Saturday, 26 June 2010

Colour Me In (No 2)

Look, what I got in Boots last week for £3.75. Some places sell it for £25.

Make Believe Gradual Self Tan And Tan Extender. Bargain!

Apparently, I saved so much just because the box is damaged. I hope that is correct, I do not want to end up green or something because the lotion is out of date. However, presuming that this is not the case and that my product is A-ok, I am thrilled. I have treated myself with products (very occasionally) from the Make Believe range before and I adore them.

I know that I should probably wait until I’ve used this product before I start raving about the brand but I can’t help myself. I use this brand once or twice each year when I am feeling a bit richer and it has never failed to wow me. So today I am going to tell you a little about that and the brand and I PROMISE that if for some horrible reason, my experience is not the same this time then I will let you know.

The Make Believe product range seems quite extensive with self-tanner, night time products, face tanning products (although I admit I have used the body product on my face), bronzing products, airbrush tans, gradual tans, kits.

I remember been so pleased once when I watched one of the Gok Wan programmes and the testers chose Make Believe as their best tan because I’d never really heard anybody else rave about this brand before and I still don’t. I’m not sure if that is a reflection of the price (I understand that) or what?! I can see no other reason why people would not be singing about this brand but then everybody’s experience may be different.

Make Believe seem to create products that are about more then a good tan, it is about making you believe (and therefore feel) beautiful. Make Believe actually say that their brand ‘allows you to gradually build a natural looking tan by combining leading edge skincare with just a hint of active ingredients, whilst moisturising and conditioning your skin to help promote a longer lasting healhty glow’. It is not unusual for a tanning brand to come out with something like this but all of the Make Believe products I have used do feel quite creamy and silky with quite a pretty fragrance as far as fake tan goes. Apparently the ingredients include Rainforest(!), Jojoba, Hempseed Oils and Shea Butter blended as well as a Lipo Care Complex to tone, moisturise and smooth, antioxidants and fruit extracts. I think the Make Believe tanners, the gradual and the full on one, are the best that I have ever tried. They make me feel (and hopefully look) radiant! Everything is very pretty about the brand, the box, the branding, the smell (very pleasant esp. compared to the Nivea gradual and St Moritz), the colour (not orange, a creamy shimmery brown on my skin), the finish (not streaky), the consistenancy (moisturising). So needless to say I am very excited about using this product again.

The product that I have just brought is the Gradual Self Tanner (and Tan Extender).I have used this mositurising gradual tanning lotion before and find that I just need maybe two coats in one day and I end up with the same results as I do with the Make Believe Self-tan lotion, the tanner. I then top up the next day and after that maybe every other. I remember this tan seems to be quite long lasting. I have had qualms with St Moritz because as soon as I clinique (I know, I probably should not be using St Moritz on my face in the first place), the colour seems to wash away. I also find that the colour quickly wears on my body. I would say that St Moritz is nice and easy to do but for me, I have to keep repeating the routine.

I remember Make Believe as been a little easier but it could just be a memory. However, when I break in to this little bottle, I will let you know what happens and then you can make your own mind up as to whether it is worth the normal price tag of £25. This is quite an expensive product so please do not buy it solely because of my shopping channel style rave here. It has worked for me in the past but I have not used it in the last few months and you need to think about your own body etc. What works for me may not work for you but I guess, at least, you now know Make Believe is out there.

Do you fake tan? What do you use? Have any of you tried Make Believe?


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