Monday, 14 June 2010

Daisy, daisy . . !

They are so pretty and yet, they seem a little bit edgier then traditional charm bracelets or their more contemporary offsprings.

What am I talking about?

Image from Google Image Search

Daisy Stack rings, of course!

Basically you buy a ring from the collection and then another one and another one. Then you stack them altogether on your finger and flaunt.

Image from Google Image Search

A charm bracelet but in ring form.

Image from Google Image Search

Troll bracelets and Pandora ones have always been there on my wishlist but they have never made it to the top and now I’m glad that this is the case because just maybe, I was born to stack.

Stacking is ‘cool’ and a bit easier for somebody like me ie. somebody without a built in style radar, as I believe that all the rings in the collection are designed to be mixed and matched within any stack. Yay, I’ve always been envious of those people who can throw outfits, accessories and even different necklaces together without a thought and look so stylicious. Well now if I choose to create a little Daisy Stack, it could be my turn to become a fashionista.

Of course, money means I would not be able to start with a stack. I would only be able to start with one ring but then every stack has to start somewhere. I might have to do it slowly but stack, I may well do.

You can check out the Daisy Ring website here

UPDATE: Since writing this, I have had a look around and I think this ring idea may not be as unique to Daisy as I thought. I think Pandora and other businesses are offering similar products. Let me know if you have heard of anything like this or indeed, if you are so lucky enough to have already begun stacking.

Also check out my latest You Tube video here

This one is a bit of babble (with a tiny bit of share the love) about future plans and me. I have also recorded two more today which I enjoyed loads as I got to play with possibly my favourite things in the world, Perfume. So watch out for these later this week!



nicoletta said...

I'd not heard of these but they look really pretty xx

Essjay23x said...

@nicoletta Oh, they do, don't they?! On the daisy website, you can mess around and design your own stacks to see what they would look like (and cost). Could be addictive! :)


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