Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My HD Brows!

So I mentioned that I went HD with my brows last week. As those of you following me on Twitter will know, I was very excited about the treatment. HD Brows is a relatively new Brow treatment 'that puts celebrity beauty within everybody's reach.' and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that one of my local beauty salons were introducing it to their menu of services.

HD Brows is a very through brow grooming treatment which consists of 7 steps including waxing, threading and tinting to give you your own unique ideal brow. Apparently no two HD brows are the same even the two on your face. It seems a good pair of brows should not be symmetrical and identical like twins but more like sisters!

The HD Brow is not about giving us all some mythical perfect brow but giving you your own ideal brow, one suited to your individual features such as hair colour and face shape. HD Brows claim that their treatment is not just shaping and tidying but eyebrow artistry. Many celebrities have had the HD Brow treatment including Michelle Keegan, Katie Price, Kylie Minogue, Danni Minogue and Jenny Frost.

So what about my new brows?

Well, it has taken me a few days to post about them because to start with I wasn't quite sure how I felt about them. There was no doubt after the treatment, that they were defined and I found my eyes were drawn straight to them. So much so, that in fact, maybe they were slightly too much.

You see since a very bad overplucking incident years ago, I very rarely do much with my brows. I normally get them shaped three or four times a year and just tweeze or wax inbetween very occasionally myself. Basically, hands up, I'm rubbish with my brows and very rarely even fill them in. A lick of vaseline is about as far as it goes on a daily basis.

So obviously after the in depth HD treatment, it was a bit of my shock to see just how defined and striking my brows could actually be.

This is my eyebrows just before the treatment.

This is my eyebrows a couple of days later.

Now I love the way my eyebrows look in the last picture. They look so neat and natural. This picture was took a couple of days after the treatment when all the make up that the beautician has added to the brows was gone. This one below is how they looked made up, not so much me.

Thank goodness, the make up was washed away. This is how my brows look now. Tidy and groomed. Nothing more.

I did not want a pair of brows which defined my attitude. All I wanted was a nice pair of brows and yes, the HD process and all it's preening certainly stepped up to the mark in this respect. However, all the defining with the make up on top of the tint was too much for me and I was glad to wash it away.

For me, the highlights of the HD treatment were . . .

a) The tint

My hair is naturally mid to dark brown and sometimes I feel when my hair is down, my eyebrows almost look a little too blonde and occasionally lost or even worse, sometimes they appear a little green. This really wasn't doing anything for the groomed look, I aspire to. The HD tint has certainly given my brows stronger colour but they still appear soft and yes, human or at least until the make up is applied on top . . !

b) The depth of the treatment

Your eyebrows aren't just waxed or tweezed or threaded or trimmed. Instead all methods are employed to banish any pesky unwanted hair from the eye area so that the eyebrow is defined to its potential. I love the fact that my eye area is so much cleaner looking and I'm already finding it a little more flattering when blending colours slightly higher above my lid and around the contour line. My eye make up in general, looks much better now that the skin all around the eye is so much smoother.

Although, please note, it is quite scary when the therapist is threading and asks you to put a hand over your lashes to stop her mistakenly whipping them up. That really would be a disaster!!!

Now many people may say that you can get a good shape and tint for half the price of one HD treatment (the price of my treatment was £35). However, you do not get the same depth of treatment. I really feel as if my brows and the surrounding area has been given a very good going over and that all baddies have been eliminated. I really do feel as if only, the bare minimum maintenance (basically my once a month 'tweezing the odd hair or two' session) will be required for the next six months or so. I'm not sure you could get such a pain free (I wouldn't want my eyelids waxed!) or clean look whilst only employing one method to shape.

For me, the downer (just one!) of the treatment was the make up at the end. It was way too much for me but I guess, this is personal choice and in this case, I'm like those of you who want to go straight home to wash your hair after a salon blow dry.

I think I would recommend this treatment at £35 (apparently a lot of salons charge £40+) if you can afford to spend that on your brows. After all, at the very least, this treatment shows you just what your brows are capable of.

In other news, I've been exploring my new Yankee candle collection a little further and I've found that I really like the sweeter candles ie. Sparkling Sugar and the Mistletoe and Fig one. Lovely!

Do you have HD brows? Is it something you would consider, what are your brow grooming habits? Any more Yankee recommendations?



Ugly Duckling said...

I know what you mean about eyebrows being a bit dark and then it seems to look strange. I once purchased an eyebrow pencil just a shade darker than normal and I looked so strange. It was way too much.

I think that eyebrows being penciled in or tinted makes all the difference to my face though. I look at old pictures before I did anything to mine and I don't seem to have a complete face somehow. Might sound strange but eyebrows definitely frame your eyes and give definition to your face.

Yours look great!


Essjay23x said...

@Amelia I know, I've spent weeks worrying that my brows were too lacklustre and aging quicker then my face (though I think I prefer it that way round)but make up on top of the tint was just a step too far and seemed to make my brows too dark and they just didn't fit my face. Looked more like two major make up smudges! I'm happy with the tint though. I think I will try filling the brows in myself just in case the therapist went a shade too dark with the make up. Have a safe trip back to the UK x

Pop Champagne said...

your brows look great! haha I dyed my hair lighter so my eyebrows are always darker... but not like too dark that it looks weird.. i have to admit at first i wasn't okay with it but now I've grown to live with it :D

Essjay23x said...

@Pop Champagne Thank you! I think that is part of it, we are so used to seeing ourselves one way. It takes time to like it when we change something :)


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