Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Baby steps required!

If you look in my wardrobe, you will notice several incriminating factors . . .
1/ For every pair of trousers, there are about ten tops.
2/ Most of these tops are vest/cami style.
3/ There are far too many coats and black cropped cardis. Quite possibly, a new one each time you open the door. Magic!
4/ Work attire aside (bog-standard black trousers), my whole trouser collection almost consists of only dark blue jeans (usually skinny, occasionally straight legged)
5/ Er yeessss, Trinny and Susannah, half of my garments are still black. ( and yep, I have noticed this little affliction is slowly infiltrating this blog. Most of my featured garments over the last month or so have been black . . ! )Although forgive me, for what I lack in colour, I try to make up with in the mix of fabrics and textures I don.
6/ Although my look tends to be the pretty cami top (usually with the obligatory black shrug or 3/4 length cardi) with jeans, I do have some dresses and a few jackets cropping up. However, I have very few skirts.

In fact, there is probably only one skirt in my wardrobe that I actually wear.

I was reminded of this little pencil skirt when I saw Ruth in this recent Pixiwoo vlog. She looked so chic. You can see her OOTN post here.

I brought my little pencil skirt in Warehouse about five years ago. It was reduced to something like £12 and I still wear it today. It has to be one of my best buys ever and is certainly a garment I am very dependent on. I tend to turn to it when I have been shopping for some big occasion and have found absolutely nothing, zilch! Argh, don't you hate that? To be fair, I have also turned to this skirt when I have a brand new outfit all ready to go which suddenly on the night, doesn't look quite right!

I have paired this skirt with many things but I often pair it up with this old favourite, a Bay Trading black vest top that has a metallic v-neck (another garment that I turn to again and again.) My tiny TopShop black bolero will often be thrown on to cover the shoulders. Then I continue the metallic-black theme with these New Look heels.

A touch of fake tan, MUA varnish in No 10 (see this post) and a mix of Mac lip (possibly Snob, Viva Gaga and the In Synch lip pencil) and I'm out the door!

Sometimes to hike the classy factor up a little more, I replace the vest with a black bandeau top and a redder lip like Viva Cyndi.

Interestingly, this skirt is one I have only ever worn with my shorter length tops that finish at the waist. Normally I prefer my tops to flow (maybe it adds femininity to my usual jeans look) but with this skirt, I have found the lines need to be kept very clean or I end up looking like a girl playing dress up. The hems of the top either have to a)directly meet the waistline of the skirt or b)seamlessly disappear in to the skirt.

This skirt is made made mainly of polyester but has a lovely satin-like feel to it. It is very structured and flattering with vertical seams which just adds further to the svelte silhouette. When I brought this number, I did so on a whim and had no time to try it on. I liked what I saw and so grabbed the two remaining sizes (neither of them my ideal) and rushed to the till point. I have to say that it is the smaller skirt I choose to don and squeeze in to, even on fat days. This skirt just looks a lot better if you can wear it as tight as you can. Any gaps around the waistband has the potential to ruin the classic, clean silhouette that the pencil skirt is all about.

However be warned, even though it doesn't feel particularly tight at the waist, after I've jumped around and evantually got the zip done up, you can feel it walking and baby steps are required. This is important as there is a pretty little slit on the back of this skirt which I fear with a little too enthusiastic dancing could just ping apart sometime in the future.

Dressing up can be hard work. Tottering around on heels and baby steps ain't so easy especially after a drink or two. Still, I love this skirt, we've had some good times so I think, she's worth the effort and I have no doubt that she is worth the original £12(ish?) investment!

I've seen a few pencil skirts on the high street lately. Is it the type of  piece you are keen to have in your wardrobe? The more colourful ones remind me of Mad Men, a boxset I need to finish viewing.

Lipstick lust and Amelia's giveaway.

Image from Google Search here
For a while now, I have been swooning at the mere mention of Show Orchid from MAC. I love this colour, it is very feminine (and very similar to one of my blogging colours) but the cool purple tones give it the edge and take away any potential Barbie connotations.

Image from Google Search here
 When I've searched images of this lippie, it becomes evident that anybody can almost certainly pull this lipstick off. This lipstick seems to add beauty to any look and complexion. It is an absolutely amazing lipstick but unfortunately probably not one I could wear day to day and at work etc. I guess, this is why as of yet, the stunning Show Orchid remains on my wish list.

Image from Google Search here
MAC lipsticks are quite expensive and I already have too many 'just for pleasure' ones so I can't justify buying yet another at the moment. However, my dream lippie may still be mine as I will be choosing this lipstick if I am lucky enough to win Amelia's very generous giveaway.

Which one would you choose, good luck!
Hope you're all having a good start to November. I am so excited for fireworks this weekend, love firework night. Please, please, please, don't rain! What garment is your best buy? What would I see if I peeked in to your wardrobe? Do you wear pencil skirts? What are you reading? I will make sure I include a book update in the next post or so.


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