Friday, 23 September 2011

A 70's vibe!

For me, it was all about the 70s vibe today!

There are a lot of gorgeous long maxi skirts floating around blogosphere at the moment and I'm jealous. I wish I could wear them but I just feel my legs are too short to carry them off. So in a bid to feel a bit more feminine and floaty, I summoned my bell sleeved number from the back of my wardrobe.

I brought this gem from Miss Selfridge last year (the two pics above are from that post) and thought it was quite kittenish. I imagined wearing it as a short dress with glossy lips. Yeah . . , I guess, I thought this number would transform me into a modern day Charlie Angel with its plunging neckline, frilly sleeves and flattering tie waist.

Er, not quite!

More often then not, I pair this ultra feminine number with jeans just as I did in the changing rooms when I tried them on that day. Yep, I'm so adventurous!
Note: I have yet to find the perfect bra. Any suggestions? At the moment, I often layer with general bra and a little vest . Layering again! What can I say but I'm a creature of habit!

Jeans etc.

Today I paired it with Matalan flared ones. Now I do skinny and I do Matalan but I rarely do flared. However, I've got to say Matalan have done me proud. 

I really like Matalan jeans. These were only £14 and fit like a dream. Previous Matalan jeans have gone patchy on the knees quite quickly. To be fair, casual me lives in such jeans and at that price, quick wear doesn't really matter quite as much and I've always been able to go straight back in to store and find some more that fit just like that!

Note: I think the jeans I have linked to are the ones I brought but there is some very bright blue stitching around the pockets on mine. I'm not that keen on this but since I normally wear quite long line tops, it has not stopped me buying them but I think, this might bother some people.

I have real problems getting jeans to fit. It takes me a lot longer in New Look and TopShop to find a pair that fit as well as Matalan's. I've heard good things about the H&M skinnies but they were too long and the assistant said they only did standard length in store. Boo! I need to follow up on Charlotte's rave for Dorothy Perkins skinnies.

Of course, since it is all about the 70's today, I threw a bit of Beehive lipstick and some old platforms (New Look) in to the mix.

By pure coincidence, I actually saw something similar to my little number in Peacocks  today. They seem be working the 70s vibe!

Now for the ramble . . .

I've really enjoyed having a few days off work this week and I've even been quite lucky with the weather.

I love Weymouth!

I'm managing to get in to my reading and hope to have that little book review tab up and running soon. I've recently read three of Dorothy Koomson's novels (page turners!), The Radleys and The Truth About Melody Browne.

I'm now reading, 'When God Was A Rabbit' and I've got to say, it is not what I was expecting.
I thought I was going to love this book straight away. It is billed as 'a book about love in all its forms.' Well, I'm a sucker for such tag lines and the cover is gorgeous so I had high expectations!
However, the narrative is quite episodic and split in to snapshots (some in the seventies!). I found this hard at first. I felt like I was missing bits and this distance made it difficult to get attached to the characters but about one hundred pages later and I'm finally getting used to it and am increasingly fond of the characters so I think, I will persevere.

Finally to the Chanel budget style!

This image of a Chanel bag is from a Google Image Search. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of my own to photograph?!
Oh and finally for anybody looking for a Chanel-like bag, GMTV (don't I make good use of my days off?!) highlighted this Firetrap one (click the link to see, I couldn't copy the image of the dupe) from Isme today.

What do you think? I am liking my inspired bags at the moment but I haven't caved yet! What are you reading at the moment? I hope you all have a good start to the weekend.



Catanya said...

I love that super feminine dress! And it looks great with skinny jeans.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love this post! x hivenn

Essjay23x said...

@Catanya I love it too. I've got to admit the frilly sleeves and the material did seem to bring out my more girly side yesterday!:))

Essjay23x said...

@Jazzy E Thank you so much. I've only recently started posting again after a bit of a blog break and am still little bit shy about posting again. So your comments means a lot. Thank you, hun.


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