Wednesday, 16 November 2011

*Waves* hello!

Just a very quick post today to let you know that I'm still here and have lots of posts planned and hope to get a few up over the next week or so. I just need to sit down and add some finishing touches.
I'm quite busy at the moment and riding many a fad (I'm so whimsical) including:

- The Sleep Cycle App
I am addicted to this app. There are two parts to it. Firstly, it monitors your sleep patterns and secondly, you can activate the alarm function which will wake you within your chosen window when you are in the lightest state of sleep. Apparently you feel much more rested and relaxed if you start your day having awoken from this state. I don't know how this app works but it really does. I've woken up in the night and not even touched the phone and it charts my wake up at precisely the right time. If the phone can pinpoint such times so precisely then I'm pretty sure that what it also charts about the sleep states I move in and out of is also pretty accurate. I haven't used the alarm function yet but now the monitoring function has proven itself then I think, I will activate it very soon to wake me at the 'ideal' time. After all, who doesn't need a good kickstart to the day?!
Sidenote: I have always being fascinated with the workings of the human body and mind, especially sleep. My dreams are always so vivid and real, I just can't believe they come from my little ole brain. Amazing! If like me, you are a bit of a Sleep nerd then this old Zoella post sticks in my mind. Check it out.

- The Get Running App
I'm not going to post too much about this one as Laura has already covered it but despite numerous incidents (including that disastrous first attempt, remember this post), I've stuck at it and miracle of miracles, I haven't broken/twisted anything yet. I'm about to start week three and I really am finding it easier to run that little bit longer and to keep going. Still, it is a given that every session, I will run the first two or three runs quite smugly thinking how easy I'm finding it and that maybe I'll just skip a couple of weeks to the longer runs (those that will really work me!) but then almost immediately, I'm on my fourth run of the day and I'm huffing, puffing and sweating buckets. It happens every time. Nice!
As well as running, it is invigorating and inspiring to get out in the fresh air and go places, the beach, country parks, that I haven't been visiting enough lately! 
- The Halo
After watching Amy's video and seeing a promo code on Twitter today, I have finally given in and ordered a Halo. Given my obsession with hair, it is actually quite surprising that I haven't tried flip in hair yet. I'm hoping it is going to save me some time. Taped extensions take a while to put in and, it doesn't matter that I've used clip ins on and off for years, sometimes they still feel a bit of a daily chore. I do have some concerns about the halo. I'm a little bit worried though about how long the wire will last and if the hair shreds easily but time will tell. I'll keep you informed!

- The Help
This is my latest read. I'm really enjoying it. It hasn't made me cry yet but I've laughed aloud several times. Minny is such a character and I've officially adopted the line 'best thing since hairspray in the can'!

- The Miss Selfridge Dress (and Top Shop lust)

I've still got to finish the post it deserves but I love this dress and am still sneaking a peek at it in the wardrobe every five minutes and I have been known to put it on just to twirrllll. Must get the post up asap.

I really can not justify it but I really like this dress that Top Shop tweeted today. I like the stars, the black and gold colour mix, the sheer sleeves, the floatiness, the shape and the list could continue. . ! Basically, I think that this beauty could be exactly what certain Christmas occasions calls for!

I hope you are all ok. Have you tried flip in hair? What are you currently reading? Any more apps that I need in my life or got a dress that I can swoon over? Tell me about it!


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