Friday, 4 June 2010

Scarf delight!


Hi Girlies *waves gorgeous scarf at you*
So today I have done an ickle bit of shopping. Quite a boring but wise haul really, mouthwash, antihistmines, rollers and the most humongous brush.
Of course, as useful as they all will be. It would not be the done thing to return home without something a bit more treat-like.
So I just had to find something that little more special. . .
Ching ching!!!
 Yay, my own McQueen scarf. Sort of.
Obviously this is not a genuine Alexander McQueen scarf, like the treasure that Milly from Pearls and Poodles and Clare  (and now Jess from Star Violet beauty) adorns but there are some similarities and I expect it was designed as a much cheaper alternative at Miss Selfridge.
I have had a quick peek again at Milly's blog and my scarf, as special as it is, is by no means the same as her absolute beauty. Obviously the two, with mine at £12, are not going to compare. The teeth in the skulls are different, the border of the scarf is different, the skulls are proportioned and placed differently, the McQueen scarf looks bigger and much whiter and as Jess said, their scarfs are silk and so, so, so soft. Mine just feels like a scratchy hanky and already has a loose thread but I love it and my scarf has a little bit of appeal in a kind of poor 'orphan scarf' way!
I'm glad I found my scarf lovely because after seeing Milly and now Jess (Star Violet ) so proudly flauting theirs, I was almost about to part with £145 for one just like theirs and I can't really justify it at the moment.
I think I will evantually because their scarves look so divine. I hope they keep making regular guest appearences in the girls's posts and videos. However, now that I have my £12 darling, I can wait a little before I purchase the Queenie. I'm going to use my scarf lovely to roadtest the whole notion of scarves while I save a little more. That way when I finally purchase a McQueen beauty of my own, I will know that I really want it for what it is and that it suits me. Until now, I have never really worn a scarf. I'm not even sure how to and £145 seems a lot to spend on my very first one but one day . . !
Right, that is enough dreaming, my scarf and I are off for a dance around the living room! Let me know if you have picked up anything nice lately.
Until next time *gives a little jump and waves scarf madly* *And again* *And again* *And again and . . . skips off*


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