Friday, 21 October 2011


I've always thought that lace is a hard look to pull off. White lace can look great on a bride but on anybody else, lace can be easy to get wrong.
Still, occasionally, I have had a fling with lace.
Take this Top Shop lace dress in cream (Petite collection Christmas 2010).

I took this to the changing room last year for a bit of fun. I had no intention of buying it but was just trying on as many different items as I could in a desperate attempt to find some style.

To my surprise, I fell for this lace dress in cream as soon I tried it on.

It made me feel like somebody else. I normally live in black and neighbouring hues so I found that the cream colour and the delicate look of this number made me feel light and free. It was just after Christmas and all that snow, this dress reminded me that spring was coming and made me crave daisy chains (sad but true). This dress just seemed fun and what is more it seemed to bring life to my face. It felt very right. Although the dress looks lacy and light, it is not flimsy or delicate on any account. The thick lining gives enough structure leaving any 'net curtain' comments unjustified and of course, the cream (a colour so far from white! not, but just far enough!) takes away the whole bridal connotation.

Going on up the lace ladder, the stores are full of lace garments of other colours. Now if there is one thing scarier for me then bridal white lace, it is red; blue; black . . . In fact, coloured lace, in general. I just feel that on me, such items would be unflattering, too edgy and maybe even tarty.

However, recently there has being a lot of coloured lace out there and nobody else seems to be shying away from the look.

Just me.

Really I should man up but lace is so dangerous . . !

Or so I thought until I noticed a couple of Kate Middleton's recent looks.

Image from Google search

Image from Google search

Coloured lace looks!

If it is safe enough for the future Queen then goodness knows, why I'm so worried about the danger of lace?!

Enter one of my new H&M dresses.

I put it on and I liked what I saw. The lace is great and yes, lets face it, it is a lot more interesting to look at then block black.

This particular lace number is not as heavy as my Top Shop one but the fit is structured by the way that the front of the dress is vertically divided in to three. The dress is lined but the sleeves are not. This gives just enough of a lace tease without revealing too much.

The lining is flesh toned and actually quite pale. I fake tanned my top half a couple of days ago (expect a tan review very soon!) and even on me, the difference in lining and face (and arms) can be seen in real life. I actually prefer this dress on me before I fake tanned (typical, until now I have always preferred how my flesh looks when I've bothered to tan!). Pre-tan, the lining was not so obvious and the dress seemed more organic (if a dress can be such a thing!). Pale girls, this could be the one black dress out there for you!

I've paired the dress here with black skinny jeans here and a pair of heels because even if I did like my legs, I'm not sure I'd bare them out for this dress, just in case that swung the pendulum from pretty to tarty, Doreen (Birds of Feather) style.

In my head, I'm actually contemplating knee high boots and volumised (possibly with a slight quiff) hair to style this look. This number has a modern 60's feel about it.

Jewellery-wise?! Hmmm, maybe one large bracelet. What do you think?

I often braid the sides of my hair when I go out but I just think plaits are too girly for this number and that the lace needs to be balanced out a little. I think with lace, it talks for it's self and it shouldn't be played up too much. Who wants to be guilty of overkill?

So what do you think of lace? Do you like dresses with some kind of twist like this one or do you prefer a more conventional 'black dress' type number? I'm normally the conventional little black dress girl but I've got to say I am glad I have added something a little bit different to my wardrobe. Besides I also picked up a more classic black party dress in this H&M haul (more about that soon) so I can't really lose.

Talking of Kate Middleton, did you see the beautiful dress she was photographed in this week?

Image from Google search

A bit more of a 70's vibe and again very colourful but oh so glam. A dress to dream about this weekend, me thinks. I've got to admit lately, I've being style stalking Kate a bit. The 'What Kate Wore' blog is a good read!

Right, I'm off to have a Green Monster (click here to see earlier post about these gems). Over the last couple of months, I've really got back on that bandwagon and it makes such a difference to how I feel. Now if I could just bring myself to start drinking green tea again . . !

You can view the H&M dress here. Have a fabulous start to the weekend!



UglyDuckling said...

I like both of these dresses a lot! I have a similar style lace dress but have yet to wear it.
I think one chunky bracelet will compliment them both well. Also you could wear either of these dresses with leggings and they'd look really good, just saying. Cos you know I love leggings!


Essjay23x said...

Ha, you do love your leggings, don't you?! You're right though, I think they would work with leggings. I really need to start a search for some flattering ones :)


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