Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This post starts with a tee shirt so has the potential to be quite boring but lets face it, this is not any old tee shirt.

1/ Just in case you didn't notice (!), this tee shirt is full of sparkle and therefore, can add that little bit more to any old outfit from a pair of jeans to a maxi skirt. Also, as soon as you slip this sequined number over your head, bam, you're 'in fashion'!

2/ Unlike many fashionable pieces, this garment is easy and comfortable to wear. I have really struggled to find a sequined number for my wardrobe. I found a lot of the high street stores were selling very heavily sequined vests. When I tried these on, the thin little straps seemed useless under the weight of the sequins, giving very little support and the top would quickly lose all of its shape. This one keeps a flattering form when you put it on. The tee shirt form is obviously a factor here but equally important, is the fact that this tee shirt is not covered in back to back sequins. Although, there are probably hundreds on the top, you can see, when the top is hanging, gaps between the sequins. They are kind of sewn on in a spiral trail and the size of the sequins varies. This looks a little bit strange on the hanger (and did put me a little on the defensive!) but once on, the gaps are not as conspicuous and effortlessly become part of the design. This helps to lighten the load a little but I also love the fact that only the front of the top is sequinned. The surprise factor as you turn and what looks like a decent but bog standard black tee turns in to a full on sparkle fest (lightweight style) is genius!

3/ Finally, I have to mention that this top is not too expensive compared to many similar numbers that I have seen on the high street. This find is from Quiz, a shop that, over the last month or so, has really surprised me with a few gems. Remember the metallic tops?

The cropped jacket that I've paired it with here is the Top Shop cropped one that Laura has featured a few times. I've always regretted not grabbing this one when she first posted it but it was summer and like most of my wardrobe, black again. It was also quite expensive so I made that age old silly decision to think about it. Of course, once I made my decision, my size was sold out online and I trawled a few stores with no luck. I looked for similar versions in New Look et al but none of them had all the little details of this one, collarless, cropped, a satin trim. In short, this one is about as exciting as a jacket can get!

Reluctantly I was considering putting the newer Top Shop faux leather offering ( It has the same lovely shape but with a collar and a faux leather trim) on my Christmas wish list when I wandered aimlessly in to my local Top Shop (tiny!) and something caught my eye on the back of a rack. My dream jacket with the satin trim and yes, they were in my two Top Shop size possibilities. Yay! When one fitted, have no doubt, I was at the till point handing over my card just like that. I couldn't believe my luck, still can't! I'm sure within a couple of weeks, this lovely little jacket would have earned its price tag twice over.

This post ends with a treat (yes, I know, another one but it is nearly Christmas). Broken umbrellas, practically gale force winds and paddling through puddles everywhere has slowly got to me this last week and my visions of a romantic English winter (not sure where such cinematic ideas came from, I've lived through the reality enough times) with pretty little snowflakes falling and an air just chilly enough to justify that new super cute, cosy coat purchase have all been dispelled. Now obviously I know on a worldwide scale, I'm very lucky with the weather. I haven't lost my home, I have water and all of these things that I take for granted but miserable weather still has the potential to make you feel a bit blah. What can I say, it's biology, psychology or something. However, the Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Body Polish from N-Spa has really brightened my evenings a little. It has enough chunky flakes to really smooth the skin but there is also just the right amount of jelly mixed in to soften the exfoliation and keep everything gentle. Now, I'm not always a big fan of food scents (particularly fruity ones) but this hot butter fudge offering is divine. It is so warming and soothing. I can not recommend this one enough especially since, I brought it in Asda for just four pounds.

Oh and did I say this post was ending?! Well, not without a little boast. I can now (and have ran several times, thanks to the Get Running App) run solidly for 25 minutes straight. Not much but I am so ridiculously proud of myself and have to play Drake and Nicki Minaji, Make Me Proud on the way home. This performance is so frigging adorable.

I hope you're all doing ok. A big hello *waves, jumping up and down* to my new followers and commenters. Just a few more until we hit the GFC 50 followers (so go follow now) and then there will be a giveaway and eek, I think, I know what I want the giveaway prize to be ; )

What sequined tops are you flaunting? What beauty treats can you recommend to brighten the mood a little?



Clara Turbay said...

Great post i love it!

Essjay23x said...

@Clara Thank you!!! :)

Veronica Yudina said...

Your blog is so awesome, dear! Love it!
Follow you)) Maybe we can follow each other with Google Connect and Bloglovin'?

Cat0805 said...
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Cat0805 said...

Love the way you styled the top :D

Essjay23x said...

@Cat0805 Thank you! :)

Essjay23x said...

@Veronica Yudina Yay,thank you. Glad you like my blog! Next up for my Top Shop jacket could well be a look inspired by your Simply Casual post. That tee shirt is so cute!:)


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