Monday, 7 June 2010

POST REWIND: Adding Coralista and removing brows!

So, what else can I tell you about my little spree on Monday?!

As you know I went to buy Coralista.

There are such amazing reviews about it. Many say they think it will be a favourite blush forever. It is a bit of a transition for me. I am used to Benefit blushes. However, I normally use Throb or Dandelion which are much pinker. Coralista is more of a peach and it looks quite tropical and summery. I was interested to try this because with my green eyes, I have read in Amy’s make up artist series (Dazzledust25 ) that peachy type colours are complimentary around my eye area and I’ve heard this before. A lady at Estee Lauder once said the same and gave me the most beauty peach and grey eye look. So why not on my cheeks? Coralista is not a bright, bright bronzing peach and so I think it will be ok with my skintone but I will let you know when I have worn it a little more. I have to admit the change from pink to peach is taking some getting used to but just look at the packaging, it is so summery.

Now obviously as usual at a make-up counter, the friendly Benefit assistant seemed keen to add on sales and when she asked me if there was anything else I was interested in, the brow bar sign seemed to be flashing at me. I have not noticed one of these at Benefit before and after just seeing all the random hairs in the mirror when we tested Coralista, I decided to ask about it. The assistant explained that Benefit were now offering a brow service at their brow bars and funnily enough, I could have an appointment in twenty minutes if I wanted one.

I decided to go for it. I am awful with my brows. I overpluck and use hair removal creams and I always get the wrong hairs and then I try to correct it and well, it got to a point about six months ago where I had to vow to leave my brows alone, they were thin, stringy, gappy and totally asymmetrical. On Monday, you could see they had grown back enough to have a little shape and there were certainly some random hairs to get rid of. Here is a picture before Benefit worked their magic!

Excuse the random hair in the middle, that is barnet hair! My brow hair didn’t grow that long. . !

The assistants explained what they were going to do and went through all the safety information. I explained to them that I have been to salons before and they normally give me a little wax and maybe a tiny tweeze and then I’m out in less then ten minutes, disappointed because there is no big difference to my shape. Then I’ll get home and try to rectify it myself and we have the whole over-plucking/shaping thing again.

Well, this time I was not disappointed with my eyebrow shape. The benefit assistant waxed, tweezed and trimmed to get a much more defined shape in my brow as you can see here.

The photos are not great but you get the general impression!

I also had a tint and my upper lip waxed. I would say if you go to a Benefit bar and just want a shape, be careful as it is very easy to add services on as they are suggested to you. The assistant also made another appointment for me even though I said there was no need. She said that, I could cancel nearer the time and pencilled it in.

All of this cost (£27 approx) about the same as I would normally pay in the salon and I was a lot happier with the result. The asssistants even used Benefit products to make up my brows and my lips (I chose the lovely Jing-a-ling lipstick) and to conceal redness before I left. The only downside is that I was sat on a stool in the middle of Boots (albeit in a corner) being waxed and I’m a bit of a wimp!

Ovarall, I would like to go back and have my brows maintained at this Benefit Bar and hope that I can fulfil the follow-up appointment that was made for me. I was given a loyalty card so that on my eighth appointment, I get a discount or free gift.

So, have you used the new Benefit brow bars? How do you shape your brows? What shape do you desire?


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