Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Metallic Tops from Quiz!

Remember how last week, shopping wasn't happening. Well, this week it has been on the up a little again. Yay!

I went back to Quiz to try on the metallic scalloped vest again. This time I decided that it does in fact fit me but is just very low cut at the front which isn't really my thing but the top is just so gorgeous so could be worth venturing out of my comfort zone for and at the very least, I know that I will get my moneys worth  layering this one up. Note: When you walk in to Quiz, you realise how expensive some of the other bigger high street chains are.

It looks such a simple little vest but when you think about the design carefully. You can see how bang 'on trend' it is right now.

It is metallic (but without hundreds and thousands of itchy, heavy sequins) with almost snakeskin effect scalloping. The edges are also scalloped. Blimey, I could almost be in "fashion" with this one yet none of this detailing shouts at you and when all these trends are all but a distant memory then this top (if it lasts a wash or two) will, indeed, still be a very pretty top and wearable.

So, given that, it makes sense to grab anything similar. Which, of course, I did and here is the Tee Shirt version.

I'm hoping that the bulge is a belt or something and not my stomach!
I like this one. A lot. I feel a bit safer wearing it. The high neck saves my modesty and this one can be thrown on with little thought for a similar bang on trend, fashionista result.

In other news, I got my HD brows done last night. I was very excited about them and the definition my new brows has is quite striking. In fact, all made up last night, the strength of them was quite overwhelming but I think once I get used to them, they will become my own and I will love the structure and polish they add to my face. My favourite thing so far is just how much cleaner the entire eye area looks.

Will you be notching up the metallic factor as Christmas approaches? What brow look do you go for? Have a good weekend!



jas said...

love the metallic pieces!

Essjay23x said...

@jas Thank you! :) It has been a long hunt to find something metallic that works ok on me.


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