Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Cute Cardi!

Today, I'm sitting in waiting for a delivery. Hurry up! So I thought I would make the best of it and show you what I have been pairing with my new navy TopShop vest (that I posted yesterday) in a look that falls very much within my comfort zone.

This is the sequin yarn cropped cardi from New Look and it is so darn cute. The New Look website really does not do it justice. It is basically a slightly cropped black cardi with little sequins randomly thrown in the mix to give the look a little twinkle.

I can imagine wearing this cardi with almost all of my tops (after all, the black cardi is my staple! I find them so much more fitting and flattering then jumpers.) but I particularly like wearing it with this navy one and some jeans. Black and navy has the potential (like a lot in my wardrobe) to provide an express ticket to Boreville but here, the vest and jeans provide the outfit with a nice neat base and then the black sparkly cardi just looks that much more pretty and seems to twinkle more over such a simple ensemble and colour scheme.

Cute, cosy and best of all effortless, you ain't going to hear me complaining about that!

And just in case, you're wondering this is the River Island coat that I really wish I had to throw on over my twinkly  ensemble when I eventually get out today. I've been swooning over this coat online at least once a day for the last three or four days but do I really need another coat, especially one as frivolous as this?!

Do you work the sequins and wear a little bit of sparkle sometimes?



Celia said...

Love the look of the cardi & the coat, definitely get it!! I used to have a gold sequin cardi, but I was too scared of washing it so it became really grotty, nice! I have just bought a gold top from Topshop though that's got a kinda sequin look without the sequins, err...sounds really weird, but it's nice, I promise. So yeah I love sequins, nothing like a sequin to glam up a boring outfit :) xx

Essjay23x said...

@Celia I know, I'm not sure how long this cardi will last but I wear these cropped cardis almost everyday so I'm pretty sure I'll get my money's worth! I love the sequin look but when I tried some sequined vests in New Look, I found that they clung in all the wrong places and just didn't flatter me enough to get to the till. So the topshop one (without sequins) does sound interesting. Might have to peek online and see if I can see it! ;)


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