Sunday, 6 November 2011

Skirts and sparklers!

Times are changing for I wore a skirt last night and it wasn't the pencil one! I was just browsing in Next (I thought, I would be safe, I haven't brought any clothes there for a longgg time . . .) when I came across two beautiful skirts.

 I'm so pleased with them and swapped my jeans last night for the navy one (pictured above) and some thick black tights. It worked a treat with my sparkly cardi and the Topshop blue vest (see last post).

This black skirt is a midi one but looks like a maxi on me and I felt very glam, swishing around in it, when I got back to my flat. I'm quite proud as I always thought long skirts would swamp me but it is actually quite flattering. The block of black might actually make my legs look slightly longer!


Yay, firework night was no washout. I had a lovely evening with my family. My parents had a little shindig. Sparklers, rockets and jacket potatoes. . , in my opinion, the best way to spend bonfire night. My little nephew is four now and seems at the perfect age to embrace it all. He was so excited at first, shouting that one was 'cool' and 'another one please'. Though by the end, he was a little blase and fireworks were so last year. In fact, after the last firework went off, he decided Christmas was almost here and that was to be the important business of the night. I think, the Argos book even came out!


I've also had a go at the Get Running App that Laura  (she is doing a giveaway for ten winners to get a free one. It ends today so be quick if you want a shot!) blogged about earlier in the week. The app is great but the run was a bit of a disaster! As I'm usually more comfortable on a treadmill, I decided to go out of town to do my run so that nobody could see me. The problem being that every time the lady said, 'Start running again now', it was just as the footpath met some steep bank or scrambled trees. So I'm not sure how much running I actually did but I decided as long as I was moving, I was doing something. However, the terrain was not the only factor that I hadn't planned for. I also lost my car keys somewhere along the line and then I lost the footpath and could see it would be dark soon.

Luckily (reclaimed keys in hand), I found my car (the last one left) in the car park just as the sun was setting. Looking on the bright side, it meant I got to catch some gorgeous views on my phone.

All in all, what with the shopping, scenery and sparklers, yesterday was almost the perfect Saturday. Did you have a good bonfire night? What do you do to keep fit? Oh and any skirt recommendations as they might just be my new obsession?!!



Ugly Duckling said...

I'm so envious of your bonfire night! Not even one firework here! :(

Glad you found your car keys, that would have been a disaster!

I love that lace frill skirt, can't believe it's from Next. I might have to try and get it over here somehow. It's really pretty!

Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3 xxx

Essjay23x said...

@Amelia It's strange, isn't it? I can't imagine NOT having firework night even if I'm not particularly celebrating it. Still, Korea sounds a great place to live. That lace skirt is pretty special, its not like me to be drawn to a skirt! : )

Winda Tiodang said...

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Essjay23x said...

@Winda Thank you for the comment. Lucky you living in Singapore. It is one of the best places I have ever been to!:)


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