Friday, 11 June 2010

Styling In The Heat!

So who in the summer wants to spend hours in the heat trying to style their hair?!

Not me!

However, rotten luck means that styling my barnet normally equals straighteners which in the summer equals a very ‘hot and bothered’ me by the time I get out the door.

So normally around this time of the year, I’m ready for anything that helps me cut down the heat and despite the Moroccan miracle, this year is no exception. ONE day I WILL use NO heat on my hair.

Over the last two or three summers, I have used this to move a step closer to my dream.

Boots Expert Straighten

It is kind of like a home perm but in reverse, it relaxes my hair. The product was designed to give you straight hair for £14.99. Whenever I use this product, I’m not left with poker straight hair but it certainly takes the fluffiness away. What is more kinks and fluff are banished from the treated hair forever as the bonds in your hair have been manipulated. In theory, you should only ever need to use this product once on each individual hair. Repeated treatments are needed but Boots say that the product should only be applied on Virgin hair, the regrowth at the roots. When I used this product, I found it very impressive and had good managable hair for about four months and then I normally reapply to roots etc. I probably use the product two or three times a year because in the winter, I don’t worry quite so much about kinks and things. I can just iron them out, not so much of an effort when the weather is cold and the nights are darker with less to do.

However a few days ago, I was stupidly misled and thought that summer had arrived so took my annual pilgrimage to Boots but oh no, I can not find my little friend in my local Boots and I can not find it online either.:(

What was I to do?

Well, I have turned to good old fashioned rollers instead as suggested by Gemma in a recent You Tube video She said that they are a great way to style your hair WITHOUT heat.

As I watched Gemma’s video, I thought well I have tried rollers before and I remember a lot of flaffing around but Gemma made it all sound so good and like she said, it is quite cheap.

I got my rollers in Superdrug. One packet of extra large rollers(6) was only two pounds something. Bargain! And then on top of that, I brought two packets (along with a humoungous brush) as part of a 3 for 2 offer.

If you want a go at this, you might want some some hair grips too. Most rollers say that they are self gripping but nothing seems to self grip in my hair. Also your hair will be a lot smoother, the tighter the hair is wrapped around the rollers.

So I got myself organised. Rollers set out next to Moroccan Oil and Leave in Conditioner with comb and big brush in front of my mirror with hair grips and then I washed my hair as usual. Combed it through. Again, it may not be ideal to comb or brush wet hair but that is what I do. The products were then applied to my barnet and then distributed through. Then, I put the rollers in. I usually use four or six and leave them in for a couple of hours or so (although I left them in overnight once but there is little difference in the results).

Then when it comes to removal, I spray my head lightly with heat protector before carefully taking the rollers out and blowdrying any residue moisture away using the humoungous brush mentioned earlier. Literally, I only use about five minutes of heat on my whole head of hair.


I am left with very soft hair that falls in to a natural, relaxed style. Even my extensions seem to fall in a very natural, blended manner. Yay.

So Girls, rollers are in!

How is your summer hair? What do you do to keep your barnet managable?


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