said...

@Jasmine Thank you SO much :))) What a fantastic feel-good comment to wake up to on my phone this morning! Really pleased that you've enjoyed my blog and are following. I hope my future posts do you proud. I try! Thanks again Jasmine for such a lovely comment. Take care. x x x PS Still loving this top and still loving so much of the stuff that New Look is putting out there which ain't doing my DSLR fund many favours!;)


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