Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The H&M bow trench!

So you may have read about my new love, the H&M trench. Here it is  . . .

Yep, it is love! I told you a few days ago about how I wanted to give it a bit of a road run before posting. Well, the trench and I have shared a few dates together now and it passed with flying colours. I love this coat and I certainly don't mind, the compliments it has gleaned.
I don't think, I have ever owned a proper trench like this one before. Trenches have always scared me. I thought, at not even 5ft2, they would swamp me and in general, they just seem so masculine, heavy, straight, functional and not really, very me.

Well, I was wrong. This one is light, pretty and has movement.

This trench does not swamp or look too much on me even in flats. It has some beautiful details which adds femininity. I love the sleeve design. The shoulders are bulky but with a soft puff and lovely seaming.

Again, seaming has being used to form a beautiful, flattering, pulled in cuff with a single button detail.

Then, there is the bow belt.

Now this is very girly and a bit plastic like. It was the only part of the coat that I was a little unsure about. I wondered if it could be a bit 'Disney' and cheapen the coat but actually when you put the coat on and do the belt up. The belt becomes a nice touch rather then some big garish feature. I'm not sure if I will be adorning the belt everyday but I certainly won't be throwing it away. If you do like this coat but are a little unsure about the belt then maybe consider this coat in black. I'm sure the black on black will downplay the belt detail even further.

This coat, with or without the belt, also gives a lovely silhouette very unlike the bulky one I feared. The popper buttons pull the coat right in to really flatter the figure and no, it doesn't seem to pull too tightly around the bottom. Again, something I'd feared.
However, what I like most about this coat is its versatility. It can be worn with or without the belt, buttoned up or undone (which both give the coat a very different feel) and then finally, there is my absolutely favourite feature on this coat and that is the collar.

I have recently concluded that when it comes to collars, size really is everything. I love big collars!
The collars above are avaitor-like but do a button or two up and it becomes reminiscent of glamorous cold climes. I can't decide if this cowl collar look looks more Parisian or Russian but certainly somewhere classically chic! I just know I like the look and it certainly defines the time of the year we have moved in to.

Obviously, I give this coat a massive thumbs up (especially since it costs only £34.99) and really am considering adding the black version to my already extensive black outerwear wardrobe. This is such a beautiful coat for this time of year.

You can view the coat here.

What do you think? Like perfumes and tops, coats are certainly one element of style that I really think about and love to hear about. Have you brought a new coat recently? What coat will you be wrapping up in this year? Let me know in the comments. If you've done a post, put a link in the comments and I will have a read.

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