Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My first scented candle!

I have spent the last few days on a search for my first proper scented candle. I have had candles before but have never really brought them purely for the scent which is quite surprising, given my love for perfumes.

Now, since I'm on the self-imposed perfume purchase ban, it seemed the perfect time to investigate scented candles further. I love scents and potentially scented candles could be the perfect aid to winding down in the evening if they smell right! Hmm, I have a feeling that scented candles are either gonna be something I hate (I'm not a fan of incense, I'm hoping that candles are a lot more subtle) or love (which could quickly result in a vast collection).

Now I chose my first scented delight very carefully. I have spent hours trawling stores and sniffing every candle to catch my eye over the last week or so.

Ideally I was hoping to find a candle remniscent of Christmas, we all know by now how I like everything to compliment the season we are in. However, it seems the scents of Christmas really do not do anything for me. I found some of them too fruity and I actually recoiled at the whiff of cranberry. Others were just slightly too heavy and incense-like. I guess, they just smelt a little bit musty and old. Now I noticed, despite the large number of candles out there to try, that each candle seemed to fall in to one of three boxes. You guessed it, the fruity (eliminated), the musty (eliminated) and finally, the box which held the ones that seemed to draw me in, the gorgeous vanilla based scents.

Yes in Homesense, I found several vanilla candles I liked and I'm sure the security cameras were whizzing around as I ran back and forth between the contenders. The only distingishing factor (aside from price!) really was just how vanilla, each candle was and this was the decider for me. I decided that the heavier vanilla candles, although not as nauseating as the fruity scents, were again just a touch too much and I decided to opt for one of the more perfumed vanilla candles in Homesense.

This is my chosen one, Vanilla Amber from No. 008 the apothecary. I can not find anything on the internet about this one or the brand. I will let you know how I find the scent as it burns down but for the moment, I would say there is a hint of vanilla but this seems to be enveloped in more fragrant notes (do candles have notes?!) that remind me a little of talc and quite a masculine talc, at that. Vanilla Amber smells really clean, cosy, comforting and most importantly, it is not in the slightest, fruity or musty.

Oh and with reference to the perfume ban . . .
Truly, this stupid "bright idea" of mine is a bloody nightmare. I'm still pathetically lusting after VIP 212, Shalimer and thanks to all of the raves infiltrating Blogland, I am also very curious about the Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude but alas, they will still be on the shelf when I've shopped the collection that I already have. Oh, they'd better be, I hope so!

Do you like scented candles? What type of scents do you like? Hmm, if this is going to be my new fad, I am going to need some recommendations! What are your favourites? Have you heard of/ rate the apothecary No. 008?



Ugly Duckling said...

I love vanilla scented candles. Good choice :)
They make everything smell so yummy and the light from candles is so cozy too.

I've not heard of that brand before though so I can't give you any opinion on them.


Essjay23x said...

@Amelia Yeah, it is a nice scent not quite as strong as I thought it would be though. I've just got a Yankee Burnt sugar, v.impressed. Think it might be a little sweet for some but I'm loving the toned down scent that seems to linger in my hair and on my furniture.


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